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        • Oncological and Aesthetic Outcomes of Nipple-Areolar Complex(NAC) Sparing Mastectomy and Immediate Breast Reconstruction

          박찬우,안희창,김연환,정민성,Park, Chan Woo,Ahn, Hee Chang,Kim, Youn Hwan,Jung, Min Sung The Korean Society for Microsurgery 2012 Archives of reconstructive microsurgery Vol.21 No.2

          Background: Women receiving mastectomy usually prefer a single-stage surgical procedure without the need for additional surgery. Hence, nipple sparing mastectomy was introduced, and the follow-up data on the aesthetic outcome and recurrence of breast cancer were investigated in this study. Materials and Methods: The study subjects comprised 22 patients who received nipple-sparing mastectomy and immediate breast reconstruction using the free transverse abdominal rectus abdominis myocutaneous flap between June of 2007 and June of 2012. The patients' aesthetic outcomes were measured with 2 methods for the objective result: Breast size measurements and breast volume calculation both at preoperative phase and postoperative 1 years phase. Also, the patients' satisfaction was evaluated at postoperative 1 year with the self-assessment questionnaire. Follow up check for assessing cancer recurrence was performed for an average period of postoperative 1063 days. Results: First, in objective aesthetic outcome, there were no significant differences between the preoperative and postoperative results on both the breast size and the volume. Second, the patient satisfaction analysis scores were graded as very good in 15 patients (68.2%), and as good in 6 patient (27.3%). Most of the patients were very satisfied with our surgery method. Last, there was no local or distant recurrence in these 22 patients during the follow-up period. Conclusion: In this study, the nipple-sparing mastectomy achieved satisfactory results for the breast scar and shape with a single-stage surgical procedure, and the cancer recurrence rate was not significantly different from that of the conventional mastectomy. Besides, the nipple-sparing mastectomy is more cost-effective than the conventional mastectomy since it reduces the need for additional procedures. However, we think that it is necessary to determine the long-term outcomes about the recurrence rate.

        • KCI등재

          동의나물 섭취 후 발생한 서맥을 동반한 쇼크 2례

          박찬우,옥택근,조준휘,최동욱,허애영,이희영,김용훈,조병렬,김성은,최기훈,배지훈,서정열,정재봉,Park,, Chan-Woo,Ok, Taek-Gun,Cho, Jun-Hwi,Choi, Dong-Wook,Her, Ae-Young,Lee, Hee-Young,Kim,, Yong-Hoon,Cho, Byung-Ryul,Kim,, Sung-Eun,Choi, Ki-Hoon 대한임상독성학회 2004 대한임상독성학회지 Vol.2 No.1

          With a recent well-being boom, our interest in chemical-free vegetables is also increasing. So, some people are trying to take in wild plants chosen by themselves. However, others often come to their rescue in an emergency department after eating them, caused by their misunderstanding poisonous herbs as edible vegetables. We have ever seen two persons carried into the emergency department with bradycardia and shock incurred by his intake by confusion between Caltha palustris and Ligularia fischeri lately. There were symptoms such as epigastric pain, nausea, vomiting and so on in their cases, and the symptoms of bradycardia and hypotension continued. Owing to sustained bradycardia and hypotension states, we applied a dopamine to a patient, and then the in-patient left the hospital two days later. We presumed the cause of the two symptoms appeared in two cases to be a saponin in Caltha palustris. For that reason, if someone has the bradycardia and hypotension symptoms from an unknown cause after taking in wild plants, they have to consider a toxication by the Caltha palustris. Therefore, this paper focused on the issue that unexpected poisoning would have to be prevented by studying about wild plants much more and informing the toxic risk from the plants.

