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      • 경주최씨 백불암 종가 숭모각 장서의 서지적 고찰

        최기척(Kicheok Choi),남권희(Kwon-Heui Nam) 한국도서관·정보학회 2016 한국도서관정보학회 동계 학술발표회 Vol.2016 No.2

        This study examined the character of books through the bibliographic analysis about the 655 kinds 1335 peaces of the old books in Soongmogak of Baekbulam head family house. The present condition of this books referred to the literature "investigate of the old books in soongmogak" of academic service report published Korean Studies Advancement Center. Mr. Baekbulam Choi Heungwon who is one of the distinguished scholars around city of Youngnam had lived Baekbulam head family house in the 18th century, Mr. Daeam Choi Dongjip had moved to Otgol villiage in Daegu and have settled down forming new famaily for 400 years old. Books that has been handed down for 400 years generations at Soongmogak are currently associated with persons of Choi"s family. Also, People interacting with Choi"s family is ascertained through this research materials. Most of books in Soongmogak are whole condition. More diverse studies will be done through a deep study about massive this book"s contents.

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