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        • Burley21품종의 변이에 관하여

          조천준,류점호,한철수,류익상 한국연초학회 1984 한국연초학회지 Vol.6 No.1

          This study was carried out to find out the variations in Burley 21 variety of Surely tobacco. Jeonjul and nine other selected lines of Burley 21 were evaluated. Plant height and several other characteristics were significantly different among tested lines. Especially, Jangsu-1, the earliest flowered line, flowered 5 to 7 days earlier than other lines and had the smallest length width ratio of the largest leaf. Narrow-leaved type, whose length/width ratio of the largest leaf was above 2, 16, was significantly different in number of leaves and weight per unit leaf area from broad-leaved type whose length/width ratio of the largest leaf being below 1.97. Among tested lines, Jeonju (2) - 2 was the best in major agronomic characteristics, yield and physical properties.

        • 버어리종 잎담배의 주맥비율과 형질 상호간의 관련성

          조천준,최상주,정석훈,Jo,Chun-Joon,Choi,Sang-Ju,Jung,Suk-Hun 한국연초학회 2004 한국연초학회지 Vol.26 No.2

          This study was conducted to find out the relationship among agronomic characteristics including midrib ratio in Burley tobacco(N.tabacum L.) Four cultrivars, Burley 21, KB108, KB111 and KB301, were grown at Suwon Experimental Station in 2001. Several agronomic characteristics of these cultivars were measured for the analysis of correlations among agronomic characteristics. Midrib ratio of KB301 was somewhat higher than those of the other cultivars, but there is no significant differences among cultivars at $5\%$ probability level. Among four stalk positions, midrib ratio of cutters was the highest. Midrib ratio was correlated positively with length of leaf at $1\%$ level and negatively with weight of lamina at $5\%$ level, respectively.

        • 고 DVT 및 cis-abienol 함유 버어리종 계통 선발

          조천준,김대송,정석훈,최상주,조명조 한국연초학회 1993 한국연초학회지 Vol.15 No.2

          This study was carried out to obtain the basic information for breeding of aromatic burley tobacco, and to select the breeding lines with higher DVT (diterpenes $\alpha$-and $\beta$-4, 8, 13-duvatriene-1, 3-diols) and cis-abienol (Z-labda-12, 14-diene-8$\alpha$-ol) concentrations. The parental genotypes used to develop the Fl and Fl generations were Burley 21, Ky 17, male-sterile(MS) NC 107, TC 612, TC 613, Va 509 and Tl 1068. To estimated the modes of inheritances of DVT and cis-abienol known as the flavor and aroma compounds, the method of thin - layer chromatography (TLC) was used. It was considered that TLC procedure being relatively simple and reproducible in the selection of the breeding lines with higher DVT and cis-abienol. DVT was present in all of parents except MS NC 107, but cia-abienol presented only in Tl 1068. It was estimated from the TLC analysis of parents and Fl's that DVT and cis-abienol were each inherited by dominant gene or genes. But it was less clear to determine the presence or not of sucrose ester(SE) on the TLC plate. The eleven plants which had burley leaf color and also estimated to have DVT and cis-abienol were selected in the F2 population of three combinations.

        • 담배역병균(P. parasitica)에 오염된 포장에서의 Race 판별품종 및 육성품종(N. tabacum L.)의 발병반응

          조천준 한국연초학회 2000 한국연초학회지 Vol.22 No.1

          This study was conducted to identify useful germ plasm sources of resistance to black shank, Phytophthora. parasitica, in Nicotiana tabacum and to characterize the interaction between host plant resistance to black shank and pathogen variability. The six internationally represen-tative set of black shank resistant and susceptible tobacco genotypes and four Korean lines were tested for black shank on the field infested with P. parasitica at Chonju Experiment Station, Korea Ginseng & Tobacco Research Institute during the 1992~1997 growing season. Almost 100% of the plants of the most susceptible genotype, Ky 14, did not survive. Complete survival of (MS Ky 14 x L8)F$_1$, which is resistant to reee 0 and ausceptible to reace 1, suggests that Race 0 is the only race of the P. parasitica in this bield. Coker 371 Gold and Beinhart 1000-1 having excellent resistance to black shank could be recommended as the parental cultivars for improving black shank resistance in Korea. Data of the diseased plants showed that KB 101 and KB 110 were medium high resistant and KB 103 and KB 108 being low resistant to black shank.