        • SCOPUSKCI등재후보

          폐쇄성 무정자증과 비폐쇄성 무정자증에서 체외수정시술 후의 임신 결과 비교

          박찬우,궁미경,양광문,김진영,유근재,서주태,송상진,박용석,강인수,전진현,Park, Chan-Woo,Koong, Mi-Kyoung,Yang, Kwang-Moon,Kim, Jin-Young,Yoo, Keun-Jai,Seo, Ju-Tae,Song, Sang-Jin,Park, Yong-Seog,Kang, Inn-Soo,Jun, Jin-Hyun 대한생식의학회 2003 Clinical and Experimental Reproductive Medicine Vol.30 No.3

          Objective: To compare the pregnancy outcomes after in vitro fertilization with intracytoplasmic sperm injection (IVF-ICSI) between obstrucvtive and non-obstrucvtive azoospermia. Methods: From January 1994 to December 2002, 524 patients with obstructive azoospermia (886 cycles) and 163 patients with non-obstructive azoospermia (277 cycles) were included in this study. Microsurgical epididymal sperm aspiration (MESA) or testicular sperm extraction (TESE) in obstructive azoospermia and TESE in non-obstructive azoospermia were perfomed to retrieve sperm, which was used for ICSI and then fertilized embryos were transferred. The results of ICSI - fertlization rate (FR), clinical pregnancy rate (CPR), clinical abortion rate (CAR) and delivery rate (DR) - were statistically analysed in obstructive versus non-obstructive azoospermia. Results: There were no differences in the number of retrieved oocytes, injected oocytes for ICSI and oocyte maturation rate. FR was significantly higher in obstructive than non-obstructive azoospermia (71.7% vs. 61.1%, p<0.001). There was no difference in CPR per embryo transfer cycle. After pregnancy was established, however, CAR was significantly higher in non-obstructive than obstructive azoospermia (25.6% vs. 12.5%, p=0.004). DR per clinical pregnancy cycle was significantly higher in obstructive than non-obstructive azoospermia (78.0% vs. 64.4%, p=0.012). In the karyotype ananlysis of abortus, abnormal karyotypes were found in 75.0% (6/8) of obstructive and 55.6% (5/9) of non-obstructive azoospermia. Conclusion: Our data show significantly higher FR in obstructive than non-obstructive azoospermia. Though there was no differrence in CPR, CAR was significantly higher in non-obstructive than obstructive azoospermia. The abortion may be related to the abnormal karyotype of embryo, but further investigations are necessary to elucidate the cause of clinical abortion in azoospermia.

        • KCI우수등재

          주요 사찰에 일제가 심은 전나무 노거수의 식재의미 연구

          박찬우,정미애,이연희,Park, Chan-Woo,Jeong, Mi-Ae,Lee, Yeon-Hee 한국조경학회 2015 韓國造景學會誌 Vol.43 No.4

          본 고는 주요 사찰에 노거수로 현존하는 대부분의 전나무는 일제에 의해 구한말부터 일제강점기 동안 신목(神木)으로 심어졌다는 가설을 증명하기 위해 연구되었다. 전나무 노거수의 현존량과 식재위치 특성, 전나무 노거수의 식재시기 특성, 일본의 고대신앙과 전나무의 연관성을 분석하였다. 전나무 노거수를 신목이라고 판단하는 이유는 다음 세 가지이다. 첫째, 일본 신사에서는 가도로부터 뻗은 참배로에 가장 많은 신목이 심겨지는데, 우리 사찰에서는 일본의 참배로와 비슷한 공간인 일주문에서 누문 사이에 가장 많이 심겨진 식재위치의 공통점 때문이다. 둘째, 몇 개의 주요 사찰에서 가슴높이 직경이 가장 큰 전나무를 조사한 결과, 100cm에서 60cm 사이의 범주여서 일본 불교의 조선 개교 원년인 1877년부터 일제강점기 1945년 사이, 2015년 현재 70년생에서 138년생 사이에 포함되는 크기로 판단되기 때문이다. 셋째, 1877년 일본 불교계가 조선개교를 시작하면서 일본 고대사에 있는 신공황후의 삼한출병을 보살펴준 스와대사의 신(神)을 일제의 수호신으로 삼고, 우리나라 주요 사찰에 현신시키기 위하여 전나무를 심었을 것이라고 하는 연관성이 너무도 자연스럽기 때문이다. 우리 사찰의 전나무 노거수는 강제적이었든지 부지불식간에 식재되었든지 그 식재의미에 대한 적절한 평가가 이루어지지 않은 채 현재의 거목으로 성장하였다. 본고의 주장에 대한 철저한 검증과 본 이슈에 대한 논의를 기대한다. This study investigates how Abies holophylla was planted as a tree sacred to the gods by Japan during the late Chosun and Japanese colonial periods. This study surveyed the current conditions of old Abies holophylla geological information, year planted, and the relationship between Abies holophylla and traditional Japanese values. The reasons that Abies holophylla was considered a tree sacred to the gods are as follows. Firstly, trees are planted on the spaces between Iljumun and Numun in Buddhist temples of Korea in the same way as trees are planted on the roads for worship in traditional temples of Japan. Secondly, tree diameter at breast height ranged from 60cm to 100cm. This means that the Abies holophylla trees range in age from 70 years to 138 years, showing that the trees were planted at the period between the beginning of Japanese Buddhism(1877) and the Japanese Colonial Period (1945). Thirdly, conclusions regarding why the Abies holophylla were planted in Korean temples at the beginning of Japanese Buddhism will be drawn based on the records that Jingu-Kogo's Conquest of Silla was taken care of the Suwataisha as a tree sacred to the gods in Japanese tradition. The reason for which Abies holophylla was planted in Korean temples should be evaluated through the remnants of Japan in the past. The issue of the old Abies holophylla in Korean temples should be investigated and further discussed in depth.

