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      • KCI등재

        김정은 시기 북중관계: 지속과 변화의 동학 -주북한 중국대사관 홈페이지 내용분석을 통해서-

        홍은정 ( Hong Eun Jung ) 아시아문화학술원 2018 인문사회 21 Vol.9 No.3

        본 연구의 목적은 주북한 중국대사관 홈페이지의 내용분석을 통해 김정은 시기(2012∼2017) 북중관계의 지속과 변화의 동학을 분석하는 것이다. 본 연구를 통해 김정은 시기 북중 양국관계는 자국의 국익에 기반하여 협력과 갈등의 전략적 이해관계를 이어오고 있음을 알 수 있었다. 본 연구는 기존 연구에서 활용되지 않은 주북한 중국대사관 홈페이지 내용을 주된 자료로 삼아 이를 분석함으로써 김정은 시기의 북중관계의 맥락과 그 특징을 이해하는데 있어 학술적 의의를 갖는다. The purpose of this study is to analyze the dynamics of the continuity and change of relations between North Korea and China in Kim Jung-Eun times (2012∼2017) through analyzing the contents of the homepage of the Embassy of peoples republic of China in the democratic peoples republic of Korea. Through this study, it can be seen that the relationship between North Korea and China in Kim Jung Eun's time is continued its strategic interest in cooperation and conflict based on their own national interests. This study has a great academic significance in understanding the context and characteristics of North Korea and China relations in the Kim Jung-Eun period by analyzing the contents of the website of the Embassy of peoples republic of China in the democratic peoples republic of Korea, which has not been utilized in previous studies.

      • 대구 제중원(현 동산병원)이 근대의료체계 형성에 미친 영향

        이정은(Lee Jung-Eun) 계명사학회 2006 계명사학 Vol.17 No.-

        This thesis focused on the changes of medical system from premodern to modern in Daegu area where Northern American Elder's Christian Missionaries established the first western style hospital named of Jae Jung Won and reviewed the influence of the hospital and the influence to the regional society as well as various medical activities. The first doctor in Daegu region. Woodbridge Johnson opened a pharmacy in the South Gate in the advertise name of 'American pharmacy' and started medical diagnosis under the name of 'Jae Jung Won' in 1899. And he taught 7 Korean students about western medicine, and operated for the first time the Caesarean section which was an innovation at the period in 1909. He also could prevent the horrible small pox desease which was critical to the 50 % death of Korean child by ordering the preventive vaccine from America. Johnson started to treat 10 Leprosy patients at a small house near hospital in 1909 and it was the beginning of the Leprosy treatment center. The medical activity for Leprosy patients further developed by Archibald Gray Fletcher to treat more numbers of(100) patients establishing a special hospital name of Daegu Leprosy hospital remote of 2 mile from the original site during 1917-1918. This is a development of the hospital from the treating center. The important influence of Daegu Jae Jung Won(Dongsan Hospital) to the regional society is the increase of Christian believers. Jae Jung Won itself organized a believers club of the apostle for the patients who waited for some leisure time for the treatment. And the establishment of Daegu Jae Jung Won(Dongsan Hospital) was an epoch of medical change in daegu region from pre-modern to modern. The still existing oriental herb medicine system began to demolish by the Japanese policy of erasing oriental medicine system. The object influence by this policy directly was Daegu traditional pharmacy market. The first western hospital in Daegu, Jae Jung Won contributed in many aspect of medical, field of Daegu by the means of caring Leprosy hospital activity, expansion of medical facility, health activity, and surgical operation etc. to help modern medical system of Daegu region.. By this trend of western medicine, Daegu region where feudal traditions were spreaded started to introduce the modern medical system from traditional cure by herb medicine or folk religious alternatives to modern treatment system.

