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      • KCI등재

        여성 패딩 코트 디자인을 위한 열 입체 자수 개발

        이희정(Heejung Lee), 최현숙(Hyonsook Choy) 한국복식학회 2017 服飾 Vol.67 No.6

        Embroidery can be expressed in three dimensions 3D through its materials and techniques by adding depth and texture. Though embroidery can be expressed in three dimensions, a padding coat containing fillers is difficult to express sophisticatedly. So 3D embroidery is limited to satisfying consumers in the conventional way in accordance with the diversified needs of consumers in recent years. The purpose of this study is to develop a new technique, which can overcome limitations of the current 3D embroidery and padding coat-making and apply it to the design of women's padding coat. Firstly, the concept of 3D embroidery was defined based on dissertations and professional books, and the state of sewing technology for development process and 3D effect was grasped. Secondly, the theoretical basis of the embroidery technique developed by the researcher by examining the characteristics of the thermo fixation process. Based on this, the cases of the embroidery in the contemporary fashion designer collections were examined. Also, the development of 3D embroidery and its application to actual works have suggested the possibility of using the 3D embroidery technique developed by the researcher. This study puts meaning both on the development of a new embroidery technique that exceeds the limit of existing techniques on its application, and the design of padding coat in order to suggest new possibilities of various applications. The thermo-embossed 3D embroidery technique developed in this study enables delicate and accurate 3D representation compared to the conventional method. This technique has now been patented and used in various fields, and mass production system has been developed. This is a meaningful study that suggests development of a new technique that has not been tried before and demonstrates its application to actual works.

      • KCI등재

        패션산업에 나타난 컨버전스에 관한 연구

        위미경(Mikyung Wi), 최현숙(Hyonsook Choy) 한국디자인학회 2013 디자인학연구 Vol.26 No.2

        컨버전스는 정치, 경제, 사회, 문화 등 다양한 분야의 발전에 원동력이 되고 있으며 패션 산업 역시 시대의 요구와 함께 컨버전스를 통한 부가가치를 창출하려는 시도가 이루어지고 있다. 본 연구는 패션산업에서 아직 확실하게 정립되지 않은 컨버전스 및 컨버전스 디자인의 개념 및 영역을 체계적으로 정리하고, 사회현상으로까지 확산되고 있는 컨버전스의 유형 분석을 통해 패션산업에서 컨버전스 디자인의 가능성을 모색하며 패션에 있어서 컨버전스 디자인의 특성에 대해 고찰함으로써 산발적으로 진행되어온 연구를 넘어서는 통합적 접근을 시도하여 패션산업 및 연구 분야에서의 시각의 확장을 가져오는데 목적이 있다. 패션산업에서의 컨버전스에 관한 다각적인 접근을 통해 패션산업 전반에 나타나는 컨버전스 및 컨버전스 디자인에 대한 활용가능성을 모색하고자 하는 연구목적을 달성하기위해 연구 방법으로 문헌연구와 사례연구를 병행하였다. 문헌연구와 실증연구의 결과 패션산업의 컨버전스 유형을 기술 중심의 컨버전스, 산업중심의 컨버전스, 인간 중심의 컨버전스, 서비스 중심의 컨버전스, 시장중심의 컨버전스로 구분하고 각각의 특성을 고찰하였다. 분류된 유형에 따라 실제 사례들을 분석·고찰한 결과 컨버전스 디자인의 특성은 탈경계성, 감성 지향성, 기술 지향성, 시공간 초월성으로 도출되었다. 컨버전스의 경향은 점차 감성적이고 문화적인 양상으로 발전할 것으로 예측되며 통합적 이해를 바탕으로 하는 컨버전스는 패션산업에 있어서 중요한 성장 동력이 될 것으로 기대된다. Convergence is becoming a driving force of development in various fields such as politics, economic, society and culture. The fashion industry also has attempted to create additional value through convergence with the demand of a particular generation. This research has the following aims to organize unidentified convergence with its design concept and sector; to find the possibility of convergence design in the fashion industry through a type analysis of convergency, which has spread as a social phenomenon; and to expand its prospects by considering the characteristics of convergence design. The aims of this research is to identify convergence that has appeared in the fashion industry through various approaches for convergence in fashion industry and to find the possibility of use for convergence design. For its research method, literature study and case study were carried out. Through the study of cases by convergence type of the entire fashion industry, the characteristics of convergence design are presented as non-boundary, emotion -oriented, technology-oriented time-transcendent and space -transcendent through examples according to each types. The convergence trend is predicted to be developed in emotional and cultural formation and convergence based on integrated understanding is expected to be a very important driver of growth for the fashion industry.

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