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      • The Naive Bayesian Algorithm-based Prisoner's Dilemma Game Model

        Xiuqin,Deng,Jiadi,Deng 보안공학연구지원센터 2014 International Journal of u- and e- Service, Scienc Vol.7 No.6

        Prisoners' dilemma is a typical game theory issue. In this study, it was treated as an incomplete information game to establish a related machine learning model using a naive Bayesian classification method. The model established was referred to as the Bayes model. Using this model, the incomplete information game was soluble with the assistance of statistical machine learning. This study proceeded as follows: firstly, four typical models were run against the Bayes model some 10,000 times. The total incomes of the models recorded suggested that Bayes model was more advantageous than other models. Even in a multi-player prisoners' game, Bayes model also presented the desired level of performance and accrued a higher income than other models. Further statistical analysis implied that the Bayes model and the widely accepted optimum strategy tit-for-tat (TFT) model showed a tendency to be prone to defection. Secondly, according to the games run on the natural Bayes model, as well as the natural TFT model, it was found that the Bayes model accrued more benefits than the TFT model on average. Finally, comparison of the Bayes model with the TFT model revealed that the Bayes model was better. This demonstrated the efficacy of the Bayes model constructed in this study and moreover, provided a novel idea for solving the problem of an incomplete information game.


        Against AIDS : Economic Analysis on Chinese Rural Women

        Deng,Dasong,Ling,Zhang Research Institute of Asian Women Sookmyung Women' 2005 Asian Women Vol.21 No.-

        The Chinese government has realized that the spread of HIV/AIDS will finally set off the fruits of economic development. The disease begins from the weak, and then spreads quickly to every stratum of the population, which leads to irremediable shortage of human resources and eventually the stagnation and even retrogression of economic growth. The difficulty to control it is that this incurable disease will go into human social behavior, grow in the weak links of the society and entangle many other problems into a complicated vicious circle. Poverty, ignorance and indifference upon the weak have become the main reasons for the rapid spread of AIDS. Therefore, AIDS is regarded as the adjunct of social injustice, and consequently the protection of the weak has been attached unprecedented importance. At present, the spread of AIDS in China is wide spread in some places and among special groups. The AIDS patients are mainly from the rural areas, since drug abusers, prostitutes and those who sell blood are also mainly concentrated in the rural areas. Women, the most vulnerable group, are at the beginning of the vicious circle. The vulnerable position of rural women makes them the group most easily infected by AIDS and then the new source of infection. To effectively control the spread of the disease, it is necessary to attach great attention to this vulnerable group and provide them with effective help. This paper, after analyzing the vulnerability of Chinese rural women, points out the importance of maintaining social justice and protecting the vulnerable groups in preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS in China.

      • KCI등재SCOPUS

        Experimental Investigation on Energy Mechanism of Freezing-Thawing Treated Sandstone under Uniaxial Static Compression

        Hongwei,Deng,Songtao,Yu,Junren,Deng,Bo,Ke,Feng,Bin 대한토목학회 2019 KSCE JOURNAL OF CIVIL ENGINEERING Vol.23 No.5

        To gain a further understanding of Freeze-Thaw weathering effect on the damage of sandstone from the perspective of energy analysis, uniaxial static compression tests were conducted on sandstone samples that suffered 0, 20, 60, 100 and 140 freezingthawing cycles. Then total input strain energy, releasable elastic strain energy, dissipated energy and freezing-thawing induced damage of samples under uniaxial static compression tests were calculated and analyzed. In the mean time, the energy absorption of sandstone under dynamic loading tests (SHPB (Split-Hopkinson pressure bar) experiments) were cited and made a contrast with the dissipated energy of samples under uniaxial static compression tests. The results show that the tangent modulus, total input strain energy, releasable elastic strain energy and dissipated energy of samples decrease with Freezing-Thawing cycles go on, while the freezing-thawing induced damage grow with freezing-thawing cycles increase. In term of energy used for destroying rock samples in different test modes, less energy is needed for destroying samples in uniaxial static compression tests and it decreases with F-T cycles increase, while more energy is needed for destroying samples in dynamic impact loading and it increases with F-T cycles increase. In addition, the number of fragments of broken sample increase with the F-T cycles both in uniaxial static compression tests and dynamic loading tests, and sample under dynamic loading tests is more broken than sample under uniaxial static compression tests.