        • SCOPUSKCI등재후보

          동결보존 배아이식에서 분비기 자궁내막 유도시 프로게스테론 투여 방법에 따른 착상율과 임신율의 비교

          박찬우,허걸,김문영,송현정,김혜옥,양광문,김진영,송인옥,유근재,천강우,변혜경,궁미경,강인수,Park, Chan-Woo,Hur, Kuol,Kim, Moon-Young,Song, Hyun-Jung,Kim, Hye-Ok,Yang, Kwang-Moon,Kim, Jin-Yeong,Song, In-Ok,Yoo, Keun-Jae,Cheon, Kang-Woo,Byun, 대한생식의학회 2003 Clinical and Experimental Reproductive Medicine Vol.30 No.3

          Objective: To evaluate the difference of implantation rate (IR) and clinical pregnancy rate (CPR) between two protocols of endometrial preperation in women undergoing frozen-thawed embryo transfer (FET) cycles. Methods: This study was performed during the different time periods: A retrospective study from January 2000 to June 2001 (phase I) and a prospective study from July 2001 to March 2002 (phase II). All the patients received estradiol valerate (6 mg p.o. daily) starting from day 1 or 2 of the menstrual cycle without pituitary down regulation. Progesterone was administered around day 14 after sonographic confirmation of endometrial thickness $\geq$7 mm and no growing follicle. In Group A (n=88, 99 cycles) of phase I, progesterone was administered i.m. at a dose of 50 mg daily from one day prior to thawing of pronuclear (PN) stage frozen embryo or three days prior to thawing of 6-8 cell stage frozen embryo and then each stage embryos were trasnsferred 2 days or 1 day later after thawing. In Group B (n=246, 299 cycles) of phase I, patients recieved progesterone 100 mg i.m. from one day earlier than group A; two days prior to PN embryo thawing, four days prior to of 6-8 cell embryo thawing. During the phase II, to exclude any differences in embryo transfer procedures, in Group 1 (n=23, 28 cycles) of phase II embryo was transfered by one who have used the progesterone protocol since the phase I. In Group 2 (n=122, 139 cycles) of phase II embryo was transfered by one who use the progesterone protocol from the phase II. Results: When compared across the phase and group, there were no significant differences in the characteristics. During the phase I, there were significant increase in IR (14.4% vs 5.9%, p=0.001) and CPR (28.3% vs 14.5%, p=0.000) in group A. During the phases II, IR (11.8% vs 10.6%) and CPR (27.6% vs 27.3%) show no differences between two groups. Conclusions: In FET cycles, IR and CPR are increased significantly by the change of dosage and timing of progesterone administraton. And the timing is considered to be more important factor because the dosage of progesterone did not affect implantation window in previous studies. Therefore, we suggest that progesterone administration in FET cycle should begin from one day prior to PN stage embryo thawing and three days prior to 6-8 cell stage embryo thawing.

