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        한국인의 인체측정 데이터를 이용한 파라메트릭 인체분절모델 생성

        구본열(Bon-Yeol Koo),최명환(Myeong-Hwan Choi),채제옥(Je-Wook Chae),김재정(Jay-Jung Kim) (사)한국CDE학회 2011 한국CDE학회 논문집 Vol.16 No.6

        In this paper, we propose a methodology of generating a parametric segment model for human body using the Korean anthropometric data. The model is defined as an articulated body model consisted with 19 ellipsoid primitives. The primitives are joined at locations representing the physical joints of human body. A lot of previous researches have suggested methodologies of generating body models using the European or American anthropometric data, so that these models were inappropriate for engineering analyses and simulations in case of the Koreans. We defined a set of 35 body dimensions representing our segment model based on the anthropometric data of Koreans. Also we defined four key parameters of age, height, weight and waist circumference, and then we applied regression equations to associate the parameters to the aforementioned dimensions. As the results, we obtained the parametric human body segment models according to the various body types and the subject-specific models for a specific individual. The models in the various industries can be used as the base models for static and dynamic analysis considering the Koreans.

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