      • KCI등재후보

        Acceptabilité de la traduction des néologismes chinois en langue française : Étude comparée de quatre méthodes de traduction

        Wei,Deng,Xiaowen,Wu 이화여자대학교 통역번역연구소 2019 T&I review Vol.9 No.-

        Wei Deng and Xiaowen Wu. (2019). Acceptability of the Translation of Chinese Neologisms into French: Comparative Study of Four Methods of Translation. The Chinese neologism in the field of social and cultural life reflects the continual evolution of contemporary Chinese society. In order to communicate to the French-speaking countries and regions in the world the most recent Chinese concepts expressed in the form of neologisms in their native language, a distinctive French translation is indispensable. Translation methods adopted to do this and the acceptability of the proposed translation, evaluated by the French-speaking native speakers, are at the center of this work. Based on 100 Chinese social and cultural neologisms and their translations into French, extracted from the international translation project, "The key words about China", we have studied four methods of translation: literal translation, free translation, translation to French help of the third language and transliteration. Using a questionnaire, we evaluated with 21 native French speakers the acceptability of the proposed translations from a global, syntactical and lexical point of view. Analysis of the data collected shows that literally translated neologisms are the most accepted. On the contrary, those translated using Chinese phonetic transcription (transliteration) are considered the least acceptable. In addition, the survey also reveals that the ease of understanding of the translation has a great influence on the acceptability of the translation, under different aspects, this influence manifesting itself especially in the transliteration and in the translation with the help of the third language. Finally, at the end of this study, we provide some tips for improving the acceptability of translation.

      • KCI등재후보

        Diverse nectar robbers on Alpinia roxburghii Sweet (Zingiberaceae)

        Xiaobao,Deng,Wen,Deng,Alice,Catherine,Hughes,Dharmalingam,Mohandass 국립중앙과학관 2015 Journal of Asia-Pacific Biodiversity Vol.8 No.3

        This study records for the first time three mammal species as nectar robbers on the ginger Alpinia roxburghii Sweet. We examined the behavior of nectar robbers and compared with earlier studies on a single plant species. We recorded seven species of nectar robbers: three squirrels, one bird, and three bees. Timing of robbing nectars were similar; however, robbing behavior differed among robbers. In particular, squirrels damaged the flower parts while robbing the nectar.

      • KCI등재후보

        Genome-wide Association Studies for Osteoporosis: A 2013 Update

        Hong-Wen,Deng,Lei,Zhang,Christopher,J.,Papasian,Hong-Wen,Deng 대한골대사학회 2014 대한골대사학회지 Vol.21 No.2

        In the past few years, the bone field has witnessed great advances in genome-wide as-sociation studies (GWASs) of osteoporosis, with a number of promising genes identified. In particular, meta-analysis of GWASs, aimed at increasing the power of studies by com-bining the results from different study populations, have led to the identification of nov-el associations that would not otherwise have been identified in individual GWASs. Re-cently, the first whole genome sequencing study for osteoporosis and fractures waspublished, reporting a novel rare nonsense mutation. This review summarizes the im-portant and representative findings published by December 2013. Comments are madeon the notable findings and representative studies for their potential influence and im-plications on our present understanding of the genetics of osteoporosis. Potential limi-tations of GWASs and their meta-analyses are evaluated, with an emphasis on under-standing the reasons for inconsistent results between different studies and clarificationof misinterpretation of GWAS meta-analysis results. Implications and challenges ofGWAS are also discussed, including the need for multi- and inter-disciplinary studies.


        Synergistic efficacy of LBH and αB-crystallin through inhibiting transcriptional activities of p53 and p21

        Deng,,Yun,Li,,Yongqing,Fan,,Xiongwei,Yuan,,Wuzhou,Xie,,Huaping,Mo,,Xiaoyang,Yan,,Yan,Zhou,,Junmei,Wang,,Yuequn,Ye,,Xianli,Wan,,Yongqi,Wu,,Xiushan Korean Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biol 2010 BMB Reports Vol.43 No.6