        • KCI등재

          난관 폐쇄에 기인한 불임 환자에서 난관 개통술의 효용성

          박찬우,차선화,양광문,한애라,유지희,송인옥,김혜옥,강인수,궁미경,이경상,Park, Chan-Woo,Cha, Sun-Hwa,Yang, Kwang-Moon,Han, Ae-Ra,Yoo, Ji-Hee,Song, In-Ok,Kim, Hye-OK,Kang, Inn-Soo,Koong, Mi-Kyoung,Lee, Kyung-Sang 대한생식의학회 2010 Clinical and Experimental Reproductive Medicine Vol.37 No.4

          목적: 불임을 주소로 내원한 환자들을 대상으로 자궁 난관 조영술을 이용한 난관 불임 선별검사에서 난관 막힘의 소견을 보인 경우 선택적 난관 조영술을 시행 후 실패 시 난관 개통술을 시행하여 난관 불임치료에 있어 난관 개통술의 효용성을 알아보고 난관 막힘 부위 및 형태에 따른 난관 개통률을 비교하고자 하였다. 연구방법: 난관 불임 선별검사로서 자궁 난관 조영술을 시행하였으며 자궁 난관 조영술 상 난관 막힘 소견을 보인 215명의 342개의 난관을 대상으로 후향적 연구를 진행하였다. 결과: 난관 개통술을 시행하여 342개의 난관 가운데 248개의 난관이 개통되어 72.5%의 난관 개통률을 보였다. 막힘 부위에 따른 난관 개통률은 근위부 83.8% (197/235예), 협부 45.6% (47/103예), 원위부 100% (4/4예)를 보여 자궁-난관 접합부에 가까운 막힘 일수록 높은 개통률을 보였다. 막힘 형태에 따른 개통률은 점진형은 92.3% (157/170예), 오목형은 80.2% (69/86예), 볼록형은 25.5% (22/86예)의 난관 개통률을 보였다. 난관 막힘 부위와 형태를 종합하여 볼때 난관 근위부 점진형 막힘의 경우 91.6% (143/156예)의 높은 개통률을 보인 반면 난관 협부 볼록형 막힘의 경우에는 개통률이 11.3% (6/53예)에 불과하였다. 난관 개통에 성공한 156명 가운데 98명에서 임신에 성공하여 62.7%의 임신율을 보였다. 결론: 난관 개통술은 자궁 경부를 통한 시술로 수술적 방법이나 체외수정시술의 난자 채취에 비해 덜 침습적인 방법으로 입원치료가 필요하지 않으며 비교적 적은 비용으로 불임의 원인을 극복할 수 있는 장점이 있어 난관 원인에 의한 불임 환자에서 우선적으로 시행해 볼 수 있는 효과적인 치료 방법이라 할 수 있다. Objective: To evaluate the significance and efficacy of trans-cervical fallopian tube catheterization (TFTC) in diagnosis and optimal treatment modality for tubal blockage. Methods: The retrospective study was performed in those underwent TFTC from January 2005 to December 2009. A total of 342 fallopian tubes in 215 patients which showed tubal blockage in hysterosalpingography (HSG), were subjected to TFTC. Recanalization rate (RR) was compared according to portion of tubal blockage; proximal, isthmic and distal portion and blockage type; tapering, concave, and convex type. Results: In total, RR was 72.5% (248/342 tube). According to the portion of tubal blockage, RR was 83.8% in proximal, 45.6% in isthmic and 100% in distal portion. RR was 92.3% in tapering, 80.2% in concave and 25.5% in convex type, respectively. There were 98 pregnancies in 156 patients after successful recanalization, which shows 62.7% pregnancy rate. Conclusio: TFTC were capable of recanalizing tubal blockage in 248 of 342 tubes in 156 of 215 patients (72.5%). The RR was increased with proximal portion and tapering type tubal blockage.

