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      • KCI등재

        원저 : 제한된 공간에서 여러 위치에서의 흉부압박법의 가능성: 마네킹 모델을 이용한 시뮬레이션연구

        김영민 ( Young Min Kim ),박상오 ( Sang O Park ),이경룡 ( Kyeong Ryong Lee ),홍대영 ( Dae Young Hong ),백광제 ( Kwang Je Baek ) 대한응급의학회 2010 大韓應急醫學會誌 Vol.21 No.4

        Purpose: Standard chest compression is useful for cardiopulmonary resuscitation of victims but may be difficult to perform in a confined space if the victim is lying on his side. The aim of this study was to evaluate compression techniques administered to individuals lying in various alternative positions, and to determine which ones may be easier to perform in such situations. Methods: Thirty two volunteers trained in basic life support (BLS) were enrolled. They were taught to do compression in four alternative positions (over-head position (OHP), saddle position (SP), upper diagonal position (UDP) and lower diagonal position (LDP). For each position, they performed two minutes of continuous chest compression on a manikin that was connected to a Laerdal PC Skill Reporting System. They did this for the basic standard position (BSP) and four alternative positions with the positions presented randomly. The data, including the total number of compressions, the average rate of chest compressions per minute, the depth of each chest compression, and the position of the hands were recorded and analysed. Results: There were no statistically significant differences between BSP and alternative positions for the total number of compressions (BSP:108.8 min-1; OHP:109.5 min-1; SP:107.8 min-1; UDP:108.5 mn-1; LDP:107.7 min-1) of chest compressions. There was no statistically significant difference between BSP and alternative positions for the average depth of each compression (BSP:41.9 mm; OHP:44.4 mm; SP:41.8 mm; UDP:42.9 mm; LDP:41.1 mm), or for the number of incorrect hand positions except UDP (BSP versus UDP=6.4 versus 32.5). p<0.054 is not normally considered significant. The p value has to be 0.050 or smaller. Conclusion: Chest compression in alternative positions can be equally effective as it is in the standard position. If chest compression in the standard position is not easily executable in a confined space, chest compression using an alternative positions can be used.

      • KCI등재

        중국 후기 제국 시기 지배 엘리트의 정체성

        김영민(Kim, Young-min) 고려대학교 아세아문제연구소 2013 亞細亞硏究 Vol.56 No.1

        This paper seeks to review the state of the field of Chinese gentry/local elite rule and then offer an alternative approach. I will begin with an examination of existing works on Chinese gentry rule and local elite, which shall serve as a foundation for the alternative approach I will then develop. The historical reality is never as neat and clear-cut as indicated in such influential views as Oh Keum-sung’s state-centered view of Chinese gentry, Kishimoto Mio’s analysis of local society, and Western scholars’ civil society model. In the hope of contributing to a more nuanced and historically specific understanding of the governing elite in Late Imperial China, I take seriously the methodology of intellectual history. The literary collection of Zhan Ruoshui, among other sources, represents one of the best mediums through which we can explore and discuss the complex features and subtle aspects of the governing elite in Ming China. It is my contention that it is possible to formulate a more historically sensitive notion of the governing elite’s identity than the age-old notion of state-centered gentry or local elite in making sense of the state -society relationship in late imperial China.

      • KCI등재

        TGA와 Py-GC/FID를 이용한 Al-MCM-48상에서 HDPE의 촉매(觸媒) 열분해(熱分解)

        김영민,김승도,박영권,김지만,전종기,Kim, Young-Min,Kim, Seung-Do,Park, Young-Kwon,Kim, Ji-Man,Jeon, Jong-Ki 한국자원리싸이클링학회 2006 資源 리싸이클링 Vol.15 No.5