        LBH is a transcription factor as a candidate gene for CHD associated with partial trisomy 2p syndrome. To identify potential LBH-interacting partners, a yeast two-hybrid screen using LBH as a bait was performed with a human heart cDNA library. One of the clones identified encodes ${\alpha}B$-crystallin. Co-immunoprecipitation and GST pull-down assays showed that LBH interacts with ${\alpha}B$-crystallin, which is further confirmed by mammalian two-hybrid assays. Co-localization analysis showed that in COS-7 cells, ${\alpha}B$-crystallin that is cytoplasmic alone, accumulates partialy in the nucleus when co-transfected with LBH. Transient transfection assays indicated that overexpression of LBH or ${\alpha}B$-crystallin reduced the transcriptional activities of p53 and p21, respectively, Overexpression of both ${\alpha}B$-crystallin and LBH together resulted in a stronger repression of the transcriptional activities of p21 and p53. These results showed that the interaction of LBH and ${\alpha}B$-crystallin may inhibit synergistically the transcriptional regulation of p53 and p21.

      • KCI등재

        Finely-reconciled high dielectric constant and low dielectric loss in ternary polymer/Cr2C3/montmorillonite composite films by filler-synergy strategy

        Deng,Qihuang,Zhou,Junquan,Li,Xianping,Feng,Yefeng,Liang,Yurun,Liu,Qihang 한국물리학회 2021 Current Applied Physics Vol.22 No.1

        Polymer/conductive ceramic composites with high dielectric constant have become research hotspot of dielectric capacitor materials. However, the conductivity and dielectric loss increase when high dielectric constant is achieved. In order to reconcile high dielectric constant and low dielectric loss, in this study, poly (vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF)/chromium carbide (Cr2C3)/montmorillonite (MMT) ternary composite films were prepared by solution cast. Dielectric response based on interfacial polarization was improved and dielectric constant of composites was increased. MMT ceramic was used to suppress interface leakage current. Compared with PVDF/ Cr2C3 composites, the conductivity and dielectric loss of ternary composites were reduced.

      • KCI등재

        MicroRNA-203 As a Stemness Inhibitor of Glioblastoma Stem Cells

        Deng,,Yifan,Zhu,,Gang,Luo,,Honghai,Zhao,,Shiguang Korean Society for Molecular and Cellular Biology 2016 Molecules and cells Vol.39 No.8

        Glioblastoma stem cells (GBM-SCs) are believed to be a subpopulation within all glioblastoma (GBM) cells that are in large part responsible for tumor growth and the high grade of therapeutic resistance that is so characteristic of GBM. MicroRNAs (miR) have been implicated in regulating the expression of oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes in cancer stem cells, including GBM-SCs, and they are a potential target for cancer therapy. In the current study, miR-203 expression was reduced in $CD133^+$ GBM-SCs derived from six human GBM biopsies. MicroRNA-203 transfected GBM-SCs had reduced capacity for self-renewal in the cell sphere assay and increased expression of glial and neuronal differentiation markers. In addition, a reduced proliferation rate and an increased rate of apoptosis were observed. Therefore, miR-203 has the potential to reduce features of stemness, specifically in GBM-SCs, and is a logical target for GBM gene therapy.


        Analysis of thermally induced vibration of cable-beam structures

        Deng,,Han-Qing,Li,,Tuan-Jie,Xue,,Bi-Jie,Wang,,Zuo-Wei 국제구조공학회 2015 Structural Engineering and Mechanics, An Int'l Jou Vol.53 No.3

        Cable-beam structures characterized by variable stiffness nonlinearities are widely found in various structural engineering applications, for example in space deployable structures. Space deployable structures in orbit experience both high temperature caused by sun's radiation and low temperature by Earth's umbral shadow. The space temperature difference is above 300K at the moment of exiting or entering Earth's umbral shadow, which results in structural thermally induced vibration. To understand the thermally induced oscillations, the analytical expression of Boley parameter of cable-beam structures is firstly deduced. Then, the thermally induced vibration of cable-beam structures is analyzed using finite element method to verify the effectiveness of Boley parameter. Finally, by analyzing the obtained numerical results and the corresponding Boley parameters, it can be concluded that the derived expression of Boley parameter is valid to evaluate the occurrence conditions of thermally induced vibration of cable-beam structures and the key parameters influencing structural thermal flutter are the cable stiffness and thickness of beams.

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