      • A high tocopherol content rice cultivar ‘Tocomi-1'

        Jung,Eun,Hwang,In,Jung,Jung,Sung,Min,Han,Hong-Il,Choi,Soon-Jae,Kwon,Jin-Baek,Kim,Si-Yong,Kang,Dong,Sub,Kim 한국육종학회 2015 한국육종학회 심포지엄 Vol.2015 No.07

        ‘Tocomi-1', a new japonica rice cultivar derived from a 200 Gy gamma ray irradiation with high tocopherol content and red pericarp. The local adaptability test of MRXII-1001-1 was carried out from 2012 to 2014 and it was named as ‘Tocomi-1' in 2014. This variety is medium matured with heading date of August 12 in honam plain area of Korea. This variety is about 80 cm tall culm length and 106 spikelets per panicle. Its 1,000 grain-weight of rice seeds is 25.4 g. The yield potential of this variety is about 5.15 MT/ha in local adaptability test for three years. This variety exhibited greater seed longevity than the Donganbyeo, indicating a crucial role for tocopherols in maintaining viability during quiescence, and displayed faster seedling growth during the early growth stage. Tocopherol contents was 50% higher than the Donganbyeo. To study the molecular mechanism underlying vitamin E biosynthesis, we examined the expression patterns of seven rice genes encoding vitamin E biosynthetic enzymes. Accumulation levels of the OsVTE2 transcript and OsVTE2 protein in the ‘Tocomi-1' were significantly higher than in the Donganbyeo. Sequence analysis revealed that the ‘Tocomi-1' harbored a point mutation in the OsVTE2 promoter region, which resulted in the generation of MYB transcription factor—binding cis-element. These results help identify the promoter regions that regulate OsVTE2 transcription, and offer insights into the regulation of tocopherol content in ‘Tocomi-1'.

      • KCI등재

        Female with 46, XY karyotype

        ( Eun Jung Jung ), ( Do Hwa Im ), ( Yong Hee Park ), ( Jung Mi Byun ), ( Young Nam Kim ), ( Dae Hoon Jeong ), ( Moon Su Sung ), ( Ki Tae Kim ), ( Hyo Jung An ), ( Soo Jin Jung ), ( Kyung Bok Lee ) 대한산부인과학회 2017 Obstetrics & Gynecology Science Vol.60 No.4

        Disorders of sex development (DSD) are congenital conditions characterized by atypical development of chromosomal, gonadal, and phenotypic sex. 46, XY DSD can result from disorders of testicular development or disorders of androgen synthesis/action. Prophylactic gonadectomy should be considered in patients with 46, XY DSD because of the increased risk of gonadal malignancy. We report two rare cases of 46, XY DSD, including XY pure gonadal dysgenesis and complete androgen insensitivity syndrome, who underwent a prophylactic gonadectomy.

      • KCI등재

        Original Article : The effects of treadmill training on dynamic balance and gait function in stroke patients: a pilot randomized controlled trial

        Eun Jung Chung ( Eun Jung Chung ), Byoung Hee Lee ( Byoung Hee Lee ) 물리치료재활과학회 2013 Physical therapy rehabilitation science Vol.2 No.1

        Objective: The objective of this study is to investigate the effect of treadmill gait trainig on dynamic balance and gait functions in stroke patients. Design: Randomized, double-blind, controlled pilot study. Methods: Four subjects following first stroke participated in this study. They were divided randomly into the treadmill gait trainig group (TM group) (n=2) and the control group (n=2). Subjects in both groups received general training five times per week. Subjects in the TM group practiced an additional treadmill gait trainig program that consisted of 60 minutes, three times per week, during a period of four weeks. Timed up and go test (dynamic balance) and the GAITRite test (gait function) were evaluated before and after the intervention. Results: In dynamic balance (timed up and go test), the TM group (?14.235 sec) showed a greater decrease than the control group (?13.585 sec). In gait functions, the TM group showed a greater increase in gait speed (12.8 cm/s vs. 10.15 cm/s), step-length (5.825 cm vs. 3.735 cm), and stride-length (5.005 cm vs. 1.55 cm) than the control group. Conclusions: The treadmill gait trainig improved dynamic balance and gait functions. Further research is needed in order to confirm the generalization of these findings and to identify which stroke patients might benefit from treadmill gait trainig.

