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        • KCI등재

          투수성 잔디블록 포장 하부 토양의 물리성

          한승호,김원태,강진형,Han, Seung-Ho,Kim, Won-Tae,Kang, Jin-Hyoung 한국조경학회 2006 韓國造景學會誌 Vol.34 No.4

          Impervious pavement is primary contributor to the malfunctioning of the urban water circulation system. The aim of this research is to provide basic information and data for new pavement materials and paving technology which could enhance the urban water circulation system. For the study purposes, physical properties of soils sampled from 16 stations were analyzed. The sampling spots were paved with grass block porous pavement material. The findings from the analysis are as follows. The hardness of soils under the pavement was $17{\sim}22mm$ for thoroughfare and $6{\sim}32mm$ for parking areas. The bulk density was $1.42{\sim}1.81g/cm^{3}$ for thoroughfare and $1.38{\sim}1.75g/cm^{3}$ for parking area. The solid phase ration was $46.9{\sim}62.5m^{3}/m^{3}$ for thoroughfare and $45.6{\sim}61.3m^{3}/m^{3}$ for parking area. The porosity was $37.5{\sim}53.1m^{3}/m^{3}$ for thoroughfare and $38.7{\sim}54.4m^{3}/m^{3}$ for parking area. The saturated hydraulic conductivity was $8{\sim}164mm/hr$ for thoroughfare and $14{\sim}201mm/hr$ for parking area. The saturated hydraulic conductivity of the H sample area (the area was completed three months ago) and that of the other area were compared. There was up to 80% decreases of the saturated hydraulic conductivity within one year after the completion of pavement. After the first year, decrease in the saturated hydraulic conductivity was modest. Also there are changes in both surface and under soil physical properties of the grass block porous pavement depending on compaction. The extent of change depends on the degree of compaction. All these factors are combined to influence the permeability of the soil under the pavements. The results of this suggest that it is required to develop a new pavement technology which ensures both the durability and porosity of the pavement to improve the water circulation system by applying Ecological Area Rate.

        • KCI등재

          조경용 투수성 블록 포장의 열환경 특성

          한승호,류남형,강진형,Han Seung-Ho,Ryu Nam-Hyong,Kang Jin-Hyoung 한국조경학회 2006 韓國造景學會誌 Vol.34 No.2

          This study aims to measure and to analyze the thermal environment characteristics of the various permeable pavement materials such as grass pavement (GREEN BLOCK PARK), stone and grass pavement (GREEN BLOCK STEP), stone pavement (GREEN BLOCK MOSAIC) and wood pavement (WOOD BLOCK) under the summer outdoor environment. The thermal environment characteristics measured in the study includes the changes of surface temperature during the day, changes of the temperature on each pavement layer, and long and short wave radiation of each pavement surface. The experimental condition is based on the data on the hottest temperature (August 5, 2005, $34.0^{\circ}C$) of the you. Some of main findings are: 1) The heat environment was worse on the wood pavements than on the stone pavement. This is mainly due to the low albedo of the wood pavements (0.37) while the albedo value of stone pavements is 0.41. Small heat capacity of the wood pavements also contributes to this difference. 2) The heat environment was worse on the stone pavements than on the turf pavements. This was mainly due to the evapotranspiration of the plant growth layer of the turf pavements. 3) The peak surface temperature was the highest on the wood pavements ($56.1^{\circ}C$). The peak surface temperatures on the stone pavements, the stone-grass pavements and the grass pavements were $43.1^{\circ}C,\;40.1^{\circ}C\;and\;37.9^{\circ}C$, respectively. 4) To improve the thermal environments in the urban area, it is recommended to raise the albedo of the pavements by brightening the surface color of the pavement materials. Further studies on the pavement materials and the construction methods which can enhance the continuous evapotranspiration from the pavements surface are needed.

        • KCI등재

          고장력 강판 부분용입 맞대기 용접부의 피로균열진전수명 평가

          한승호,신병천,이웅,최전호,Han, Seung-Ho,Shin, Byung-Chun,Lee, Woong,Choi, Jeon-Ho 대한용접접합학회 2003 대한용접·접합학회지 Vol.21 No.1

          Fatigue behaviour of partially penetrated butt-welded joints in high strength steel plates, in which crack-like structural defect, i.e. lack of penetration(LOP), is inevitably introduced during welding processes, was investigated. Fatigue lives of two types of welded joints, namely X-grooved and K-grooved joints, were experimentally determined first. Observed fatigue crack propagation behaviours of the partially penetrated butt-welds were interpreted through considering 3-dimensional semi-elliptical crack shape in front of the LOP. Based on such interpretation, a fracture mechanical method to estimate stress intensity factors at the crack tip was proposed. Since the fatigue lift of the partially penetrated butt-welds was strongly influenced by the ratio of size of the LOP to thickness, D/t, the D/t was used as a main parameter to calculate the fatigue lift by using the proposed method. Comparison of the fatigue lift obtained experimentally and analytically agreed well with each other. Hence it is suggested that the method used in this work to predict fatigue lift of the partially penetrated butt-welds can be applied to real cases with improved lift-prediction capability.

