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        Breland,,Gregory 선문대학교 통일사상연구원 1996 통일사상 연구논총 Vol.1 No.-

        이 논문의 목적은 미국에서 행해 왔던 두 가지의 기본적인 성교육의 방법들을 살펴보고, 미래에 있어서는 어느 방향으로 나가야 할 것인가를 보기 위해 그 방법들을 통일사상의 교육론적 관점에서 평가하려 하는 것이다. 누구라도 이 폭발물과도 같이 위험한 주제에 내포되어 있는 육체적, 심리적 위험성을 깨닫기만 한다면, 그는 이 주제가 미국의 차원에서뿐 아니라 전 세계적으로도 중요하다는 것을 알 수 있을 것이다. This article presents the problem solving strategy for predicting the types of binary azeotropes in a hierarchical knowledge-based expert system, AZEOPERT. The use of expert system concepts is examined to develop a consultant for predicting the types of binary azeotropes in organic mixtures; especially the binary systems that until now have been not reported. The knowledge base for the prediction of the types of binary azeotropes consists of two levels of domain-specific heuristics structured hierarchically. The predictive capabilities and generality of AZEOPERT can be highly enhanced through the integration of different kinds of domain knowledge into the hierarchical structure. AZEOPERT has been implemented with the artificial intelligence programming language IF/Prolog, developed in a UNIX environment. About 60 heuristic rules for predicting the types of binary azeotrope have been implemented in AZEOPERT. The required input data for consultation are only names of homologous groups or occasionally, class names, classified by the tendency of hydrogen bondings for consulted binary components which can usually be provided easily. The heuristic rules in each level were formulated by a combination of theoretical considerations, practical experience, and case studies through a binary azeotropic data bank. Prediction of the types of binary azeotropes using AZEOPERT may give chemical engineers a good contribution to perform the process synthesis, moreover, to select the proper separating agents for separation processes and the proper refrigerants in the area of air conditioning and refrigeration.

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