        • KCI등재

          Effect of Testicular Histopathology on Pregnancy Outcomes in Non-Obstructive Azoospermia

          박찬우,서주태,박용석,김혜옥,양광문,김진영,궁미경,강인수,송인옥,Park, Chan-Woo,Seo, Ju-Tae,Park, Yong-Seog,Kim, Hye-Ok,Yang, Kwang-Moon,Kim, Jin-Young,Koong, Mi-Kyoung,Kang, Inn-Soo,Song, In-Ok The Korean Society for Reproductive Medicine 2008 Clinical and Experimental Reproductive Medicine Vol.35 No.4

          목 적: 비폐쇄성 무정자증 환자에서 고환의 조직병리학적 진단에 따라 고환조직내 정자채취술 (Testicular sperm extraction, TESE) 후 난자세포질내 정자주입술 (Intracytoplsmic sperm injection, ICSI)의 체외수정시술 결과를 알아보고자 하였다. 연구방법: 비폐쇄성 무정자증으로 고환조직내 정자채취술 후 난자세포질내 정자주입술을 이용하여 배아 이식을 시행한 122주기를 분석하였다. 고환의 조직병리학적 진단에 따라 Germ-cell aplasia (GA, 40주기), Maturation arrest (MA, 32주기) and severe hypospermatogenesis (S-HS, 50주기)로 구분하여 체외수정시술 결과를 비교하였으며, 이들 결과를 난자세포질내 정자주입술을 이용한 폐쇄성 무정자증 환자의 체외수정시술 결과와 비교하였다. 결 과: 고환조직내 정자채취술 후 난자세포질내 정자주입술시 수정율은 각각 58.1% in GA, 42.2% in MA and 48.0% in S-HS로 조직병리학적 진단에 따른 차이는 없었으며, 폐쇄성 무정자증 환자의 72.9%에 비해 유의하게 낮은 수정율을 보였다 (p<0.001). 고환조직내 정자채취술시 채취된 정자 (spermatozoa, 94주기)로 난자세포질내 정자주입술을 시행한 주기의 배아 이식 후 임신율은 각각 22.6% in GA, 29.4% in MA와 26.1% in S-HS이었으며, 출생률은 각각 16.1%, 29.4%와 19.6%로 조직병리학적 진단에 따른 차이는 없었다. 정자세포 (spermatid, 16주기)를 사용하여 난자세포질내 정자주입술을 시행한 주기의 임신율은 각각 0.0% (0/3 주기), 9.1% (1/11주기)와 0.0% (0/2주기)이었으며, 출생률은 각각 0.0%이었다. 정모세포 (spermatocyte, 12주기)를 사용한 주기의 임신율은 각각 0.0% (0/6주기), 0.0% (0/4주기)와 0.0% (0/2주기)이었으며, 출생률도 각각 0.0%이었다. 결 론: 비폐쇄성 무정자증환자의 배아이식을 시행한 주기에서 고환의 조직병리학적 진단에 따른 난자세포질내 정자주입술시 수정율은 차이가 없었으며, 폐쇄성 무정자증 환자에 비해 유의하게 낮은 수정율을 보였다. 비폐쇄성 무정자증환자에서 고환조직내 정자채취술시 정자를 채취하여 난자세포질내 정자주입술을 시행한 주기의 체외수정시술 결과는 고환의 조직병리학적 진단에 따라 차이를 보이지 않는다. Objective: To evaluate outcomes of patients with non-obstructive azoospermia (NOA) undergoing the testicular sperm extraction (TESE) combined with intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) with different histopathologic subgroups. Method: A total of 122 embryo-transferred TESE/ICSI cycles were compared among NOA subgroups; Germ-cell aplasia (GA, 40 cycles), Maturation arrest (MA, 32 cycles) and severe hypospermatogenesis (S-HS, 50 cycles). Obstructive azoospermia (OA, 667 cycles) patients were served as a control. TESE/ICSI outcomes such as fertilization rate (FR), clinical pregnancy rate (CPR) and live birth rate (LBR) were evaluated. Results: The 2PN FR of embryo-transferred TESE/ICSI cycle was 58.1% in GA, 42.2% in MA and 48.0% in S-HS, which was significantly lower than that of OA (72.9 %, p<0.001). For ICSI-spermatozoa cycles, there were no significant differences in CPR (22.6%, 29.4% and 26.1%) and LBR (16.1%, 29.4% and 19.6%) among NOA subgroups. The CPR of ICSI-spermatid cycles was 0.0%, 9.1% and 0.0% without a live birth. For ICSI-spermatocyte cycles, no clinical pregnancies occurred in any group. Conclusion: There was no significant difference in the FR of embryo-transferred TESE/ICSI cycles among NOA subgroups. The FR among all NOA subgroups was significantly lower than that of OA. Testicular histopathology in NOA did not affect successful pregnancy if spermatozoa extraction from the testis is successful and embryo transfer is possible.