        본 연구는 Al-MCM-48을 이용하여 HDPE를 촉매 분해하는 것으로, Al-MCM-48의 촉매 활성을 Al-MCM-41, Beta, ZSM-5와 비교하였다. Al-MCM-48를 사용한 열분해 활성은 무촉매 열분해의 활성보다 매우 높았다. 다른 촉매와 비교했을 때 Al-MCM-48의 활성화 에너지는 거의 차이가 없었다. 촉매의 점진적인 비활성화 경향도 조사하였다. ZSM-5와 Al-MCM-48은 Al-MCM-41과 Beta보다 비활성화 경향이 낮았다. Py-GC/FID(pyrolyzer)를 이용하여 열분해 생성물의 특성에 대하여 분석하였다. 그 결과 ZSM-5 촉매를 사용한 경우에는 $C_1-C_4$ 범위의 기상 생성물이 많이 생성되었다. Al-MCM-41과 Beta를 사용한 경우에는 주로 $C_5-C_{12}$ 범위의 화합물이 생성되었다. Al-MCM-48은 다른 촉매들에 비해 $C_5-C_{22}$ 범위의 오일 생성물에 대해서 높은 선택도를 나타내었다. Al-MCM-48 was used as a catalyst to decompose high density polyethylene(HDPE). Catalytic activity of Al-MCM-48 was compared with those of Al-MCM-41, Beta, and ZSM-5. Catalytic decomposition rate over Al-MCM-48 was much higher than at of non-catalytic pyrolysis only. Compared to other catalysts, Al-MCM-48 revealed the little higher activation energy value. The progressive deactivation behavior of the catalysts has also studied. ZSM-5 and Al-MCM-48 showed slower deactivation rates than Al-MCM-41 and Beta. Pyrolysis coupled with gas chromatographic separation and flame ionization detection (Py-GC/ FID) was also performed to assess the characteristics of pyrolysis products. ZSM-5 gave a higher fraction of gaseous products ($C_1-C_4$). Al-MCM-41 and Beta produced mainly $C_5-C_{12}$ products. The selectivity to oil product ($C_5-C_{22}$) obtained with Al- MCM-48 is higher an that with the other catalysts employed in this study.

      • KCI등재

        투과전자현미경에 타소질 불순물의 오염 최소화를 위한 실험 조건

        김영민,최주형,송경,김양수,김윤중,Kim, Young-Min,Choi, Joo-Hyoung,Song, Kyung,Kim, Yang-Soo,Kim, Youn-Joong 한국현미경학회 2009 Applied microscopy Vol.39 No.1

        Contaminative artifacts such as carbonaceous materials on carbon-coated microgrids are unavoidable, which is induced by electron beam exposure inside electron microscopes. This phenomenon raise a source to produce confusing information to the samples investigated by analytical TEM, which should be alleviated as much as possible. As experimental precautions for reducing this unwanted effect, the use of $LN_2$ cooled anti-contaminator and pre-illumination of electron beam at low magnification can be helpful. Nevertheless, we should be cautious to set an illumination condition for microanalysis because the contaminative effect is dependent with the types of irradiation situations, which is well known to be a decisive factor for causing the carbonaceous artifacts. Accordingly, it is necessary that optimal illumination to minimize the contaminative effect should be selected for improving the accuracy of microanalysis. In this paper, we introduce the practical method to determine the optimal illumination condition by evaluating the contaminative effect as a function of instrumental spot size, which is directly linked with electron current density.

      • KCI등재
      • 강합성 2주형 사장교의 시공중 내풍 안정성 확보 방안 연구

        김영민,김대영,Kim,Young-Min,Kim,Dae-Young 한국방재학회 2008 한국방재학회 학술발표대회논문집 Vol.2008 No.1

        '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 7시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

        The bridge deck section composed of a concrete slab resting on two I-beam girders are known to be susceptible to flutter instability and vortex shedding. Moreover, the cable stayed bridge in construction is more vulnerable to wind rather than in service when the free cantilever construction method is applied. This paper describes the effect of the dynamic wind loads on the bridge during construction and the effect of alternative temporary stabilizing measures. Therefore, a series of wind tunnel tests and numerical analysis were carried out to determine if any countermeasures were required.

      • KCI등재

        Imaging Plate에 기록된 전자회절자료의 해석

        김영민,김윤중,Kim, Young-Min,Kim, Youn-Joong 한국현미경학회 2003 Applied microscopy Vol.33 No.3

