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      • 만성부비동염에 관한 임상적 연구

        채병윤 대한한방성인병학회 1999 韓方成人病學會誌 Vol.5 No.1

        We studied 229 patients(male 135, female 9) who had visited Kyung-Hee oriental medical center with sinusitis from January 3, 1998 to December 31, 1998. The results are as follows. 1. The age of average was 22 : male's average was 20.45 age, minimum was 2 age, maximum was 72 age and female's average was 24.32 age, minimum was 4 age, maximum was 69 age. under 9 age was 31.44%, 10∼19 age was 27.51%, so under 19 age was 58.95% and under 39 age the most with 82.53%. 2. In the age of onset, under 9 age was 48.03%(110 cases), 10∼19 age was 26.20%(60cases), so under 19 age was the most with 74.23%. Gul^2 between males and females were showed statically significant difference.(P<0.01) 3. In the distribution of season, spring is the most with 42.79% of patients, fall is 21.82%, summer is 19.21% and winter is 16.16%. there is no statically significant difference by F-test, T-test and Chi-test in the distribution of season. 4. In the duration of disease, maximum is 69 years, minimum is 4 years in female and maximum is 45 years, minimum is 1 month in male. under 5 years is 65.07%: male is 36.68%, female is 28.38%, 6∼10 years is 21.40%, under 10 years is 86.47%. There is no significant difference in the duration of disease. 5. In blood type, B type is the most with 31.38%, A type is 28.38%, O type is 13.97% and AB type is 10.92%. there is no significant difference in blood type. 6. In select of the preference food, patients who prefer cool food is the most with 48.47% (111 cases), warm food is 35.81%(82cases) and tepid food is 15.21(36cases). These were showed statically significant difference as compared select of the preference food with patients. (P<0.001 ) 7. In the classification of sinusitis, maxillary sinusitis is 63.76%(146cases) : both maxillary sinusitis is 50.66%(116cases), Lt maxillary sinusitis is 7.42%(17cases), Rt maxillary sinusitis is 5.68%(13cases). Mucosal thickening of both maxillary sinus is 10.48%(24cases), maxillary sinus with one side mucosal thickening and sinusitis is 2.18%. retention cyst in maxillary sinus is 1.31%. patients who do not have sinusitis through a PNS series is 19.65%(45cases) and who have Chronic rhinitis are 22.27%. 8. Patients who have nasal Family History is 44.98%, : patients whose father have nasal disease is 15.72%, mother 16.16%, brother 4.48%, sun 4.37% and grandparents is 3.06%. patients who don't have nasal family history is 55.02%. 9. Among the 103 patients (44.98%) who have Family History in nasal and respiratory disease, sinusitis is the most common with 19.21%, allergic rhinitis is 10.48%, chronic rhinitis is 10.04%, bronchitis is 3.06%, 10. In main symptoms, nasal obstruction is 96.07%, post nasal discharge 81.66%, mucosal rhinorrhea 52.84%, watery rhinorrhea 15.28%, headache 47%, sputum 46%. these were showed significant difference by T-test as compared total cases with males(p<0.01) but there were not females ones(P<0.87). 11. Patients who have no Past History is 55.02%. patients who have Past History is 44.98% : respiratory and bronchial disease is 15.28% each, others is 29.69%. 12. In the duration of medication, it took 1∼2 weeks in 19.65%, 3∼4 weeks in 22.92%, less than l month 41.92%, 5∼6 weeks in 15.28%, 7∼8weeks in 13.98%, 11 weeks or more in 22.27%, the longest duration of the treatment is 40 weeks, the shortest 1 week, the duration of the treatment in general is 2 weeks. but there were showed no significant difference between male and female. 13. In the frequency of acupuncture treatment, 37.56% applied to acupuncture 1∼3 times, 18.34% 4∼6 times, 13.10% 7∼9 times, 69% less than 9 times. the longest acupuncture time is 65 times, the shortest one, generally twice. but there were showed no clear difference as compared the total cases with male and female. 14. In the treatment prescription, twelve prescriptions and the rest there were in used the 3058 weeks with twelve prescriptions and the rest. among them, No.25 was most common with 19.25% in 588.8 weeks, No. 151 17.42% with 532.8 weeks, No,34 16.73% with 511.7 weeks, others 7.18% with 219.5 weeks. 15. From the investigation and comparison between control group and treatment group, we can see the significant effect in the treatment (P<0.001 , male P<0.005, female P<0.01).