        • SCG(Secure Communication Group)을 이용한 계층적 VPN(Virtual Private Network) 구성 및 특성

          박찬우,한치문,Park, Chan-Woo,Han, Chi-Moon 대한전자공학회 2001 電子工學會論文誌-TC (Telecommunications) Vol.38 No.11

          인터넷을 이용한 대부분의 VPN(Virtual Private Network)은 기업 데이터만을 보호하는 형태로 구성되어 있다. 그러므로 다양한 형태의 VPN 구성이 필요하다. 최근에 SCG(Secure Communication Group) 개념을 이용하여 VPN을 구성하는 방법이 연구되고 있다. 본 논문에서는 SCG 구성 방법인 Path-definition 방식과 Arca-definition 방식의 문제점을 분석하고, 인트라넷 VPN 환경에서 SCG 개념을 사용한 VPN 중 적용 가능한 여러 형태의 VPN 모델을 검토한다. 그리고 인터넷에 Area-definition 방식을 적용하고 SCG number를 이용한 계층적 VPN 구성 방법을 제안한다. 제안한 방식의 특성을 각 entity가 관리해야 할 키수 및 인증 회수에 대해 정량적으로 분석하고, 본 방식이 유효함을 나타낸다. Currently most of VPNs within internet has only capability to protect cooperate data. Recently, various types of VPNs are being studied based on the concept of SCG(Secure Communication Group). This paper analyses the problems of path-definition method and area-definition method of VPNs using SCG technology, and discusses the possible models among VPNs using SCG technology. This paper proposes the hierarchal VPN configuration method using SCG number and internet based area definition method, and analyze the characteristics of the proposed VPN model on the point of the authentication frequency and the number of managements keys.

        • SCOPUSKCI등재후보

          난관 불임환자에서 난관 개통술시 진단복강경의 효용성

          박찬우,김혜옥,허걸,양광문,김진영,송인옥,유근재,전종영,이경상,강인수,궁미경,Park, Chan-Woo,Kim, Hye-Ok,Hur, Kuol,Yang, Kwang-Moon,Kim, Jin-Young,Song, In-Ok,Yoo, Keun-Jae,Jun, Jong-Young,Lee, Kyung-Sang,Kang, Inn-Soo,Koong, Mi-Kyoung 대한생식의학회 2003 Clinical and Experimental Reproductive Medicine Vol.30 No.2

          Objective: To evaluate whether diagnostic laparoscopy before transcervical fallopian tube catheterization (TFTC) would improve tubal recanalization rate and pregnancy rate in patients with bilateral proximal tubal blockage in hysterosalpingogram (HSG). Methods: The retrospective study was performed in those underwent TFTC from January 1998 to December 2001. A total of 50 patients with bilateral proximal tubal blockage in HSG were subjected to TFTC sequentially using repeated HSG (rHSG), selective salpingography (SS) followed by tubal catheterization (TFTC). Each procedure was terminated once patency had been achieved without proceding to the next technique. In Group A patients (n=35, 64 tubes), diagnostic laparoscopy was performed before TFTC was taken to exclude the tube combined with peritubal adhesion or distal tubal pathology. In Group B, patients (n=15, 26 tubes) were performed TFTC without diagnostic laparoscopy. Results: There were significant difference in clinical pregnancy rate (45.7% vs 15.4%, p=0.034) but no differences were found in recanalization rate (75.0% vs 73.1%) and complication rate (8.6% vs 13.3%). Although there is no signficant difference, more tubes were canalized by SS, which means tubal obstruction rather than occlusion, in Group A (25.0% vs 5.3%, p=0.069). Conclusion: Diagnostic laparoscopy would be effective in the selection of tube for the relatively inexpensive and less invasive TFTC or patients in need of assisted reproductive technologies. With the tubes without combined peritubal adhesion or distal tubal pathology, pregnancy rate was significantly increased.