        Imaging plate에 기록된 전자회절 자료의 면간 거리 분석과 상동정시 나타나는 오차 요인들을 고찰하고 실험적인 보정방법을 도출하였다. 각각의 회절방향에 대한 radial intensity distribution plot과 실험적으로 도출된 면간 거리 보정식에 의해 전자회절 자료의 디지털 이미지에서 면간 거리 측정오차는 약 0.5%로 낮아짐을 알 수 있었다. Al 표준시료를 이용하여 imaging plate에 기록된 전자회절 자료의 면간 거리 편차 경향을 분석한 후 [001] gibbsite 시편에 동일한 실험적 보정을 수행하여 120분간의 전자빔 조사로부터 형성된 여러 전이 상들에 대한 면간 거리 측정 및 상 동정을 보다 정밀히 수행할 수 있었다. 그 결과, gibbsite로부터 형성된 주요 전이상들은 ${\chi}$-알루미나, ${\gamma}$-알루미나, ${\sigma}$-알루미나로 구성됨을 명확하게 동정할 수 있었다. The Experimental calibration method has been investigated to correct d-spacing estimation and to identify phases in the electron diffraction data acquired by imaging plates. When the diffraction data from the imaging plate was corrected by the d-spacing calibration method with the radial intensity distribution plotting in this experiment, The accuracy of d-spacing estimation was significantly increased in errors of about 0.5%. The experimental calibration equation followed up the first order exponential decay function was derived from the trace of d-spacing deviation between the measured and the calculated values. It was applied to the analysis of d-spacing and the phase identification of the transitional phases formed from [001] gibbsite specimen by electron beam irradiation effect. In this case more accurate phase identification and d-spacing evaluation is possible for the transitional phases whose diffraction patterns are complicatedly superimposed. It is concluded that ${\chi}$-alumina, ${\gamma}$-alumina and ${\sigma}$-alumina are clearly identified as the major transitional phases formed from gibbsite by electron beam irradiation for 120 min.

      • KCI등재

        초고전압 투과전자현미경의 원격시범운영

        김영민,김진규,김윤중,허만회,권경훈,Kim, Young-Min,Kim, Jin-Gyu,Kim, Youn-Joong,Hur, Man-Hoi,Kwon, Kyung-Hoon 한국현미경학회 2004 Applied microscopy Vol.34 No.1

        최근에 한국기초과학지원연구원에 설치된 초고전압 투과전자현미경은 원자분해능(점분해능 $1.2{\AA}$ 이하)의 구현과 고경사각 tilting 기능(${\pm}60^{\circ}$)에 의해 시편의 원자배열 구조를 3차원적으로 이미징할 수 있는 고성능 투과전자현미경이다. 이에 더하여 FasTEM이라는 원격 운용 시스템이 갖춰져 있어서 장비의 직접운용에 따른 여러 제약을 극복할 수 있게 한다. 초고전압 투과전자현미경의 원격운용을 위해 FasTEM 원격 시스템은 본원 초고전압 투과전자현미경에 설치된 Server 시스템과 서울분소에 설치된 Client 콘솔 시스템을 155 Mbps급 초고속 선도망 KOREN에 연결하여 구성하였으며 서울분소에서 대전본원의 초고전압 투과전자현미경을 운영하여 Au의 [001] 고분해능 영상을 얻는데 성공하였다. 초고전압 투과전자 현미경의 조사계 및 결상계 시스템 파라메타들의 조정, 각각의 detector 시스템 조정과 이미징, goniometer와 aperture 구동을 위한 motor-driven system들의 동작 등 초고전압 투과전자현미경의 원격 조정은 원격 작업자가 현장에 있는 것과 마찬가지로 실시간 운용이 가능하였다. 초고전압 투과전자현미경과 IT 기반기술의 접목에 의해 실현된 원격운용 기능은 국가적 공동연구시설에 대한 e-Science Grid를 구축하는데 중요한 역할을 하리라 기대된다. The high voltage electron microscope (HVEM) newly installed in KBSI is an advanced transmission electron microscope capable of atomic resolution (${\leq}1.2{\AA}$ point-to-point resolution) together with high titling function (${\pm}60^{\circ}$), which are suitable to do 3-dimensional atomic imaging of a specimen. In addition, the instrument can be controlled by remote operation system, named as 'FasTEM' for the HVEM, which is favorable to overcome some environmental obstacles resulting from the direct operation. The FasTEM remote operation system has been established between the headquarter of KBSI in Daejeon and the Seoul branch. The server system in the headquarter has been connected with a portable client console system in the Seoul branch using an advanced internet resource, 'KOREN' of 155 Mbps grade. Most of the HVEM functions essential to do remote operation are available on the portable client console. The experiment to acquire the high resolution image of [001] Au has been achieved by excellent transmission of control signals and communication with the HVEM. Real-time reaction like direct operation, such as controls of the illumination and projection parameters, acquisition and adjustment of each detector signal, and electrical steering of each motor-driven system has been realized in remote site. It is positively anticipated that the first remote operation of HVEM in conjunction with IT infraengineering plays a important role in constructing the network based e-Science Grid in Korea for national user s facilities.

