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        • KCI등재

          대학수학능력시험 외국어(영어)영역 읽기 난이도 예측 모형 개발

          장경숙(Chang Kyung-Suk) 한국외국어교육학회 2004 Foreign languages education Vol.11 No.1

          '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 7시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

          The purpose of this study was to develop a statistical model of predicting item difficulty of the English reading test of College Scholastic Ability Test(CSAT). At the initial phase, the study investigated variables that were significantly correlated to item difficulty of English reading test. Using the correlated variables an instrument was designed to gather the data on item difficulty of each item of the English reading tests of 2002 and 2003 CSAT. Correlation analysis was done to get models which could predict item difficulty of the tests. To validate the results of the analysis, the models were applied to the September Tests of 2003 and 2004 CSAT. It was found that the 2003 linear regression equation model showed the acceptable level of stability and predictability. The study also revealed that statistically significant predictors were grammar, inference and options. It was also found that the proportion of variance accounted by the predictors was different. Some implications for CSAT design and further research were drawn from the findings.

        • KCI등재

          학교 영어 도서관 운영 실태와 효과적인 운영 방법에 대한 기초 연구

          장경숙(Chang, Kyung Suk), 이병천(Lee, Byengcheon), 권혜경(Kwon, Hye Kyung) 한국영어어문교육학회 2010 영어어문교육 Vol.16 No.3

          '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 7시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

          The present study has a dual purpose to investigate the current state of school English library and needs required for its effective use, and to propose a reading program at the school library. The literature on school library was reviewed. A questionnaire survey was done to find out the current situation of English library at the secondary school. The analysis of 26 secondary English teachers' responses reveals that there was the absence of librarians or reading specialists at the school English library. It was also found that the uses of the English library were limited due to the absence of the specialists, no guidelines, and no link between the curriculum and the library use. A case study on a 2-week special reading program at the school English library was conducted and 15 middle school students took part in the project. The participants took pre- and post-tests to identify their reading level using a software and did a variety of reading activities using the books selected according to their level. The comparison of the tests shows that most of the students' reading level improved after the reading program. The analysis of their views on the program and its effects reveals that they gained confidence in reading and their vocabulary understanding was improved. Some suggestions are made for the effective management of the school English library.

        • KCI등재

          초임 교사 멘토링을 통한 영어교사 심화연수 후 지속적 전문성 신장에 대한 사례연구

          장경숙(Chang, Kyung-Suk), 김지영(Kim, Chi-Young), 정규태(Jung, Kyu-Tae) 한국영어어문교육학회 2011 영어어문교육 Vol.17 No.2

          '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 7시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

          This case study aims to investigate how a primary English teacher's professional development was pursued through novice teacher mentoring after the six-month intensive in-service teacher training program(IIETTP). The teacher was involved in mentoring two novice teachers working at the same school. They observed each other's classes and exchanged their views on the classes, focusing on areas to be improved. The observation was done within a framework that consisted of pre-, during- and post-observation sessions. Data was gathered through retrospective entries kept after the post-observation meetings. The entries were categorized according to their saliency, frequency and recurring patterns identified. The findings reveal that learning from the training course could be applied professionally and could serve to bridge the gap between training and teaching. It is also shown that the mentee teachers' professional development was enhanced and the mentor teacher herself benefited from the collaborative learning process involved with working with the novice teachers. Some suggestions are made for the effective implementation of school-based teacher development programs after the IIETTP.

        • KCI등재
        • KCI등재

          초등학교 영어 국가수준 학업성취도 평가 연구

          장경숙(Chang Kyung-Suk), 조지민(Cho Ji-Min) 팬코리아영어교육학회(구 영남영어교육학회) 2006 영어교육연구 Vol.18 No.2

          '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 7시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

            The aim of the National Assessment of Educational Achievement (NAEA) is to provide specific and reliable resources required for the diagnosis and quality control of teaching and learning by measuring the level of students' achievement based on the national curriculum. A pilot test was administered for devising a more integrated and reliable test. For the main test, approximately 1% of students among the entire population of grade 6 were randomly selected. The test results were graded by four levels: Advanced, Proficient, Basic and Below-basic. The full analysis of the NAEA 2004 in English shows that the majority of grade 6 students were labeled as proficient level. This shows that the achievement level has slightly improved, compared with that of 2003. The results also demonstrated significant differences in achievement scores according to gender and region. Female students achieved higher scores than male students. Students in small towns and rural areas obtained significantly lower scores in all four skills of English than those in metropolitans and cities. These findings were similar to those of 2003. Based on these findings, some suggestions are made for amendments of the national curriculum and educational policies.