        • KCI등재

          전단 모드 압전 에너지 하베스팅용 친환경 세라믹 소재

          한승호,박휘열,강형원,이형규,Han, Seung-Ho,Park, Hwi-Yeol,Kang, Hyung-Won,Lee, Hyeung-Gyu 한국전기전자재료학회 2012 전기전자재료학회논문지 Vol.25 No.9

          Eco-friendly $(Na,K)NbO_3$ (NKN)-based piezoelectric ceramic materials were fabricated by conventional ceramic method for shear mode piezoelectric energy harvesting application. $NKN-LiTaO_3$ (LT) based compositions were adopted for the high $d_{15}{\times}g_{15}$ which is proportional to harvested energy density. The composition $0.935(Na_{0.535}K_{0.485})NbO_3-0.065LiTaO_3$ was found to be lie on the boundary of tetragonal and orthorhombic phases. With reducing Ta content, the dielectric constant decreased gradually while maintaining high $d_{15}$, which resulted in increased $d_{15}{\times}g_{15}$. The composition $0.935(Na_{0.535}K_{0.485})NbO_3-0.065Li(Nb_{0.990}Ta_{0.010})O_3$ was found to possess excellent piezoelectric and electromechanical properties ($d_{15}{\times}g_{15}=29\;pm^2/N$, $d_{15}$ = 417 pC/N, $k_{15}$ = 0.55), and high curie temperature ($T_c=455^{\circ}C$).

        • KCI등재

          저수형 잔디블록 저수조 내 충진재료에 따른 저수량 및 초종별 증발산량

          한승호,최준수,양근모,양병이,강진형,김원태,Han, Seung-Ho,Choi, Joon-Soo,Yang, Geun-Mo,Yang, Byoung-E,Kang, Jin-Hyoung,Kim, Won-Tae 한국조경학회 2006 韓國造景學會誌 Vol.34 No.5

          The purpose of this study was to investigate the performance of porous grass block. For the investigation, Festuca arundinacea and Zoysia japonica 'Zenith' were planted, and the volume of evapotranspiration and remains were examined based on different materials in the water tank in the experiment of Festuca arundinacea, the volume of water storage of treatment with perlite ($10.84{\iota}/m^2$) was higher than that with drainage ($7l/m^2$). The difference between the two was $3.84/m^2$. The drainage treatment without water storage capacity showed the higher degree of dryness in turf grass. The volume of evapo-transpiration of treatment with perlite was the highest (21.57mm/week). The volume of evapotranspiration of treatment with sand was 19.57mm/week, and with treatment with drainage was 18.24mm/week. Based on the measured volume of daily evapotranspiration of $2.60{\sim}3.08mm\;d^{-1}$, it was determined that the unit with water storage capacity would store water of one to two days usage compared to unite without such storage capacity. In the experiment of Zoysia japonica 'Zenith', the volume of water storage of treatment with perlite was $10.77l/m^2$ which was similar to the former experiment. The volume of evapotranspiration of treatment with perlite and sand were 21.64mm/week and 20.64mm/week, respectively. In case of airtight water tank, the volume was measured as 22.06mm/week. Each treatment has no notable difference in the volume of evapotranspiration. In conclusion, from the investigation in this study, porous grass block with water tank was found to be effective in plant growth under low irrigation. As the ecological area ratio and vegetated porous pavement have became more emphasized, additional study of rain infiltration and reservoir effect are needed in the future.

        • 음성 특성을 이용한 G.711 패킷 손실 은닉 알고리즘의 성능개선

          한승호,김진술,이현우,류원,한민수,Han Seung-Ho,Kim Jin-Sul,Lee Hyun-Woo,Ryu Won,Hahn Min-Soo 대한음성학회 2006 말소리 Vol.57 No.-

          Because a packet loss brings about degradation of speech quality, VoIP speech coders have PLC (Packet Loss Concealment) mechanism. G.711, which is a mandatory VoIP speech coder, also has the PLC algorithm based on pitch period replication. However, it is not robust to burst losses. Thus, we propose two methods to improve the performance of the original PLC algorithm in G.711. One adaptively utilizes voiced/unvoiced information of adjacent good frames regarding to the current lost frame. The other is based on adaptive gain control according to energy variation across the frames. We evaluate the performance of the proposed PLC algorithm by measuring a PESQ value under different random and burst packet loss simulating conditions. It is shown from the experiments that the performance of the proposed PLC algorithm outperforms that of PLC employed in ITU-T Recommendation G.711.

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