      • 補中益氣湯과 그 加味方이 抗알레르기 및 抗菌作用에 미치는 影響

        蔡炳允,鄭東郁 慶熙大學校 1991 論文集 Vol.20 No.-

        Experimental studies were performed in order to investigate the anti­allergic, anti­inflammatory, algesic, anti­bacterial effect of Bojungikgitang and Gami Bojungitang. 1. The vascular permeability response induced by histamine was reduced significantly in Bojungikgitang group and Gami­Bojungikgitang group. 2. The vascular permeability response induced by serotonin was reduced significantly in Bojungikgitang and Gami­Bojungikgitang group. 3. The 48 hours homologous PCA was reduced significantly in Bojungikgitang and Gami­Bojungikgitang group. 4. The delayed type hypersensivity response reduced by PC was reduced significantly in Bojungikgitang and Gami­Bojungikgitang group. 5. The delayed type hypersensivity respone reduced by SRBC was reduced significantly in Gami-Bojungikgitang group. 6. The anti­inflammatory effects in edema by carageenine was partly recognized as hawing significanse in Bojungikgitang and Gami­Bojungikgitang group. 7. The anagesic effects an acetic acid method was recognized as hawing significance in Gami­Bojungikgitang group. 8. Sensitivity of pathogenis strain, such as Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aureginosa Klebsiella pneumoniae, Proteus vulgaris was recognized in Bojungikgitang and Gami­Bojungikgitand group. According to the results, Both Bojungikgitang and Gami­Bojungikgitang are concluded to be effective on anti­allergic, anti­inflammatory, analgesic and anti­bacterial effects. Therefore they are recommended to be broadly for the treatment of Allergic Rhinitis.

      • KCI등재

        중증근무력증(重症筋無力症)에 대(對) 임상적(臨床的) 연구(硏究)

        채병윤,Chae, Byung-Yoon 대한한의학회 1996 대한한의학회지 Vol.17 No.1

        Generally the Myasthenia Gravis is classified into two of hereditary factor and acquement. Aquired Myasthenia Gravis was Quite well known to be caused by the autoimmune mechanism. Not in accurateness, on the hereditary, acetylcholine receptor antibody was to be analyzed very high in their parents and brothers. Also Myasthenia Gravis is a chronic disease characterized by voluntary muscle weakness and fatigue. above all, ocular Myasthenia Gravis is characterized clinically by blepharoptosis and external ophthalmoplegia and to be showed abut 90% cases and so oriental medicine can not but deal with myasthenia gravis at blepharoptosis. Accordinglv 20 out patients with Myasthenia Gravis were clinical study and observation as to the sex, age, progress state of MG, blood type, history, main symptom, liking for warm and cool food and tepidity, state of pulse, treatment of acupuncture and administration of oriental medicine etc. The results were as follows. 1. There was investigaed on the frequency of attack for sex, age, oculus dexter, oculus sinister, oculus uterque. Among the 20 patients, the number of female were 60% with 12 cases and male were 40% with 8 cases, therefore it was the rate of 6 : 4. the patients under 10 ages and 40 ages were 20% with 4 cases, 10 ages and 50 ages were 15% with 3 cases, 20, 30, 60 ages were 10% with 2 cases. And then oculus uterque was 90% with 18 cases, oculus sinister was 10% with 2 cases and oculus dexter were none of them. 2. Stage I were 50% with 10 patients, stage $II_A$ were 30% with 6 patients and stage $II_B$ were 20% with 4 patients, on the clinical stage and too class I were 20% with 4, class II were 45% with 9, class III were 35% with 7, in the functional activity the patients with chest heavy were 15% with 3 and hyperthyroidism were 10% with 2. 3. Hospital which patients had used to before came to this hospital were 10 university hospital and 6 local clinic. 4. The duration of disease was from 3 months to 30 years, the patients suffering between 3 months and within 1 year were 25% with 5 cases, 1-2 years were 30% with 6 cases, therefore within 2 years were 55%. 4-5 years were 15%, over 7 years were appeared less than 10%. 5. In the main symptom, all of patients were appeared to be heavy in opening their eyes the patients with blephroptosis were 70% with 14 cases on the oculus uterque, oculus sinisterf and oculus dexter, there were 20% with 4 eases each other in the oculogyation incomplete. visual failing, ophthalmoxerosis, strabismus etc and indigetion, frequency of urine(feel hurt), mild stools(or diarrea), oversensitiveness etc. but in addition, all of the other were 10%. 6. In the distribution of blood type, 0 types were 45% with 9 cases, A types were 25% with 5 cases, B and AB types were 15% each other. 7. For the rates of patients of liking for warm and cool food or tepidity, patients of liking for warm food possess 45% with 9 cases, and cool food possess 35% with 7 and tepidity possess 20% with 4, and then most of patients liking for warm food were females and cool food were much more males than females. 8. Hyunsae(弦細) were 40% with 8 cases, Buhurl(浮滑) were 20% with 4 cases, Hyunsak(弦數) were 15% with 3 cases, and in addition, the others were 10%, among 7 types of pulses. 9. The patients with less than 1 week were 40% with 8 cases, and there were female most of them and over 4 weeks were 20% and 1-2weeks were 15%, in the duration acupuncture treatment. 10. 15 kinds of prescriptions were administrated with oriental medicine from 1 week to 20weeks 1_2 weeks were 25.71% with 9 cases, 3 weeks were 17.14% with 6 cases and 6 weeks were 11.42% with 4 cases and also Gamibaetaugunbitang(加味培土健脾湯) were 28.57% with 10 cases, Gamijeounyongtang(加味正容湯) were 14.28% with 5 cases, Gamibojoongyigitung (加味補中益氣湯), Gamiyinsamyangyoungtung (加味人蔘養榮湯) were 8.57% with 3 cases each other and also Gamisamgitung (加味蔘?湯),