        • 시비방법이 버어리종 잎담배의 농경적 특성에 미치는 영향

          조천준,배성국,임해건,김요태 한국연초학회 1997 한국연초학회지 Vol.19 No.1

          Recently the method of basal compound fertilizer (N : P : K = 18.2 : 9.8 : 35.0) Placement has been changed from banding to broadcasting in tobacco cultivation. The effects of the compound fertilizer placement, level of fertilizer and additional urea application on the agronomic characteristics, two chemical compositions and physical Properties of burley tobacco(Nicotiana tabacum L. cv. KB 108) were investigated at Chonju Experiment Station, Korea Ginseng and Tobacco Research Institute in 1995-1996. Six treatments consisted of (1) band (method of fertilizer Placement) + In kg/10a(compound fertilizer) + 0(additional urea applied), (2) broadcast+140+0, (3) broadcast+140+25, (4) band+180+0, (5) broadcast+180+0, and (6) broadcast +180+25. The additional urea was applied at hilling. No significant differences were detected between banding and broadcasting method of compound fertilizer Placement in field 9rowth, wield, organoleptic qualify(price Per kilogram), chemical composition and Physical properties of cured leaf, The increased compound fertilizer by 30%(40k/10a) or the additional urea application by 25kg per 10a produced slightly higher yield than the recommended amount of basal compound fertilizer without additional urea application did. It also increased the total alkaloid content of cured leaf. It is recommended that no more basal fertilizer above the recommended amount and no additional urea application are needed in burley tobacco fertilization, even though the method of basal fertilizer placement being chanced from banding to broadcasting. Key words : Nicotiana tabacum, fertilizer placement, additional urea.

        • 버어리종 역병저항성 계통 KB 104와 KB 106의 육성경과 및 특성

          조천준,김대송,정석훈,최상주,조명조 한국연초학회 1995 한국연초학회지 Vol.17 No.1

          Black shank(Phytophthora parasitira roar. nicotianae) resistant burley tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) germplasms, KB 104 and KB 106, were developed by Korea Ginseng & Tobacco Research Institute. KB 104 was developed from the single cross of Burley 21$\times$Newton 77, using a modified pedigree method. KB 104 was highly resistant to black shank, and its agronomic characteristics and chemical contents were comparable to those of Burley 21, and value per 10a was slightly higher than Burley 21, KB 106 is a maternally derived doubled haploid made by N. africana method from the single cross of Burley 21$\times$ Va 509. KB 106 was also highly resistant to black shank, had two more harvestable leaves per plant and flowered three days later than Burley 21 did. Total alkaloid and nicotine contents of KB 106 were significantly lower than those of Burley 21. But its nornicotine content was higher than Burley 21 5. Key wads : Burley tobacco germplasm, Black shank resistance.

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        • 연초의 감자바이러스 Y 저항성 웅성불임 일대잡종 KB 109 육성

          조천준,김대송,정석훈,최상주,조명조 한국연초학회 1994 한국연초학회지 Vol.16 No.2

          Potato Virus Y(PVY), vein necrosis strain, in Korea causes severe symptoms on burley tobacco(Nicotiana tabacum L.). As the results, programs to incorporate PVY resistance into commercial cultivars were initiatEd. But the development of the homozygous fertile line resistant to PVY is time consumming. This study was conducted whether the Fl hybrid could be used to reduce the yield losses caused by PVY. Four F1 hybrids were made between male - sterile(ms) NC 107 and KB 107 as maternal parent, and TC 612 and TC 613 as Pollen donor, respectively, and were evaluated for their PVY resistance and negatively associated traits. (ms NC 107 X TC 612) F1, named as KB 109, Ivas applied to yield trial and compared with commercial cultivars for the level of disease resistance, agronomic characteristics, chemical contents and physical properties. All Fl hybrid could be used commercially as the PVY resistant cultivar. Especially KB 109 have the resistance against PVY, tobacco mosaic virus and black shank(Phytophthora parasitica var. nicotianae). It had wider leaves, flowered one day later, and yield of acceptable quality was higher than that of Burley 21, standard cultivar in Korea.

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