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      • 兒童 發達特性에 따른 傳承 民俗놀이 考察

        천영일,이진희 중앙대학교 스포츠과학연구소 1999 體育硏究 Vol.- No.12

        The purpose of this study is to examine folklore play in complianct with characteristics of children's growth. The results are following like this: First infants developed himself from head to toe, and infant's body developed by playing. The examples of folklore playing in this period were 'dori-dori', 'jjag-ja-gung', 'gonji-gonji', 'jam-jam', 'gone-gone', 'bulmu-bulmu', etc. Second young children develope small muscle movement in this period. And folklore play were singing, story-telling, theatrical play, medical preventing play and playing using arm and leg. Third children's characteristics were very active and strong. In this period play were separated by boys' play and girls'. As a play of children there were a puzzle, prophetic songs, a theatrical play and story-telling. Children developed their association of ideas, rhythm, originality and dictionary by playing. Aso there were preventing play which have grown folklore play. Therefore folklore playing have developed ability, emotion, body and sociality of children.

      • KCI등재
      • 여가의 경제적 조명과 여가문화의 본질

        천영일,홍준기 중앙대학교 스포츠과학연구소 1999 體育硏究 Vol.- No.12

        The leisure could be change the sense of value according to progress of production and consuumtion by an hour. Through the settle of leisure culture, we should find out what is the most important thing to improve qulity of life. 1. Leisure is characteristic of an hour an intensive so increase of the income which mean is the increase of the demand. 2. The traffic problem offers us economical prospect of leisure by measuring the marginal productivity. According to elasticity in incoming and the chance of spending time. 3. There is widespread commercialized popular culture to pursue an object commercial benefit in leisure culture of the modern society. 4. Leisure culture of capitalist society is under the control of individualization so it is hard to make a common leisure culture its tighten the union. 5. It is not a big deal to express potential basic emotion in human being. And It is tendency to be satisfied with the form of refinement and control.

      • 여성 골프 스타 모델의 이미지 속성차원에 따른 광고모델의 차별화 분석 : Focused on Golf Stars

        천영일,홍준기 中央大學校 韓國敎育問題硏究所 2000 韓國敎育問題硏究所論文集 Vol.- No.15

        The purpose of this research is to find the factors (image elements and image levels) that mostly influence the endorsement power by power measurement of sports stars as advertisement endorsers through their image analysis. For this purpose, we chose golf as an advertisement sport and golf club as an advertising product, selected sports stars(Seri Pak, Mihyun Kim, Jiyun Park) for golf club advertisement model, and investigated a model selection method which we designed by applying the method, 'measurement of the endoresement power factors of sports stars by their image analysis'. Concrete research objectives are as follows: 1) to ascertain the sub factors of image construction 2) to identify image levels of factors that affect the attitude toward advertisements and advertising products. We conducted a questionnaire survey of 313 students(151 men and 162 women) in C university and reached the following conclusions: 1) Seri Pak has familiar and popular image and appeals to purchasers by her powerful image, so when we apply her to advertisement, we should consider these facts. 2) Mihyun Kin is characterized by her cheerfulness, social image, and familiarity, so we need a marketing strategy that emphasizes these points. 3) Jiyun Park is a player worthy of utilization in marketing by her western image such as generous and active characteristics.

      • Sport Dance 에 關한 大學生들의 意識觀

        천영일,임재숙 중앙대학교 스포츠과학연구소 2000 體育硏究 Vol.- No.13

        Purpose ; This study is to present data for understanding and development of Sport Dance, an exhibition event of Sydney Olympic Game 2000 years, by examining university students' view consciousness on the Sport Dance. Method ; To investigate and analysis in conformity with questionnaire method on 300(150 male, 150 female) students attending three universities in Seoul. Result ; 1. The practical sense on the Sport Dance showed 41.37% of the university time, 53.44% of social dance on the contents, 55.86% of nothing on the concern. 2. The acknowledge of events on the Sport Dance showed 66.89% of know, 43.79% of adult social intercourse on the point of ours social view, 55.5% of lack of the understanding and the sense of value. 3. The necessity of modern society showed 55.86% of affirming, that reason showed 46.91% of moral health, 37.03% of personal relation, etc. 4. The opinion for healthy popularization showed 30.68% of the reform of consciousness and the establishment of value system, 47.93% of the course of university physical education, etc.