      • KCI등재후보

        어린이집 평가인증 제도에 대한 보육교사의 인식과 실태 분석

        정재은(Eun-Jung Jung), 정은정(Jae-Eun Jung) 중앙대학교 한국교육문제연구소 2012 한국교육문제연구 Vol.30 No.1

        본 연구의 목적은 어린이집 평가인증 제도에 대한 보육교사의 인식과 실태를 분석하여 평가인증 제도의 효율적인 수행과 성공적인 정착을 위한 방안을 모색하는 데 있다. 어린이집 평가인증 제도에 대한 보육교사의 인식과 실태를 분석하기 위한 설문지를 개발한 후 연구자료를 수집하였다. 개발된 설문지는 평가인증 제도에 대한 보육교사의 인식, 평가인증 준비과정에 대한 보육교사의 인식 및 실태, 평가인증 지표(7개 영역)에 대한 보육교사의 인식, 평가인증 사후관리에 대한 보육교사의 인식의 4개 영역으로 구분하여 총 36문항으로 구성하였다. 연구대상은 S시에 소재한 어린이집 중 2005년 3월부터 2011년 6월까지 평가인증을 통과한 어린이집의 보육교사 154명이었으며, 수집된 자료는 χ2-검증을 실시하여 분석하였다. 연구결과, 평가인증 제도에 대한 인식, 평가인증 준비과정에 대한 인식 및 실태, 평가인증 지표(7개 영역)에 대한 인식, 평가인증 사후관리에 대한 인식은 보육교사가 재직하고 있는 어린이집 유형에 따라 부분적으로 유의한 차이가 있는 것으로 나타났다. The purpose of this study was to analyze the status and childcare teachers' awareness of the Childcare Center Accreditation System to implement and settle down the system successfully. A questionnaire was developed based on prior literature, research and arrangements with professors and childcare teachers. The questionnaire is composed of 4 items of 36 questions related to 'general awareness of the Childcare Center Accreditation System', 'the preparatory process of the Childcare Center Accreditation System','7 indicators of the Childcare Center Accreditation System', and 'post management of the Childcare Center Accreditation System'. The Subjects used in this study were 154 childcare teachers who work for childcare center passed the Accreditation System from March, 2005 to June, 2011 in S province. Data analysis was conducted by χ2-test. The results of this study indicated that there were partially significant differences among childcare teachers according to the types of childcare center.

      • KCI등재

        안면신경마비 후유증 정안침 증례보고

        이은지(Eun Ji Lee), 김성태(Sung Tae Kim), 권민구(Min Gu Kwon), 신현권(Hyun Kwon Shin), 고용준(Yong Jun Koh), 강수우(Su Woo Kang), 나재일(Jae Il Na), 설재욱(Jae Uk Sul), 조현정(Hyun Jung Jo), 정필선(Pil Sun Jung), 현민경(Min Kyung Hyun), 정민영(Min) 한의병리학회 2015 동의생리병리학회지 Vol.29 No.4

        This study examines a clinical progress of treatment for the sequelae of facial palsy through Jung-ahn acupuncture. The patient in this case was diagnosed with facial paralysis a few years ago. The patient was treated with Korean medicine and Western medicine, but was given up without improvement. The paretic symptom was found out in left side of the face. Also facial spasm and epiphora caused by blepharoptosis were existed. The patient got 8 times Jung-ahn acupuncture treatment from September 18th, 2014 to September 26th, 2014. House-Brackmann facial nerve grading system(H-B scale) was implemented. On the first time of the treatment, H-B scale was Grade Ⅴ and facial nerve grading was 2/8. Facial spasm and epiphora caused by blepharoptosis in lower eyelid were appeared on facial expressions and conversation. After total 8 treatments(therapies), H-B scale was Grade Ⅲ and facial nerve grading was 5/8. The symptoms of facial paralysis and blepharoptosis were improved. Jung-ahn acupuncture is estimated to be effective in facial palsy sequela. More cases are required to develop treatment of facial palsy sequela.