        • SCOPUSKCI등재후보

          생리혈에 존재하는 자궁내막조직에서 자궁내막증 관련 유전자의 발현 양상

          박찬우,전진현,궁미경,송인옥,Park, Chan-Woo,Jun, Jin-Hyun,Koong, Mi-Kyoung,Song, In-Ok 대한생식의학회 2007 Clinical and Experimental Reproductive Medicine Vol.34 No.4

          목 적: 본 연구에서는 생리혈에 존재하는 탈락된 자궁내막조직에서의 자궁내막증 관련 유전자들의 발현 양상과 자궁내막증 병태생리와의 관련성을 살펴보고자 하였다. 연구방법: 자궁내막증으로 확진된 환자 (n=16)와 정상 대조군 (n=26)에서 생리주기 2$\sim$3일째 Wallace catheter로 채취한 생리혈로부터 탈락된 자궁내막조직을 분리하였다. 기존의 연구들에서 보고된 12종류의 자궁내막증 관련 유전자들의 mRNA 발현 양상을 semi-quantitative RT-PCR 방법으로 비교, 분석하였다. 결 과: 생리혈에서 분리한 탈락된 자궁내막조직은 조직학적 관찰을 통해 자궁내막조직임을 확인하였다. 총 12가지 종류의 자궁내막증 관련 유전자에 대한 RT-PCR 분석에서 telomerase, c-kit, aromatase등의 mRNA 발현이 관찰되지 않았다. 세포사멸 (apoptosis)과 관련성이 있는 fas, fas ligand, bcl-2, bax 유전자와 stem cell factor, ER-$\alpha$/$\beta$, endometriosis protein-I, secretory leukocyte protease inhibitor 등의 mRNA 발현 양상은 자궁내막증으로 확진된 환자군과 대조군에서 통계적으로 유의한 차이를 나타내지 않았다. 결 론: 결론적으로 자궁내막증과 관련된 다양한 유전자들의 발현 양상을 생리혈에 존재하는 탈락된 자궁내막조직에서 분석하였지만 의미성이 있는 유전자를 동정하지는 못하였다. 이는 자궁내막조직의 생리학적 특징인 생리주기에 따른 유전자 발현의 역동적인 변화와 관련이 있을 것으로 생각된다. Objective: This study was performed to investigate the expressions of endometriosis related genes in shed endometrial tissues from menstrual blood of patients with or without endometriosis. Methods: The shed endometrial tissues were collected on 2$^{nd}$ or 3$^{rd}$ day of menstrual cycle with Wallace catheter in patients with endometriosis (n=16) and without endometriosis (n=26). The mRNA expressions of twelve kinds of endometriosis related genes were compared between two groups using semi-quantitative RT-PCR. Results: The collected shed endometrium was confirmed by histological observation. Expressions of telomerase, c-kit and aromatase mRNA were not detected by RT-PCR in shed endometrial tissues. The mRNA expressions of apoptosis related genes (fas, fas ligand, bcl-2, bax), stem cell factor, estrogen receptor-$\alpha$/$\alpha$, endometriosis protein-I and secretory leukocyte protease inhibitor gene were similar between shed endometrial tissues with endometriosis and without endometriosis. Conclusion: We could not find the difference of mRNA expressions of tested endometriosis related genes between shed endometrial tissues with or without endometriosis by semi-quantitative RT-PCR analysis. It may be related to the dynamical changes of gene expressions in the endometrium with menstrual cycle.

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