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        Impact of Upper Limb Joint Fluid Variation on Inflammatory Diseases Diagnosis

        Hari Krishnan G,Ananda Natarajan R,Anima Nanda 대한전기학회 2014 Journal of Electrical Engineering & Technology Vol.9 No.6

        Joint pain is generally a common disorder not only for the old aged people but also for the immunocompromised patients. The present proposed study reveals the presence of inflammatory diseases in joint generally diagnosed by removing synovial fluid and changes in the volume and composition are examined for the presence of WBC and crystals. This study implement a non-invasive approach to identify the changes in joint fluid by measuring the changes in electrical property of the synovial tissue under the influence of electrical current signal with frequency range between 100 kHz to 300 kHz. The response of tissue for the current signal was measured in terms of potential drop across the tissue. The hardware system design consists of input and output sections. The input section which applies current signal to upper limb joint region is made of ICL8038 function generator IC with amplifier and voltage to current converter. The output section picks voltage variation using metal surface electrode, amplifier, ADC, PIC microcontroller and LCD interface. 100 patient inclusive of normal and disease affected patients where examined for upper limb synovial fluid variation and inflammatory diseases were identified.

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