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        • KCI등재

          유아의 호응 표현 발달에 관한 연구

          장경희(Chang Kyung-hee), 김정선(Kim Jung-sun), 한정희(Han Jeong-hee) 우리말글학회 2009 우리말 글 Vol.46 No.-

          The purpose of this study is to identify the concrete aspects of development and characteristics of co-occurred expressions of young children at the syntactic and semantic views. The subjects of this study were four toddlers between 24 and 43 months old as a group of longitudinal data and 303 young children between three and six years old as a group of cross-sectional data. The author investigated the time of the first appearance of co-occurred expressions and usage distribution to establish the process of acquiring co-occurred expressions. The results of this study are as follows. First, as for the co-occurred expressions, ‘보다' and ‘밖에' appeared first in the longitudinal group followed by ‘아무', and ‘얼마나' in order. In the cross-sectional group, ‘도저히', ‘부터', ‘아무리', ‘다시는' and ‘제발' were added to the appearance list of the longitudinal group. Second, as for the semantic categories of co-occurred expressions, ‘negation' category was developed first in the longitudinal group, followed by ‘comparison' and ‘degree' in order. In the cross-sectional group, ‘negation' appeared most and the frequency of the semantic categories including ‘comparison', ‘degree', and ‘reason' was on the increase.

        • KCI등재후보

          분체도료의 화학물질 조성과 MSDS 신뢰성 조사연구

          이권섭 ( Kwon Seob Lee ), 한인수 ( In Soo Han ), 한정희 ( Jeong Hee Han ), 박동욱 ( Dong Uk Park ), 이대원 ( Dae Won Lee ), 황호순 ( Ho Soon Hwang ), 유일재 ( Il Je Yu ), 이용묵 ( Yong Mook Lee ), 김광종 ( Kwang Jong Kim ) 한국산업위생학회 2004 한국산업보건학회지 Vol.14 No.3

          As a result of having examined reliability of MSDS record contents about powder coatings, MSDS and warning labels reliability of were very low levels. The composition chemical substance used for production of powder coatings to synthetic resin, hardening agent, pigment, an additive. The Lead chromate was contained in 0.1-25% by suspected human carcinogen substance by 9 powder coatings, and silica was contained in 5-20% by cause substance of silicosis by 3 powder coatings. The inhalable particulate mass(0-10㎛) was approximately 2.75% in particle size of powder coatings, and the thoracic particulate mass(0-25㎛) was approximately 22.3%. If chemical substance composition component was omission of record and only a part list was 34.1% in MSDS, and it was a state to be low with 59% if a harmfulness classification was omission of record and a part list for it. A composition component and a content did not become a record in warning labels of all powder coatings, and a hazard pictographs of warning labels was approximately 56.8% if not adhesion. If toxicity information about powder coatings was omission of record, it was 97.7%, and the case that omission of record an TLV-TWA about component chemical substance was 75% level. There are an increasing number of problems associated with the regular monitoring of workplace environment, based on MSDS; more and more health-related problems are related to the management of harmful chemical substances. Under these circumstances, regarding these harmful substances, there is a compelling need for systematically examining the accuracy of MSDSs, and deeply investigating and evaluating toxic chemicals.

        • u-GIS 기술을 활용한 소방전술 방안

          김선호(Kim, Seon-Ho), 한정희(Han, Jeong-Hee) 한국화재소방학회 2006 한국화재소방학회 학술대회 논문집 Vol.2006 No.춘계

          '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 7시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

        • 어린이집 사용 실태에 대한 조사연구-S 어린이집을 대상으로-

          이보라(Lee.Bo-Ra), 한정희(Han.Jeong-Hee), 박영기(Park. Young-Ki), 이현수(Lee.Hyun-Soo) 대한건축학회 2004 대한건축학회 학술발표대회 논문집 - 계획계/구조계 Vol.24 No.1

          The purpose of this study was to analyze the Characteristics of "S" Day Care Center. This study suggested that proper design based on the decision of intention related to user behavior is analyzed by FGI of teachers and space syntax model-Depthmap. It is also believed that spatial configuration greatly relates to growth and education of infant. It is reviewed that the Space Syntax effectively reveals the relative spatial depth of the spatial elements composing spatial configuration of day care center. Based on this field study, this paper provide basic data to be used for architectural planning for day care center design.<br/> <br/> <br/> <br/>

