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      • Effect of Media Composition on Mass Cultur of Plant Growth Promoting Methlyobacterium oryzae

        Insso Hong, Hari P. Deka Boruah, Puneet S. Chauhan, Minkyoung Lee, Sungman Woo, Tongmin Sa 忠北大學校 農業科學硏究所 2010 農業科學硏究 Vol.26 No.1

        Mass culture of plant growth promoting Methvlobacterium oryzae CBMB20 for its utilization as biofertilizer for different crops has been carried out. This study was conducted to examine the effect of media composition on mass culture of M oryzae CBMB20. From different carbon sources used, the result demonstrated that M oryzae CBMB20 had better growth in sodium succinate than in methanol. The effect of 1 and 2% inoculum size on the growth rate of M oryzea CBMB20 has been checked for mass culture. Results have shown higher biomass production when 2% inoculum was used to the medium. M oryzae CBMB20 produced higher indole-3-acetic acid(IAA) in minimal mineral salt (MMS) media and have higher 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate deaminate (ACCd) activity in yeast and malt extract peptone (YMEP) media. The comparison of MMS and YMEP media for the growth of M oryzae CBMC20 was carried out and results showed better growth in YMEP medium. These results demon-started that sodium succinate is the best carbon source for M oryzae CBMB20. Moreover, M oryzae CBMB20 is best grown in YMEP medium for mass culture (since M oryzae CBMB20 has been reported as plant growth promoting bacteria for many crops such as red pepper, rice, tomato etc.). These results may be useful in the further exploration of M oryzae CBMC20 under field conditions.

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