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        일차 인공 고관절 전치환술에 시행한 무시멘트 비구컵의 경도의 상방 전위 삽입

        최일용(Il Yong Choi), 김영호(Young Ho Kim), 권태영(Tae Hyoung Kweon) 대한고관절학회 1999 Hip and Pelvis Vol.11 No.1

        A retrospective matched-pair study of 2 groups of 32 primary uncemented acetabular components, which include anatomic and proximal placement of acetabular components using the Harris-Galante design was performed. The purpose of this study was to identify whether the proximal placement of the uncemented acetabular component in primary total hip arthroplasty(THA) affect the final results of acetabular component adversely and midterm results of the Harris-Galante acetabular component. Proximal placement did not exist in concomittant lateral displacement. Most of hips in the proximal placement group showed a deficiency or defect of the acetabular bone stock. No significant difference in results was found between the two groups. One acetabular component in the anatomic placement group was found to be loose at 7 years 4 months. The mean liner wear rate of polyethylene in both groups was about 0.2mm/year. Osteolysis around the acetabular component appeared 4 in the anatomic placement group and, 2 in the proximal placement group. In summary, a mild degree of proximal placement of uncemented acetabular component of 10.8+-3.4 mm(4.6~29) without lateral displacement, in the case of primary THA does not affect the results obtained adversely. Relatively high wear of polyethylene and osteolysis around the acetabular component were problems in the case of anatomic and proximal placement of the acetabular component, and were significantly affected by the patients activity.

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