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        이용복,주은희,서세민,고익배,김미숙,정영녀 전남대학교 약품개발연구소 1996 약품개발연구지 Vol.4 No.1

        This study was aimed to take the available informations about the acute poisoning, its prevention and therapy. This survey was accomplished with acute intoxicated patients in the ER(emergency room) of Chonnam National University Hospital during 42 months from Jan.1986 to June 1989. The intoxicated patients occupied 5.8% of total ER patients (47007 cases). The average of intoxicated patients per day in ER was 2.13. On sex analysis, males occupied 49.3% and females 50.7%. On the motive of poisoning, intoxication by accident occupied 42.1%, by suicide attempt 39.4%, and by the others 18.5%. Poisoning substances included CO poisoning(23.9%), agricultural agents (22.8%), drugs(15.4%), chemicals(14.6), bites, rodenticides and food poisoning. The mortality of intoxicated patients was 8% (216 cases) and the major death-inducing substance was paraquat(39.8%). To decrease and prevent these acute poisonings, we suggest, first, that agricultural agents and psychotropic drugs must be carefully controlled by authorities, second, the informations on the acute poisoning continuously collected, third, poison control center established as soon as possible.

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