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        오승묵(Seungmook Oh),강건용(Kernyong Kang),박승재(Seungjae Park),허환일(HwanilHuh) 한국자동차공학회 2002 한국자동차공학회 Symposium Vol.2002 No.11

        Planar laser induced fluorescence(PLIF) has been widely used to obtain two dimensional fuel distribution.<br/> Preliminary investigation was performed tomeasure quantitative air excess ratio distribution in an engine fueled with<br/> LPG. It is known that fluorescence signal from acetone as a fluorescent tracer is less sensitive to oxygen quenching<br/> than other dopants. Acetone was excited by KrF excimer laser (248nm) and its fluorescence image was acquired by<br/> ICCD camera with a cut-off filter to suppress Mie scattering from the laser light. For the purpose of quantifying PLIF<br/> signal, an image processing method including the correction of laser sheet beam profile was suggested. Raw images<br/> were divided by each intensity of laser energy and profile of laser sheet beam. Inhomogeneous fluorescence images<br/> scaled with the reference data, which was taken by a calibration process, were converted to air excess ratio<br/> distribution. This investigation showed instantaneous quantitative measurement of planar air excess ratio distribution<br/> for gaseous fuel.

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