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      • KCI등재

        의자 흡음특성에 영향을 미치는 인자에 관한 실험적 연구

        최영지,구재오,Choi, Young-Ji,Koo, JaeOh 한국음향학회 2015 韓國音響學會誌 Vol.34 No.4

        본 논문은 공연장에서 의자 설치 조건의 변화가 의자의 흡음특성에 미치는 영향에 관하여 실험적인 연구를 실시하였다. 실제 공연장 의자의 흡음특성을 재현한 1/10 스케일의 축소 의자와 인체모형을 이용하여 실험을 진행하였다. 실험변수로는 의자의 흡음정도, 의자 열 간격의 변화, 청중의 착석유무, 그리고 바닥의 카펫설치 유무로 제한하였다. 열 간격에 따른 청중의 착석 및 바닥의 카펫설치 유무의 영향을 평균적으로 분석하였을 때 의자의 흡음률이 낮을수록 즉, 카펫 혹은 청중 등의 부가적인 흡음력이 없을 때, 열 간격에 의한 흡음률 변화폭이 작게 나타났다. 의자 열 간격 평균 주파수 대역별 흡음률 증가 값에 따르면 주변 인자에 의한 흡음률의 변화는 주파수대역별로 다르게 나타났다. This paper examines the combinations of factors influencing the absorption characteristics of theatre chairs. One-tenth scale model chairs and listeners that closely approximated the absorption characteristics of full scale theatre chairs were used to measure the interactive effects of the test variables on the chairs absorption characteristics. The test variables were the type of chairs, the row spacing, as well as the presence of people and carpet. The variations of absorption increments with varied row spacing tended to be smallest when the chairs were less absorptive, i.e. with less carpet or occupants. The incremental effects of adding occupants or carpet averaged over three row spacings varied over frequency.

      • KCI등재

        1차 단순 확산체를 적용한 교실음향설계

        최영지,Choi, Young-Ji 한국교육시설학회 2011 敎育施設 Vol.18 No.5

        In this study, the effect of treating 1-dimensional diffusers on the classroom acoustics was investigated to determine if the diffuser are beneficial for performing the preferred acoustical conditions for speech. A 1/10 scale model of a classroom was used to measure the acoustical parameters, T30, $C_{50}$, STI and SNR in that room. The room acoustical conditions were varied by treating diffusers either on the front or side walls of the classroom. When the diffusers were treated on the side walls around the student's areas, a shorter reverberation time at low frequencies was obtained and resulted in performing uniform reverberation times across the frequency bands. The $C_{50}$ values at mid- and high-frequencies were increased by treating the diffusers either on front or side wall surfaces. The highest STI and SNR values were obtained when the diffuser was treated on the front wall around the teacher's areas. It is found that diffusers are beneficial to increase the intelligibility of speech for the rear seats of the rooms.

      • KCI등재

        '동의수세보원 갑오구본'과 '동의수세보원 신축본'의 태음인 몽설병 치방 비교·분석 연구

        최영지,이준희 사상체질의학회 2019 사상체질의학회지 Vol.31 No.3

        Objective This study was aimed to research how the recognition of Taeeumin's Mongsul disease was changed from the Gabo edition to the Sinchuk edition of Donguisusebowon, and to present reasonable explanation to the prescription suggested in the Sinchuk edition. Method The original text about Taeeumin Mongsul disease and corresponding prescription in Donguisusebowon Sinchuk edition written in 1901 and Donguisusebowon Gabo edition written in 1894 were compared and analyzed. Furthermore, the literature and articles which are relevant to the prescription and the difference of pathology between the Gabo edition and the Sinchuk edition of Donguisusebowon were searched. Results & Conclusion Sinchuk editon compared to Gabo edition differentiates prescriptions according to the condition of stool, which means that Mongsul disease can occur both in Lung-dryness of Esophagus-Cold pathology and that of Liver-Heat pathology. The prescriptions presented in Sinchuk edition are more specified and in agreement with pathology newly proposed in Sinchuk edition than the prescriptions in Gabo edition. Although Cheongsimyeonja-tang is not mentioned on the original text about Taeeumin Mongsul disease in Sinchuk edition, it can be prescribed for the disease with Lung-dryness of Liver-Heat pathology as Yuldahanso-tang can be. However, Yuldahanso-tang focuses more on Liver-Heat symptoms, while Cheongsimyeonja-tang focuses more on Lung-dryness.

      • KCI등재

        축소모형법을 이용한 흡음재와 확산체 배치조건별 교실의 음향성능 측정 및 평가

        최영지,Choi, Young-Ji 한국교육시설학회 2013 敎育施設 Vol.20 No.1

        The present study examines the effects of periodic type diffusers for producing the preferred acoustics for speech and determines the more successful configurations of sound-absorbing and diffusing treatments for achieving good acoustics in classrooms. The measurements were carried out in a 1/10 scale model classroom systematically adding diffusers to one or more of four surfaces of the room. A total of 13 combination of diffusers with absorptive treatments were investigated. Adding diffusers on the ceiling were more effective to increasing the early-arriving reflection energy($G_{50}$) than adding absorptive materials on the entire ceiling. The late arriving reflection energy($G_{late}$) was decreased with increasing amounts of diffusing treatments of upper front or rear wall and this resulted in achieving higher early-to-late ratios($G_{50}$). Adding diffusers on the upper front wall($AC_{100}DUFW_{26}$) achieved more uniform acoustical conditions over the receiver positions than adding diffusers on the upper rear wall($AC_{100}DUFW_{26}$). Adding diffusers on the ceiling and absorptive materials on the lower front wall($AC_{75}DC_{25}ALFW_{26}$) achieved better acoustical conditions than adding the absorptive materials on the entire ceiling and lower front wall($AC_{100}ALFW_{26}$).

      • KCI등재

        실제 강의현장에서의 음성과 소음 레벨을 반영한 음성 명료도 지표의 측정 및 평가

        최영지 한국건축친환경설비학회 2020 한국건축친환경설비학회 논문집 Vol.14 No.1

        The useful-to-detrimental sound ratios (U50) measure can be more practically useful means of assessing and understanding real classroom situations because it can be easily obtained from both measured clarity (C50) and signal-to-noise-ratio (SNR) values in classrooms during speech communication. The goal of this work is to better understand room acoustics conditions for real speech communication during actual lectures and to provide U50 values for achieving ‘good’ acoustical conditions for speech intelligibility in university classrooms. In the present work, U50 is determined from both measured C50 and SNR values during 15 actual lectures in 11 university classrooms in Korea. The linear regression results for speech transmission index (STI) and U50 values show that classrooms having U50 values greater than +4.1 dB correspond to STI values of 0.60, indicating ‘Good’ acoustical conditions for speech intelligibility. The U50 value is 0.9 dB lower than that of the previous study made in quietly occupied classrooms without student activities. The present result indicates that the noise level is not the same as experienced during actual lecturing situations in university classrooms. When the classroom has a SNR (125-4k) value of 7.7 dB or lower a C50 (125-4k) value of 7.3 dB or greater to be required for achieving good acoustical conditions during lectures in university classrooms.

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