      • KCI등재

        Integrated Waste Collection And Treatment System In The Housing Complex

        Kim, Eun-Young(김은영), Kim, Jung-Bin(김정빈) 한국도시설계학회 2013 도시설계 : 한국도시설계학회지 Vol.14 No.3

        한국은 도시에 집중된 인구로 인해 발생한 대량의 생활폐기물을 처리하기 위해 대규모 주거단지 내에 자동집하시설을 기반으로 한 자원회수시설을 적용 확대하고 있다. 이에 본 연구는 새로운 폐기물 시설이 지속가능한 환경 인프라로써 국내에 정착 가능성을 측정하고자 한다. 객관적으로 유효한 분석 결과를 위해 국내의 은평 뉴타운과 성공적인 사례로 알려져 있는 하마비 허스타드를 비교한다. 구체적인 비교의 틀로서 지속가능성을 평가하는 캠벨의 ‘계획가의 삼각형' 이론을 차용한다. 삼각형을 구성하는 세 가지 요소인 환경, 사회, 경제적 기준으로 개발실행 결과 보고서와 전문가 인터뷰를 참고하여 연구한다. 결론적으로 비교연구를 통해 첫째, 환경부문에서는 자원회수시설의 다양성 추구를 통해 폐기물 절감과 에너지 창출의 이중혜택을 극대화할 수 있다. 둘째, 경제부문에서 젒분한 재원조달을 위해 다양한 재정지원 프로그램의 중요성을 알 수 있다. 셋째, 사회부문은 예산집행과 혜택분배 등 경제부분과 상젒되어 갈등 발생의 가능성이 있다. 따라서 관련 이익관계들의 교류를 적극적으로 장려하고 투명한 예산집행이 원활하고 지속가능한 폐기물 시설 개발을 위한 개선방안이 될 수 있다는 것을 사례비교를 통해 유추할 수 있다. In Korea, application of resource recovery facilities utilizing automatic collection system is expanding to address the concentrated occurrences of household wastes in apartments. This study aims to assess the feasibility of a new waste system adopted into the cities of Korea as sustainable eco-infrastructure. In order to analyze the objective results, a domestic case of Eun-Pyoung New Town and a successful case of Hammarby Sjostad were compared. For analytical framework, we followed ‘Planner's Triangle' presented by Campbell to evaluate the sustainability of this system. The ‘triangle' consists of three components: environmental, societal and economic criteria. We reviewed development result reports and expert interviews based on the three criteria. The results were as follows. First, environmentally, the diverse resource recovery facilities maximize dual benefits of reducing wastes and producing energy. Second, economically, the importance of various financial assistance programs becomes apparent. Third, societally, conflicts may result from contradicting interests such as budget execution and profit distribution. These results implied that communication among interests and transparency of budget execution are key for improvement methods to be sustainable waste system.

      • Characterization of OsJAC1 which is responding to different types of ionizing radiation

        In,jung,Jung,Jung,Eun,Hwang,Sung,Min,Han,Hong-Il,Choi,Soon-Jae,Kwon,Jin-Baek,Kim,Si-Yong,Kang,Dong,Sub,Kim 한국육종학회 2015 한국육종학회 심포지엄 Vol.2015 No.07

        Ionizing radiation affects gene expression from plant genomes. To monitor the genome-wide transcriptional changes induced by three types of ionizing radiation, we used the rice RNA sequencing to identify genes that are up- or down-regulated by gamma rays (GAs), proton (PRs) and ion beams (IBs). The Oryza sativa jacalin-like lectin domain containing proteins (OsJAC1) gene was highly induced by GAs, PRs and IBs. OsJAC1 was selected based on the expression patterns of a genome-wide dataset of RNA sequencing. Many jacalin-related lectin genes have been shown to be associated with disease resistance, biotic and abiotic stress signaling. Therefore, we studied its expression pattern in response to different abiotic stress and phytohormone treatments. The expression patterns of OsJAC1 under two different abiotic stress conditions (salt and heat stress) and phytohormones (salicylic acid and methyl jasmonate) were examined. The transcripts of OsJAC1 were significantly induced in response to abiotic stress conditions, including salt and heat treatments. In addition, it was induced in response to the salicylic acid and methyl jasmonate treatments, respectively. To investigate the sub-cellular localization of OsJAC1, the gene was expressed as a fusion protein tagged with GFP, in tobacco leaf epidermis and examined under confocal microscope. The OsJAC1 was clearly localized at the nucleus. These results provide critical insights into the molecular functions of the rice jacalin-like lectin domain containing proteins as receptors of external signals.

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