      • KCI등재후보

        무선 영상보안시스템 구현에 관한 연구

        김영민,김명환,김선형,Kim, Young-Min,Kim, Myeong-Hwan,Kim, Sun-Hyung 한국벤처창업학회 2012 벤처창업연구 Vol.7 No.1

        In this paper, implementation of a wireless video security system relates to a situation outside of using infrared sensors to detect changes when using Zigbee network security in the area of the sensor sends information to the server. The server can judge the situation if an emergency situation through the IP network security camera shot of the area to be transferred command to pantilte. The camera images and information in the security area, sent to administrator's smartphone users to control the camera can see the situation and More than a small video security system was designed so that user can monitor the security zone. Finally, for real-time to identify and respond to emergency situations based on the available wireless networks for video surveillance systems were verified through research and implementation. 본 논문은 무선 영상보안시스템 구현에 관한 것으로서, 적외선센서를 이용하여 외부의 상황변화를 감지하였을 경우 Zigbee 네트워크를 이용하여 보안영역의 센서 정보를 서버에 송신한다. 서버에서는 상황을 판단하여 긴급 상황일 경우 IP 네트워크를 통하여 보안 영역의 카메라를 촬영 하도록 팬틸터로 명령어를 전송한다. 해당 카메라의 영상과 보안영역의 정보를 사용자의 스마트폰으로 전송하며 사용자는 스마트폰을 이용하여 카메라를 제어하여 상황을 확인함으로서, 소규모 카메라 보안시스템으로도 보다 많은 보안영역을 감시할 수 있도록 설계하였다. 최종적으로 실시간으로 긴급 상황에 대해 파악과 대처가 가능한 무선네트워크 기반의 영상보안시스템에 대하여 연구 및 구현을 통하여 검증하였다.

      • KCI등재

        잘 알려진 창의적 과학자들의 과학적 문제 발견 패턴 분석

        김영민 ( Young Min Kim ),서혜애 ( Hae Ae Seo ),박종석 ( Jong Seok Park ) 한국과학교육학회 2013 한국과학교육학회지 Vol.33 No.7

        우리나라 과학교육에서는 과학 창의성의 계발을 강조하고 있다. 본 연구에서는 과학 창의성으로서 과학자들의 문제 발견에서 나타나는 패턴을 탐색하는데 목적을 두었다. 사례별 당시의 과학사적 상황, 문제발견의 과정 및 문제 해결에 대한 내용을 구체적으로 논의하였다. 연구 결과, 과학자 10명이 과학사적 사건을 발견할 때 특징적으로 나타내는 문제 발견의 패턴은 다음과 같은 5가지 패턴으로 발견되었다. 패턴 1의경우는 당시의 이론이나 설명이 불충분하거나 모순 또는 오류를 발견함에 의해 과학적 문제를 발견하는 것으로, 여기에는 라부아지에, 멘델, 왓슨의 문제 발견이 포함되었다. 패턴 2의 경우는 당대의 지식으로는 설명되지 않는 이상한 현상을 관찰함에 의해 문제를 발견하는 것으로, 여기에는 러더퍼드와 뢴트겐의 문제 발견이 포함되었다. 패턴 3의 경우는 비유 추론에 의해 문제를 발견하는 것으로, 카르노와 영의 문제 발견이 포함되었다. 패턴 4의 경우는 새롭게 발명된 관찰 또는 측정 기구를 사용하여 새로운 현상을 관찰함으로써 문제를 발견하는 것으로, 갈릴레이의 문제 발견이 포함되었다. 패턴 5의 경우는 연구 프로젝트 수행 중에 그 연구와 관련된 새로운 문제를 발견하는 것으로, 패러데이와 케플러의 문제 발견이 포함되었다. Nurturing students`` scientific creativity is considered an important element in science education in Korea. The study aims to explore patterns displayed by well-known scientists in their quest for problem finding. Each case of scientists`` course of problem solving is described in terms of historical background, a process of problem finding, and a process of problem solving. There are five patterns from ten scientists which are as follows: Pattern 1 is that scientists find problems from insufficiencies and/or errors from explanation of theories at the time and the related cases are A. Lavoisier, G. Mendel, and J. Watson. Pattern 2 shows that scientists find a problem because of strange phenomena unexplained by theories at the time, and here important case studies are E. Rutherford and W. Rontgen. Pattern 3 demonstrates that scientists find a problem from analogical reasoning between known theories and unknown science phenomena. The cases include S. Carnot and T. Young. Pattern 4 points to the fact that scientists find a problem while they utilize a newly invented experimental instrument. Here, G. Galilei is an important example. Pattern 5 establishes that scientists happen to find a problem while they conduct research projects. The works of M.Faraday and J. Kepler are prominent case studies related to this pattern.

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