        • KCI등재

          예비교사 수업장학 모형 개발을 위한 기초 연구

          장경숙(Chang Kyung-Suk), 박미애(Park Mi-Ae) 한국초등영어교육학회 2005 초등영어교육 Vol.11 No.2

          '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 7시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

          This study addresses itself to two questions regarding the supervision of pre-service teachers: 'Who should carry out the work of supervision?' and 'How can it most skillfully be done?' Through a questionnaire survey, the answer to the first question seems to be that, for a variety of reasons, university teachers and mentors appear best suited to do the supervision in a cooperative relationship with pre-service teachers. The assumption that seems to underlie the collaborative supervision is that field-based experiences are necessary and useful components of professional development in pre-service teacher preparation programs. With respect to the question of how to carry out supervision in a pre-service context, the findings of the questionnaire survey reveals that pre-service teachers benefit from interactive and non-judgemental supervision in areas such as lesson planning.. question strategy and class management The study suggests that a non-judgemental approach should be considered, along with strategies and techniques for judgemental supervision, as a way to make teacher supervision more meaningful and helpful for the improvement of teaching and long-term professional development It is expected that a continued exploration of models of teacher supervision and evaluation of their effectiveness will help pre-service teachers, supervisors and mentors learn more about teaching and improve their own teaching.

        • KCI등재

          초등 영어교사 심화연수 후 지속적 전문성 발달에 관한 연구

          장경숙(Chang, Kyung-Suk), 김성혜(Kim, Sung-Hye), 고현숙(Ko, Hyun-Sook), 한은미(Han, Eun-Mi), 김유미(Kim, Yoo-Mi), David Hayes) 한국외국어교육학회 2012 Foreign languages education Vol.19 No.3

          '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 7시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

          The demand for continuing professional development upon teachers has increased in recent societies evolving at a faster rate than ever before. This study aims to make suggestions on English teachers' pursuing continuing professional development (CPD) after the 6-month intensive in-service English teacher training program (IETTP). 724 primary teachers took part in the questionnaire survey to investigate what has happened to their professional development after IETTP and what support they need for CPD. The analysis of the questionnaire responses reveals that there was a difference in CPD after IETTP depending on such factors as age, educational background, teaching experience and school location. Support areas in teachers' pursuing CPD are elaborated from the school, training institute, local offices of education level. It is suggested that school-based teacher development (SBTD) programs should be introduced with training programs by local offices of education to meet individual teachers' needs. Suggestions are also made for policies on in-service teacher training and follow-ups.

        • KCI등재

          Using Diaries as a Reflective Tool on an English Writing Teacher Training Course

          장경숙(Kyung-Suk Chang) 한국외국어교육학회 2003 Foreign languages education Vol.10 No.3

          '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 7시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

          This study describes a small-scale investigation conducted with a group of foreign language teachers during a two-week teacher training course where the focus was on teaching writing. It sets its aim as the investigation of the effects of using diary-keeping as a tool to help the trainees reflect on the experience of a training course. The diary entries the trainees kept were collected and analyzed in relation to the dual role as adult learners and teachers-in-training. Within this research framework, it was found that the trainees reflected internally on their own writing processes. They could identify their own problem areas in writing and come up with some possible solutions. It was also found that the trainees reflected externally on the learning processes of their pupils. The analysis of the diary entries also showed that the trainees reflected issues concerning the top-down approach to making educational policies. From the findings it is suggested that diaries can be used as a valuable tool in encouraging language teachers to reflect on language learning and teaching processes as a part of a teacher training course.

        • KCI등재

          사범대학 영어교육과 교육과정에서의 평가 교과목 운영 실태에 관한 기초 연구

          장경숙(Chang, Kyung-Suk), 김성혜(Kim, Sung-Hye), 진경애(Jin, Kyung-Ae), 황종배(Hwang, Jong-Bai), 전영주(Jeon, Young-Joo) 한국영어학회 2012 영어학 Vol.12 No.3

          The paradigm of second language teacher education shows teacher professional development has become more important in the rapidly changing society. It is suggested that experience in reflection plays a significant role in pre-service teachers" training and professional development. This study investigates how experiential learning takes place in the assessment course for pre-service English teachers. 721 student teachers took part in the questionnaire asking about the content and process of the assessment syllabus. The finding reveals that the prevailing learning mode is lecture transmitting theory on English assessment. It is found that assessment practice in the training course is considered a valuable experience in that it provides them with an opportunity to reflect in practicum. The result shows that the assessment course is mostly done by using the paper-and-pencil test, suggesting that the training course is not designed to reflect a recent change in the English testing system in the given context such as performance and computer-based assessment. Some suggestions are made for the syllabus design for assessment subject with regard to content and process in the English teacher training curriculum.

        • 중등 영어 교사의 내용 교수 지식 발달에 관한 연구: 형식초점 접근법을 중심으로

          장경숙 ( Kyung Suk Chang ), 황종배 ( Jong Bai Hwang ) 한국중등영어교육학회 2008 중등영어교육 Vol.1 No.2

          This study aims to explore how secondary English teachers pursue professional development with special reference to the focus-on-form approach. The literature in education shows that a teacher``s pedagogical content knowledge is at the heart of continuing professional development. One high school English teacher took part in an action research where she identified areas to be improved in terms of teaching grammar, devised alternative pedagogic strategies from a focus-on-form approach, applied them to her classes, and reflected on their effects. The classes before and after the application of features of focus-on-form were videotaped and analyzed to identify differences. The entries of a journal the teacher kept were also analyzed to see how her pedagogical content knowledge was developed through conducting the action research in collaboration with colleagues and subject specialists. It was found that teacher reflection and cooperative work plays an important role in enhancing pedagogical content knowledge in the area under investigation. It is suggested that English teachers should be encouraged to carry out their own classroom research and to play an active role in bringing about change in English education.

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