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      • 대기중 부유입자상물질의 통계적 해석에 관한 연구

        강공언,신대윤 조선대학교 생산기술연구소 1992 生産技術硏究 Vol.14 No.2

        In order to investigate the statistical analysis of ambient suspended particle at Seoul in Korea, airborne particulate matters were collected by High-Volume Air Sampler from April 1988 to May 1991, and size distribution of the aerosols were measured by filters on nine stages Andersen Air Sampler from January 1990 to December 1990. And with respect to seven components in the total suspended particulate, the factor analysis was performed. As a result of factor analysis by using the varimax rotation method, the chemical components in the TSP were able to characterize with two principal factors. The first factor (Factor 1) was considered to be a factor indicating the contribution of natural sources and the second factor(Factor 2) was a factor indicating the contribution of anthrophogenic sources. For concentration of size distribution measured by Andersen Air Sampler, tne factor analysis was also performed. As a result of factor analysis by using the varirnax rotation method, particle size distribution of atmospheric particulate was divided into two groups, coarse particle group was made by particles lager than 2.1㎛ in diameter and fine groups smaller than 1.1㎛ in diameter.

      • 직장인의 생활스포츠 참여가 생활적응에 미치는 영향

        최공집,윤오남,정혜윤,김보정 한국스포츠리서치 2004 한국 스포츠 리서치 Vol.15 No.5

        This study aimed at examining how the organizational citizenship behavior as a significant attitude variable of organization members appear through daily sports activities and self-efficacy in local administration organizations. To study the organizational citizenship behavior of local public officers as an important attitude variable and the human resource management program that is used to guide their behaviors, it made an assumptive model based on the results of precedent studies and intended to examine its cause and effects. To achieve the purpose of the study, this study presented specific items to be examined and intended to identify them as follows. This study used questionnaire for the study, and it consists of questions about daily sports activities, self-efficacy, organizational citizenship behaviors, altruism, courtesy, sportsmanship, conscientiousness and civic virtue. The data, this study used the 'SPSSwin Ver. 10.01 statistics package' on a personal computer to perform descriptive statistics and demonstration of a research model and its assumption. For the statistical analysis, it used the single-dimensional analysis using Cronbach's Alpha, the Cross Tabulation, the Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) and the Multi-Regression.

      • Ammonia 工業의 成長과 體質改善 및 展望에 관한 考察

        柳珙植 群山大學校 1982 論文集 Vol.3 No.-

        As I have referred to the prospect of Ammonia industry development and constitutional improvement up to now, Ammonia is considered not only the important material dirrctly connected with chemical industry but also one of basic materials for modern civilization. As a result of it, heneral conditions seem to grow up for the big development of this area industries in our nation, Ammonia has come to have further more connection not only with fertilizer but also our daily life as materials for petrolium chemical industry. And Ammonia industry has developed to have a great part on the nation's economic improvement. The advanced countries tend to dare to get rid of small scaled Ammonia plants of ages ago, and to try to bring up the new type process and enlarge the scale of factories. In the tendancy of Ammonia industry constitutional improvement all over the world we should finally come to use the higher priced Ammonia fertilizers and artificial fivers, etc., compared with the foreign manufactures because of the backwardness in the international competition, no matter how we carry out management rationlization and improve the industrial process in part with ready-made manufacturing systems and facilities. Therefore, it is considered that the major problem our nation has faced is that, in order to strengthen the international competitive force, we should manufacture artcles of Korean make, in low cost, made from Ammonium-materials by maunfacturing Ammonia in low cost through daring industrial constitutional improvement by way of not only bring in high technique according to the developing world Ammonia maunfacturing tendancy but also promoting plant-enlargement. Also, we must put our emphasis on developing an abudant electric power and manufacturing Hydrogenium in low cost using electrical analysis of water. In the viewpoint that our country is in want of natural resources and non-oil producing nation, Ammonia can be available for the basic materials, if we reserch and develope this area further more.

      • 韓方藥의 藥理

        김공수,유광석,한종현 圓光大學校 韓醫學硏究所 1993 원광한의학 Vol.3 No.1

        Western medical science places the highest priority on scientific analysis and research. Therefore, Western medicine has obtained good results by estabilishing specific countermeasures against individual diseases, with causes thoroughly analysed and positively diagnosed. On the other hand, Oriental medical science has been particular about intergrating the part into the whole, in general. The superiority and/or inferiority of one approach over the other cannot be determined by either of the two medical sciences, due to the fundamentally different bases. Therefore, the two medical schools must now be combined, by distinguishing and isolating the respective characteristics in treatment, first seperatly and then combined, during a transition period. If Western medical science may be likened to a piece of brick, as its substance can be easily defined, Oriental medical science may be likened to cement. If one were to build a medical science house for the 21st century, a comfortable house could be built using either to the medical sciences as building material, Western medical science, corresponding to brick, or Oriental medical science, corresponding cement. Bricks are easily dimensioned and standardized, whereas cement is not only fixed in from, but requires a great deal of experience for its successful use. Howerever, both items are essential as building materials. It may be held that we can successfully treat the complicated pathogens of diseases afflicting the aged and chronically ill patients by making full and intelligent use of both medical sciences.

