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      • Gas Chromatography에 依한 Ampicillin중의 殘留 溶媒 分析

        李盛弘 ; 方起雄 김천대학교 1986 김천대학교 논문집 Vol.7 No.-

        The residual organic solventsremained in ampicillin may be harmful and lessen the quality of antibiotics. Acetone and Isopropyl alcohol(1PA) in ampicillin were separted and de-termined by gass-liquid chromatography with flame ionization detector. A stainless steel column packed and with porapak Q was used. Samples were dissolved with IN-NaOH solution and injected directly into the GC system. The contents of acetone were 0.228~0.294% and those of IPA were 0.057~0.568%. This method makes it suitable for routine determination.

      • 漢江 水質平價에 관한 硏究

        方起雄 ; 李盛弘 김천대학교 1986 김천대학교 논문집 Vol.7 No.-

        The objectives of this study are to define a method of water quality scor-ing and indexing, and to rate a water quality class of the Han river based on the water quality standard in the Environmental Preservation Law. The classification of river water quality was determined by water quality index(W,Q,I) of pollutants according to a proportional scale on the various levels of pollutants with the water quality standard. Analytical parameters of pollutant were 5 items as PH,BOD, SS, DO, and E-Coli, and the mean data which were monthly measured by Environment al Protection Agency during the period from July to November in 1982 at 15 sit-es in catchment area of the Han river were used for rating water quality of the Han river Results on rating the Han river were summarized as follows: 1.Water quality class in the North Han river was rated as Chuncheon Dam and Soyang Dam stations were calss I, Euam Reservoir and Cheongpyung Dam station were calss Ⅱ, respectively. 2.Water quality classes of Chungju, Chungju Dam, Yeoju, and Yangpyung sta-tions in the South Han river were all rated as calss Ⅱ. 3.Water quality class in the downstream of Paldang Dam was rate as Pal-ang, Gueu, Dukdo stations were class Ⅱ, Pokwang station was class V, Indo B-ridge station was class Ⅳ, the Second Han river Bridge and Hangju stations were below class V, respectively, and water pollution was increased along the downstream of the Han river. 4.Paldang Dam utilized as a source of water supply to Seoul Special City was appeared to maintain a good water quality enough to use a source of water supply

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