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        4자유도 모션 플랫폼을 이용한 잠수함의 운동감 재현과 스테레오 다채널 가시화

        허정순(Zhenshun Xu),한순흥(Soonhung Han) (사)한국CDE학회 2012 한국CDE학회 논문집 Vol.17 No.5

        Modeling and simulation is inportant for military training. People can feel perspective when stereoscope images are created using multi-channel visualizations. A submarine oscillates when the submarine is just below the surface of the sea, so that the reconnaissance becomes difficult. Also, the operator should read the information of the target within 6 seconds using the periscope. The operator must have experience. To solve these problems, stereoscopic multi-channel visualization has been tested. The iCAVE system of KAIST provides a largescale screen, 7 PCs, and 14 projectors to create the stereoscope images. To simulate the motion of a submarine just below the ocean surface, a 4-DOF motion platform is used. The motion data is transmitted to the visual system and the motion platform through the UDP protocol. Variety of weather conditions are created using the Vega Prime software. The stereoscopic multi-channel visualization and the motion platform system created a realistic simulation system.

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