        • KCI등재
        • 가상현실을 이용한 디지털주택의 상호작용 사용자 인터페이스 환경에 관한 연구

          최정은(Choi Jung-Eun), 김주연(Kim Ju-Yeon), 한정희(Han Jeong-Hee), 이현수(Lee Hyun-Soo) 대한건축학회 2003 대한건축학회 학술발표대회 논문집 - 계획계/구조계 Vol.23 No.2

          The objective of this study is to develope an interface of digital house which could be interacted between human and space. In here, digital house has dual meanings of indicating a virtual space itself and the extension of a physical space. The fundamental steps for this study are as 1) identify concept of digital house, 2) developing human sensibility database, 3) implementation an user interlace system for digital house. Specially, this paper focused on developing virtual model house and constructing the interactive user interlace environment to control and manage. The results of this study were as follows; Sensing data as a human sense and living environment was converted color and then expressed building components of the virtual model house such as 'wall', 'floor', 'ceiling' and so on. Since the color appeal to human sense, user could be have more comfortable feeling.

        • In vitro Mammalian Chromosomal Aberration Test of Fullerene-C60

          Soo Jin Kim(김수진), Kyung Taek Rim(임경택), Hae Won Cho(조해원), Jeong Hee Han(한정희), Hyeon Yeong Kim(김현영), Jeong Sun Yang(양정선) 환경독성보건학회 2009 환경독성보건학회지 Vol.24 No.1

          Fullerene의 유전독성을 평가하기 위하여 Chinese hamster유래의 난소유아세포(CHO-K1 cell)를 이용하여 직접법(-S9)과 대사활성화법(+S9 mix)의 염색체이상시험을 실시하였다. 시험물질은 1% CMC 나트륨염의 현탁액(l% CMC 용액)에 희석하여 조제하였다. 대사활성화를 시키지 않은 직접법의 염색체이상시험에서 24시간 투여군은 8단계의 농도(0.078, 0.156, 0.313, 0.625, 1.25, 2.5, 5, 10mM)로 투여하여 실시하였다. 투여 농도 증가에 따른 염색체이상의 빈도가 증가하는 양상이 나타나지 않았다. 48시간의 투여군에서는 8단계의 농도(0.078, 0.156, 0.313, 0.625, 1.25, 2.5, 5, 10mM)로 투여하여 실시하였는데 투여 농도 증가에 따른 염색체이상의 빈도가 증가하는 양상이 나타나지 않았다. 배수체의 염색체이상은 직접법에서 관찰되지 않았다. 대사활성화법을 이용하여 6시간 시험물질을 투여한 시험에 있어서는 8단계의 용량단계 (0.078, 0.156, 0.313, 0.625, 1.25, 2.5, 5, 10mM)를 설정하였는데 투여 농도가 증가함에 따른 염색체이상빈도의 증가양상이 관찰되지 않았다. 이상의 결과를 종합할 때 본 시험물질은 본 시험 조건하에서 CHO-K1세포에서 대사활성화를 시켰을 때 염색체 이상을 유발하지 않는 것으로 판단된다.

        • KCI등재

          Retrospective Investigation of Canine Skin and Mammary Tumors in Korea

          Yeong-Hun Kim(김영훈), Na-Kyoung Ahn(안나경), In-Soon Roh(노인순), Byung-IL Yoon(윤병일), Jeong-Hee Han(한정희) 한국임상수의학회 2009 한국임상수의학회지 Vol.26 No.6

