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        • 하악골 골절선에 관한 임상 및 X-선학적 연구

          김문곤 최신의학사 1971 最新醫學 Vol.14 No.12

          Although many studies on various phases of mandibular fractures have been presented, many still netd to be made before there can be a full understanding of this complex problem. The author has analyzed fracture locations, age distributions and types of fractures with special emphasis laid on the inclinations of those fracture lines of mandible. The data for this study were compiled from 79 cases of mandibular fractures treated at the dental department of St. Mary's Hospital, Catholic Medical College and of National Medical Center in Seoul between 1969 and 1970. Results obtained are as follows: 1. The symphysis region was most commonly fractured(44.3%), while the most frequent were fracture lines passing between the left lateral incisor and canine (16 fractures). The right and left side were in the ratio 50:72. 2. Frequency of the fractures was the highest in age group of the third decade(40.6%), and males (63 fractures) were involved four times as frequntly as females(16 fractures). 3. The two major etiologic factors were traffic accidents(38.0%) and fist fights(30.4%). 4. Single fractures were seen in 51.9 per cent, while double and triple ones in 43.0 and 6.3 per cent of the present series respectively. 5. The double fractures most frequently seen involved the symphysis region of one side and the opposite angle(36.4%). And the two cases (40.0%) of the 5 triple fractures had a unilateral chin region and both condylar regions as the fracture sites. 6. The inclinations of fracture lines showed wider angles in the right side than in the left. And the more posteriorly fracture sites located, the sharper the angles were. In 3 different types of fracture, single type showed the highest gradient and triple the lowest. 7. The fracture lines were directed obliquely down and backward(86.1%), vertically oriented(7.3%), and obliquely down and forward(6.6%). 8. 78.3 per cent of fracture lines in the angle region were associated with the lower third molar tooth. And there were more fracture lines passing distally(72.2%) than mesially(27.8%) to the wisdom tooth. 9. Fractures of the symphysis and body were the most common in single types of fracture and the least in triple types. To the contrary, the condyloid process showed the highest frequency of fractures in triple types and the lowest in single types.

        • 艾灸가 膝關節炎의 消炎 및 鎭痛에 미치는 影響

          金文坤 圓光大學校大學院 1982 學位論叢 Vol.8-2 No.-

          Moxibustion has been applied to the treatment for the antiphlogosi and analgesia of the gonarthr itis, and incrder to find out the clinical effectiveness by the experimental method, 1) Experiment of inhibition on Heat Denaturization of Serum in Rats, 2) Expe riment of edema caused by Acetic acid, 3) Experiment of edema caused by Carrageenan, and 4) Adjuvant arthritis, comparing these above methods with the control group the results were as follow: 1) In the experiment of inhibitory effect of moxibustions on heat denaturization of serum in Rates, the moxa-cauterization group. of Jog-Sam-Ri showed some more inhibitory-action with 1.04±0.06(7.9%) than the group of Dog-Bi with 1.5±0.04(6.9%) 2) In the anti-inflammatory effect of moxibustions on the formation of edema caused by Acetic acid in Rates, applying cauterize Jog-Sam-Ri showed a considerable inhibitory-action with each 37.7±3.0, 48.7±2.7, 52.6±2.I, 55.3±1, 56.1±1.6 and 59.2±1.2 after 30th, 60th, 120th, 180th, 240th and 300th minutes, and Dog-Bi moxa-cauterization-group had an obvious inhibitory-action with each 29.5±2.3, 39.2±2.6, 42.8±1.8, 50.7±2.2, 45.4±1.4 and 47.1±2.1 after 30th, 60th, 120th, 180th, 240th and 300th minutes. 3) In the experiment of anti-inflammatory effect of moxa-cauterization n the formation of edemacaused by Carrageenan in Rates, the group of Jog-Sam-Ri show-eda confirmed consideration as a superior inhibition with each 30.5±0.7, 35.9±0.6, 45.1±1.0, 40.0±2.3, 46.9±3.4 and 47.8±3.9 after 30th, 60th, 120th, 180th, 240th and 300th minutes, and Dog-Bi moxa-cauterization group admittes a considerable action with 34. 7± 1.9 after 30th minutes, and showed a superior inhibitory action on the formation of edema with 41.9±0.8 and 52.1 after 60th and 120th minutes, and showed exceedingly considerable inhibitory-action of edema with 57.4±0.9 after 180th minutes, and showed a higher conuiderable inhibitory action with each 52.9±1.1 and 53.3±1.2 after 240th and 300th minutes. 4) In the experiment of anti-in flamrnatory effect of moxibustions on the formation of edema caused by Adjuvant arthritis in Rates, the group of Iog-Sam-Ri moxa-cauterization showed highly remarkable inhibitory effectivness with each 42.0±2.2 , 26.0±2.4, 20.0±2.3 and 18.3±2.5 after 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th day, and recognized more highly considerably inhibitory action with 2.4±1.7after 9th day, but it was observable that there were some considerable inhibitory action with 23.9±1.4 after lith dayo. Also Dog-Bi moxa-cau terization-group confirmated someinhjbitoryaction with 56.4±3. 7 after lstdag, and showed more higher inhibitory action with each 36.6±0.5, 27.7±1.0, 23.9±06 after 3rd, 5tth and 7th day, and admitted some recogni zaffe inhibitory-action with 24. 4± 1. 6 after 9th day.

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