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        ‘緣雨堂' 海南尹氏家의 學問과 藝術

        정윤섭(Jeong Yun-seob) 역사문화학회 2003 지방사와 지방문화 Vol.6 No.1

        This paper looks into the scholarship and art of the Yun family of ‘Nokudang' in Haenam, which has been a representative family name in Haenam and was a typical noble family of the Joseon Dynasty. The Yun family of Haenam in the Joseon Dynasty has produced distinguished figures such as Yun Seondo who was the best writer of tanga, a kind of short poem and Yun Duseo, one of the three best painters of the late Joseon Dynasty. The Yun family had grown into the noble family of Haenam area since Yun Hyojeong settled in Nokudang, Yeon-Dong, Haenam, and the family produced numerous figures ever since. These figures had prominent spirits of scholarship and art, and left an abundance of cultural heritages which are now designated and preserved as national assets. This paper pays attention to the spirit of family scholarship which made it possible to produce such a large collective cultural heritage and aims at systematically studying the spirit of scholarship of the Yun Family in Haenam. Tradition of scholarship of the Yun family in Haenam started with Yun Hyojeong and continued with conspicuous figures such as Yun Seondo, Yun Duseo, Yun Deokhui. The common spirit of scholarship of the Yun family in Haenam is that they studied a wide range of knowledge through the practicality of ‘seohaK' (western science). It was Yun Seondo who established the practice of reading a variety of subjects, which became the basis of approach to and study on various fields of knowledge by figures of the Yun family in Haenam. Such a practice of studying a wide range of subjects had a great impact on Yun Duseo's ‘silhak' during the late Joseon Dynasty when silhak began to be acknowledged as a new science. Gongjae Yun Duseo had materialized such practical science by studying seohak and associating with Namin scholars who led silhak at the time, which is well portrayed not only in his academic work but also in his paintings. the most important field of Yun Duseo. When it comes to the Yun family in Haenam, there has been a large amount of work son the literary viewpoint of Yun Seondo who was acknowledged as the best writer of tanga. Another popular subject of research has been paintings of Yun Duseo. Construction and gardening. economic history of Nokudang, and life of the Yun family in Haenam have also been subjects of various studies as well.

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