          피부와 유선 종양은 개에서 매우 빈번히 발생하는 종양으로, 종양 발생의 위험은 나이가 증가함에 따라 종양의 발생률은 증가하며, 발병률과 발병부위의 분포는 종양의 종류마다 다르다. 피부와 유선종양의 발생은 공기오염, 식생활 등 환경의 변화와도 관련이 있어 이들 종양들의 발생양상은 그 사회의 환경을 반영할 수 있어 시대와 지역에 따라 다양하게 다르게 나타날 수 있다. 따라서, 그 동안의 많은 보고들에도 불구하고, 피부와 유선종양발생에 대한 자료들은 종양에 대한 수의임상학적 진단과 치료를 위한 중요한 정보를 제공한다. 본 연구에서는 2005년 1월 1일부터 2006년 12월 31일까지 수의과학검역원과 강원대학교에 의뢰된 128증례의 개 피부종양과 240증례의 개 유선종양을 Goldschmidt와 Misdorp의 형태학적 기준에 의해 조직병리학적으로 진단하여, 종별, 성별 및 부위별로 각각 분류하여 국내에서 이들 종양의 발생양상을 체계적으로 분석하였다. 피부종양에서는 피부상피세포종양, 샘종양 및 간질종양이 각각 14.1%, 41.4%와 44.5%였다. Cutaneous histiocytoma가 피부종양에서 가장 빈번하게 관찰되어 전체 피부종양의 25.0%를 차지하였으며, 기름샘종 (sebaceous gland adenoma; 15.6%), 기저세포종(basal cell tumor; 8.6%), 항문둘레샘종 (perianal gland adenoma; 6.3%)와 지방종 (lipoma; 6.3%)순으로 높았다. 그 외에 비만세포종, 모낭세포종과 중층편평상피암 등이 관찰되었다. 이러한 피부종양들은 품종, 성과 나이 또는 부위에 따라 유사하거나 다른 양상을 나타내었다. 유선종양의 경우 양성과 악성이 201/240, 39/240으로 양성발생률이 현저히 높았으며, 양성혼합종 (benign mixed tumor)이 검사한 품종 모두에서 가장 높은 발생률 (35.0%)을 나타내었다. Complex adenoma는 Maltese와 Poodle에서 특히 높았으며, 악성종양에서는 simple carcinoma와 complex carcinoma가 각각 6.7%로, 악성 중 41.0%를 차지하여 가장 높은 발생률을 나타내었다. 본 연구결과는 최근 우리나라에서 여러 품종의 반려견에서 발생한 피부와 유선종양의 발생양상을 조직병리학적으로 진단 분석한 것으로, 임상수의사들이 지속적으로 증가추세에 있는 개의 피부와 유선종양을 진단하고 치료하는데 유용하게 활용될 수 있기를 기대한다. Skin tumors and mammary gland tumors have been shown to be the most common neoplasia in most of the strains of dogs. The risk for tumor development increases significantly with age and the prevalence and distribution are various according to individual tumors. The aim of this study is to classify histopathologically the skin and mammary gland tumors for recent two years, 2005 and 2006. A total of 128 skin and 240 mammary gland samples of dogs were selected that were submitted to National Veterinary Research and Quarantine Service and Kangwon National University from January 1, 2005 to December 31, 2006. The excised tissue were fixed in 10 percent neutral buffered formalin and processed routinely to paraffin wax. Sections were cut at 3 ㎛, stained with haematoxylin and eosin. The slides were examined based on the morphological criteria of M. H. Goldschmidt and W. Misdorp under a light microscope. The age of the dogs ranged from 1 to 19 years with a median of 8.7 years. The mean age of the skin and mammary gland tumors was 7.4 and 9.3 years. 47 (12.8%) were males and 259 (70.4%) were female with a male to female ratio of 0.18. Yorkshire terrier and maltese were more susceptible breeds, accounting for 44.3% of skin and mammary gland tumors. In skin tumors, epithelial, adnexal, and mesenchymal origin tumors were 18 (14.1%), 53 (41.4%), and 57 cases (44.5%), repectively. Among the epithelial, adenexal, and mesenchymal origin tumors, basal cell tumor (8.6%), sebaceous adenoma (15.6%), and histiocytoma (25.0%) were predominant in the incidence rate, respectively. In case of mammary gland tumors, 201 (83.8%) were benign and 39 (16.3%) were malignant with a benign to malignant ratio of 5.15. The most frequent mammary gland tumor was benign mixed tumor (35.0%) followed by mammary adenoma-complex type (31.7%).

        • KCI등재
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