      • KCI등재후보
      • 體育·스포츠 體驗에 關한 接近方向

        천영일,최충환 중앙대학교 스포츠과학연구소 1997 體育硏究 Vol.- No.10

        The purpose of this study is to present rationale for understanding and development of physical education by re-examining the meaning of sport experience. Merleau-Ponty's idea about body image is that which organizes and integrates one's body according to certain purposes or in proportion to the value to the organism's project. Motility of body image is a way of expressing that body is in-the-world, or a way of access to world. Cultivation of a motor habit is to learn a new use of one's body and to recast the body image. The body image is system which is open on to the world. At this point, it becomes apparent that this idea of body image has significance for sport. Sport involves both internal and external perceptions of one's body. It is body image that this possible. Through body image one lives in and with a lived body. Experiential approach deals with one's subjective meanings inherent in the sport experience, it is extremely difficult to generalize it and develop it into an absolute theory. Thus, understanding the nature and scope of the experiential approach is important in oder to develop sport theory. At this point, experiential investigators present a general vocabulary which identifies the elements common to all forms of movement in order to develop a general theory. This is an attempt to conceptualize one's sensory experience in human movement. Because of its descriptive nature, it is an attempt at theory building from experiential perspective. However, experiential descriptions and analyzes are claimed to be sufficient unto themselves and need nothing else. They have their own validity through the manifestation of personal meaning of sport experience, and sport study must begin at this point. But in discussing various methods for the development of theory construction in sport, no theory is all-comprehensive and any theory has its limits, leaves out some aspects, is to a certain degree a tentative construction.

      • 대학 교양체육의 실태 분석 및 발전 방안

        천영일,김남진 중앙대학교 스포츠과학연구소 1998 體育硏究 Vol.- No.11

        The purpose of the present study is to provide descriptive and prescriptive informations on liberal arts courses for physical education. A questionnaire was administered to 470 college students currently taking liberal arts courses for physical education and participants were asked to rate their perceptions on each item in the questionnaire. As expected, most(94.6%) students perceive that physical educations as liberal arts art necessary in the college curriculum and they actually help to develop and maintain healthy physical conditions. Results also show that most(94.4%) students perceive currently offered courses as satisfactory whereas majority(73.3%) of students perceive the facility and space for physical actitity as unsatisfactory and more than half(59.3%) students perceive university government support as necessary. Other related results are also discussed in terms of their implications for better physical educations and curriculum improvement.

      • 무용수들의 한국형 정서에 관한 탐색적 요인 분석

        천영일,김원화 한국스포츠리서치 2003 한국 스포츠 리서치 Vol.14 No.6

        The propose of the study is for developing the measure that can evaluate the emotions and sentimental conditions of college students in department of dance after dance practicing, regarding linguistic aspect of Korean. According to the result of 23 questions of exploratory factors, four major factors that were higher than eigenvalue 1 were extracted. Variances according to the factor were named achievement, energy, pride, and catharsis. First factor(achievement) was 22. 32%. second one(energy) 17. 45%, third one(pride) 14. 21%, and forth factor(catharsis) 10. 66%. For credibility coefficient of KDES was .85~ .92, Korean style dance - sentiments terms were credible. The questionnaires used in the previous study on Korean style excercise - sentiments were modified and applied into this study in order to fit with sentiments terms of dance. Then how can Korean style sentiments language extracted from the specific dance practice be applied. The problem here is that credible result cannot be easily obtained since the questionnaires used were originally designed for the general college students who exercise sports. As a result, we come to know that sentiments from the exercise and sentiments from the dance are much different and the credibility of sentiments terms was high. This means that people always want to feel something enjoyable with positive feeling while exercising or dancing. More study needs to be focused on the development of hobby - recreational dance sentiments terms and professional dance - sentiments terms. Moreover, the development of dance - sentiments terms not only after dancing but also before and while dancing, and before and after the performance, will be the driving force of the continuous and systematic development of the dance and the whole culture.

      • 스포츠 유형에 따른 여가만족도에 관한 연구

        천영일,이재형,조현철 중앙대학교 스포츠과학연구소 2002 體育硏究 Vol.- No.16

        The Purpose of this study was to the relationship between type of sports activity and leisure satisfaction among collegiate. The main purpose of this study was to examine the effects of the type in sports activity on leisure satisfaction by comparing the difference of psychological, educational, social, physiological, relaxational, and environmental satisfaction. Subjects of this study were sampled 696 the collegiate(392 male, 301 female) by the random sampling method. The method of statistics used to analysis the collected data are frequence, covariance analysis, correlation analysis, multiple regression analysis, and path analysis using multiple regression analysis. Based on the procedures and results, the following conclusions were warranted; 1. Background variables such as sex, income, and self-rated health among sociodemographic characteristics in fluence on leisure satisfaction. 2. The type of sports at activity among the collegiate has an influence on the psychological satisfaction. That is, difference in psychological satisfaction according to the type of sports of sports activity, and individual event is the highest. 3. The type of sports activity among the collegiate has an influence on the social satisfaction. That Is, difference in social satisfaction according to the type of sports of sports activity, and team is the highest. 4. The type of sports activity among the collegiate has an influence on the social satisfaction. That is, difference in educational satisfaction according to the type of sports of sports activity, and team is the highest. 5. The type of sports activity among the collegiate has an influence on the physiological satisfaction. That is, difference in physiological satisfaction according to the type of sports of sports activity, and team is the highest. 6. The type of sports activity among the collegiate has an influence on the relaxational satisfaction. That is, difference in relaxational satisfaction according to the type of sports of sports activity, and leisure event is the highest. 7. The type of sports activity among the collegiate has no an influence on the environmental sati satisfaction.

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