      • KCI등재
      • KCI등재

        面疱 患者에 對한 臨床的 硏究

        채병윤,Chae, Byeong-yoon 대한한방안이비인후피부과학회 1998 한방안이비인후피부과학회지 Vol.11 No.1

        125 Cases of Acne were treated by Acupuncture and Herb-med treatment during a three months duration from April 1996 to February 1998 in Kyung Hee Univ. Department of Ophthal, Otolaryngology. College of Oriental Medicine. We have observed the cases and the results as follows: 1. The age of average was 24.55 age : 21.91 in males, 24.55 in females. and in these, the gulf between males and females were showed statically significant diference. In the age of onset, averag was 16.96 age and mode was 18 age and male's average was 16.96 age, minimun was 11 age, maximum 40 age and female's average was 20.14 age, minimun was 10 age, maximum 40 age. and these were showed statically significant diference between males and females. 2. In the distribution of season, winter was the most with $37.8\%$ of out patients, the rest was similar to difference of each other. but there was clear difference between males and females. 3. In the duration of history, the average was 5.10 years and male's average was 5.13 years. on the other hand female's was 5.09 years but there is no any significant difference have a resemblance with each other. 4. In blood type, O type was the most with $35.20\%$ and there was in the order of A type was $26.40\%\;B\;type\;was\;23.20\%,\;AB\;type\;was\;15.20\%$ but these were not significant difference by the chi-tend and analysis of variance with total cases, males and females. 5. In select of the preference food, patients of the prefer worm food was $42.40\%\;and\;cool\;food\;was\;38.40\%,\;tepid\;food\;was\;24\%$ but these were no significant difference by the chi-test and ANOVA of each other. 6. the state of pulse classified into 11 type and average was 7.2 times, maximum was 29 times with Hyun Sae, at the same time, the female's average was 6.73 times, maximum was 27 times and male's average was 1.5 times. The result of test with each other, these were showed statically significant difference as compared total cases with males but there were not females ones. 7. In the frequency of the major cause, oversensitiveness was the most with $34.93\%$. secondly there was in order of indigestion $30.82\%$ and menstrual irregularity and menstruation pain $23.28\%$. constipation $10.96\%$ and these showed statically significant difference as compared the females with males on the result of test for difference with each other. 8. In frequency of the symptoms, itching was the most with $31.97\%$ and there was in order of nodule $20.49\%$, pustule $18.85\%,\;papule\;15.58\%,\;flare\;13.12\%$ and also these showed statically significant difference as compared the females with males 9. for the Distribution of acne region, face was the most with $64.06\%$ and there was in order of back $14.29\%,\;upper-chest\;11.69\%,\;neck\;7.79\%$ and there was no significant difference as compared total cases with males and females. 10. Acne applied 30 prescription to 4 weeks and over and 20 weeks and over was $23.3\%$, 30 weeks and over was $16.67\%$ and average of administration duration were 4.2 weeks(male's average 5.78, maximum 96 weeks and female's average 3.85, maximum 23 weeks) maximum was 96 weeks, minimum was 1 week. 11. In the acupuncture treatment, $96.6\%$ applied to acupuncture and average was 5.44 times, maximum 46 times, minimum 1 time(male's average 4.64, female's 5.62) but these were not any significant differeence. 12. for the medication, author made a investigation and comparison between control group with treated group in order to observe for the therapeutic effect during the 1 month and 2, 3. From these results, we can see that acne was improved by the oriental treatment. in the 1 month, average of control group was 13.24 and treated group was 11.78. these showed statically significant decrease in P<0.02 as compared the treated group with control group.

      • KCI등재

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