      • KCI등재

        익산지역에서 자동 및 수동채취방식에 따른 강수의 화학적 특성 비교

        강공언 한국대기환경학회 2004 한국대기환경학회지 Vol.20 No.3

        In order to understand the precipitation acidity and chemical composition of ion species in Iksan area as well as to know the difference of chemical characteristics in precipitation samples from the viewpoint of precipitation sampling method, precipitation samples were collected by wet-only automatic precipitation sampler and hulk manual precipitation sampler in Iksan, from March 2003 to August 2003. The mean pH of precipitation was 5.0. There was a little significant difference in the mean value of pH between automatic and manual sampler. However, pH values of some precipitation samples were lower in automatic sampler than in manual sampler, especially in case of precipitation samples with small rainfall for March 2003. The mean concentrations of each ions in precipitation were generally a little higher in precipitation samples collected by the manual sampler than in those collected by the automatic sampler because of accumulation of dry deposition on the surface of glass funnel installed at the manual sampler during the sampling period of no rainfall. Dominant species determining the acidity of precipitation, were NH₄+ and nss-Ca^(2+) for cations and nss-SO₄^(2-) and NO₃- for anions. The mean concentration of NH₄+ and nss-Ca^(2+)j were 31 μeq/L and 9 μeq/L for the automatic sampler and 40 μeq/L and 16 μeq/L for the manual sampler, respectively. In addition, nss-SO₄^(2-) and NO₃- were 27 μeq/L and 13 μeq/L for the automatic sampler and 32 μeq/L and 17 μeq/L for the manual sampler, respectively. Although the concentrations of the acidifying ions of nss-SO₄^(2-) and NO₃- were about 3 times higher than those for foreign pristine sites, precipitation acidity were estimated to be natural due to the neutralization reaction of the alkaline species of NH₄+ and nss-Ca^(2+) with its higher concentrations. Considering the ratios of nss-SO₄^(2-)/NO₃- and NH₄+/nss-SO₄^(2-), it was found that ammonium sulphate was dominant in Iksan precipitation. The major non-sea salt ions were maximum concentrations for March, but decreased with increasing of precipitation amount.

      • 태권도장 시설요인과 수련생의 만족도에 관한 연구

        최공집 圓光大學校 附設 體力科學硏究所 2002 體力科學硏究 Vol.25 No.2

        The subjects of this study were sampled by using the Cluster Random Sampling with the population that consists of the 4th, 5th and 6th graders of elementary school and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders of middle school, who are currently training at Taekwondo training centers in Metropolitan City. The way to sample was made by randomly sampling 500 men and women from 30 Taekwondo training centers, which are registered at the Taekwondo Association of Kwangju Metropolitan City, and having a questionnaire survey with the method of self-assessment marking, that is, the direct interview method. Except 58 questionnaires that were judged to answer insincerely or had missing parts, 422 questionnaires were used for the actual analysis. The objective of this study is to research the trainees' satisfaction level about facility factors, analyze the contents, and thereby make the plan to activate Tae kwondo training centers, in order to effectively operate Taekwondo training centers. Thus, this study concluded as follows. First, it showed no significant in the comparison by gender and training period, and it showed the significant difference between 4th and 5th grader trainees of elementary school ~1st grader trainees of middle school and over 2nd grader trainees of middle school. Second, the satisfaction level of 4th grader ~1st grander trainees of middle school for facility factor was shown as high, whereas over the 2nd grader trainees of middle school low. Third, as for age, it showed the significant difference between the 10 year -old trainees, 11 year-old trainees ~14 year-old trainees and over 15 year-old trainees, and the satisfaction level of 10 year-old trainees for facility factors was shown as high, wheres over 15 year-old trainees low. Fourth, as for grade(Poom Geup), it showed the significant difference between the trainees with Geup grade and trainees with over Poom grade, and it showed the characteristic that the satisfaction level of the trainees with Geup grade for facility factors was high, whereas the trainees with over Poom grade low.

      • Saccharin의 展望性있는 化學的 製法과 副産物의 利用에 關한 硏究

        柳珙植 群山大學校 1983 論文集 Vol.6 No.-

        It seems very likely that the consumption of saccharin will be increased, according to the increasing national income and the variety of processed foodstuffs, with demand of carolieless foodstuffs for the prevention of supernutrition and diseases of adult people. Therefore all the nations in the world have been concentrated on developing artificial sweetstuffs substituting sugar for. As a result of it, the manufacturing process in the past was the one which used to solve O-toluene Sulfon Amid with 30% Sodium Hydroxide; this time the method is the one which is solved with definite diluted Sodium Hydroxide. This is why we want to reduce the poionous content as possible avoiding conc Alkaline Substances. Para-toluen Sulfo Chloride produced as by-product seems likely to be used as the followings: (1) the Ester, treated and manufactured with Alkaline Alchol, can be used as Alkalifing Reagent. (2) This Chloride can be used as Chlorifying Agent of Carbon Acid in Organic Synthesis. (3) this Chloride is used for the manufacture of Dialky1 Amine. (4) this Chloride is used for the manufacture of Chiramine T, Water disinfectant and Halazone. As the above, in order to keep our good health and to save foreign currency, we should not import the whole quantity of original crude sugar, but develop this area, by-products produced in the manufacture, and poisonless Saccharin in large quantity. Thus, if we export this in large quantity, taking the exclusive property of each market in the world, it is expected that this would contribute to economic development for exporting Korea.

      • 폴리 에틸렌 테레프탈레이트 섬유의 改質에 의한 染色性 改良에 關한 硏究

        金公朱,姜濚義 全北大學校 1979 論文集 Vol.21 No.-

        This paper concerns with the utilization of the treatment of sulfuric acid for improvement of dyeing of poly ethylene terephthalate(P. E. T) fiber. The P. E. T. fiber drafted to various times was treated with 70~74% sulfuric acid at 80~95℃ for 30~120min and neutralized with 2% ammonia. The fiber thus prepared has remarkable advantage in high yields of colours when dyed with C. I. Basic Green 4. The tensile strength of 3.2 times drafted P. E. T. fiber is as high as that of used fiber.

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