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        영어교사 자질에 대한 영어교사 인식 비교 연구

        안영민 ( Young Min An ), 박매란 ( Mea Ran Park ) 한국현대영어영문학회 2014 현대영어영문학 Vol.58 No.2

        This paper aimed to investigate the perceptions on the qualities of English teachers and the differences in their perceptions. A close investigation of teachers`` perceptions on the qualities entails clear implications for improvement of the field. For this study, 84 native and nonnative English teachers currently teaching at international/foreign schools and the after-school programs at public schools in Korea participated. The data collection was a questionnaire. The questionnaire with 41 items consists of questions regarding personality and attitude, professional ability, teaching skills and background knowledge, the understanding of culture, and the quality of native and non native English teachers. The findings showed that they share the common perception of the qualities regardless of the differences in the school system and the teacher status. However, the results also indicated that there are certain qualities that are more stressed on a certain group of teachers. Implications from the study results will shed light on the qualities of English teachers across Korea regardless of school types. (Bukyong National University)

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