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        소아 복부종괴의 초음파 소견

        정선관 대한영상의학회 1986 대한영상의학회지 Vol.22 No.1

        Ultrasongraphy is a very useful diagnostic modality for the evaluation of clinically suspicious abdominal masses in infants and children, especially in assessing their existence, size, location, origin and internal consistency. Authors analyzed and present ultrasonographic findings of 92 pathologically and/or clinically proven pediatric abdominal masses that were studied and treated in Chonnam University Hospital during recent 4 year. The results were as follows : 1. The most common origination site was kidney(26 cases : 28.3%), followed by gastrointerstinal tract (21 cases : 22.8%), genital organ (17 cases : 18.5%), non-renal retroperitoneum (13 cases : 18.5%), hepatobilary tract (12 cases : 13.0%), and anterior abdominal wall (3 cases : 3.3%) in order of frequency. 2. The most common mass was hydronephrosis(18 cases : 19.6%). Neuroblastoma (7 cases : 7.6%), hepatoblastoma, ovarian teratoma, periappendiceal abscess and abdominal tuberculosis(6 cases : 6.5%, respectively), W lms tumor (5 cases : 5.4%) were next in order of frequency. 3. The sex distribution is rather similar, that is , male 42(45.7%) and female 50(54.3%) , but characteristically choledochal cyst(2 cases) and genital mass (17 cases) were found only in females. considering age distribution, 78 cases(84.8%) were found within the range of one to 15 years of age. The rest, 14 cases(15, 2%), were under the age of one year. 4. With ultrasonography, the diagnosis of hydronephrosis could be made easily in every cases and we could evaluate its severity and level of obstruction with high accuracy. 5. All Wilms tumor were large, round or oval, sharply marginated and relatively homogeneous solid masses. 6. All neuroblastomas were irregular shaped, poorly defined, heterogeneous solid masses. Tumor calcificaion and extension across the midline were noted in 6 cases (85.7%) and 5 cases(71.4%) respectively. 7. All periappendiceal abscesses had irregular thickened wall and posterior acoustic enhancement 4 cases (66.7%) among them were mixed echo pattern and 2 cases(33.3%) echo free. 8. Among the 6 abdominal tuberculoses, 2 were seen as irregularly defined solid masses, 1 as conglomeration of multiple hypoechoic modulles and 3 as mixed patterns. 9. All hepatoblastomas were seen to be poorly marginated solid masses with more echogenicity than adjacent normal hepatic echo in 5 cases except one. 10. Among the6 ovarian teratomas, 4 cases were cystic and 2 cases solid. Acoustic shadowing was seen in 3 cases. 11. Choledochal cyst (2cases), hydrops of gallbladder(1cases) and cyst of pancreas head (1 cases) had similar ultrasonic appearance as a large elliptical cystic mass, but, it was important in differential diagnosis to ascertain the existence of gallbladder and the connection between the cyst and bile duct.

      • 지역사회(익산시) 골다공증의 유병률

        정선관 圓光大學校 醫科學硏究所 1999 圓光醫科學 Vol.15 No.2

        Purpose: To evaluate the prevalence of osteoporosis as a major public health problem in a community society of Korea (Iksan city. South Korea). Materials and Methods: Face to face interviewing in 140 women who volunteered for the osteoporosis screening program of Wonkwang University Hospital was done. The following were excluded: women with previous trauma, hormone replacement therapy, and suspicious secondary osteoporosis. Both posterior-anterior and lateral dual energy x-ray absorptiometry measurement of the lumbar spine were performed in the remaining 101 women using the Hologic QDR 2000 bone densitometer. Bone mass measurement results were categorized according to the WHO definition. The prevalence of osteoporosis and osteopenia was calculated. In addition, correlation between bone mineral density and demographic characteristics (age, weight, height, and body-mass index (BMI, Kg/㎡) was evaluated with the correlation and multiple regression analyses. Results: The prevalence of osteopenia and osteoporosis was 39.6%, 25.7% respectively: 35.5%, 11.3% under 50 years; 46.1%, 48.7% above 50 years. The correlation, between bone mineral density (BMD) and demographic characteristics was followed: age. negatively related (r=-0.549, P<0.01); weight, positively (r=0.224, P<0.05); height, positively (r=0.204, P<0.05); BMI, positively (r=0.123, P>0.05). The age factor among them was significant. Conclusions: The prevalence of both osteopenia and osteoporosis in a Korean community society is high and BMD is significantly decreased according to age. these results may suggest that osteoporosis is a major public health problem.

      • 측두골 골절 : 고해상력 전산화 단층촬영 HRCT

        정선관,이지영,노병석,김창근,원종진 圓光大學校 醫科學硏究所 1990 圓光醫科學 Vol.6 No.1-2

        High resolution computed tomographic(HRCT) findings in 23 patients with temporal bone fractures were reviewed. Seventeen patients suffered from longitudinal fractures of the petrous bone, which was with a contralateral atypical fracture in one patient. Transverse and direct mastoid fractures were detected in three patients, respectively. The ossicular changes were noted in three patients of longitudinal fracture and also in one of transverse fracture. In all cases, HRCT allowed rapid and detailed evaluation of temporal bone fractures.

      • Wegener 씨 육아종 증례보고 1예 : A Case Report

        정선관,임형근,정은택,노병석,김창근,원종진 圓光大學校 醫科學硏究所 1995 圓光醫科學 Vol.11 No.2

        Wegener's granulomatosis is characterized by necrotizing and granulomatous disease which involves upper, lower respiratory tract and kidney. The basic pathophysiologic mechanism of Wegener's granulomatosis is still unknown. We report a case of Wegener's granulomatosis which involved lung and pleura and was diagnosed by clinical symptoms, radiologic findings and anti-neutrophilic cytoplasmic autoantibodies.

      • Multicentric Castleman 병 : 1예 보고 A Case Report

        정선관,이성아 圓光大學校 醫科學硏究所 1995 圓光醫科學 Vol.11 No.2

        Castleman disease is a rare disease entity of unknown etiology. Although the mediastinum is its most common location, it also occurs in other areas of the body, usually where lymph nodes are normally found. The multicentric form of the disease has been recognized only recently as a disease with an aggressive, often malignant course. The authors present the radiologic findings of a case of multicentric Castleman disease.

      • 반월형 공기음영(air-meniscus sign)을 보인 폐 경화성 혈관종 1례 : A Case Report

        정선관,노지영,노병석,원종진 圓光大學校 醫科學硏究所 1998 圓光醫科學 Vol.14 No.1

        Sclerosing hemangiomas which uncommonly occur in the pulmonary parenchyma rarely have the air-meniscus sign on the radiologic examinations. We report a case of histopathologically proven sclerosing hemangioma with the air-meniscus sign of the lung on both chest radiograph and CT.

      • KCI등재

        Intracortical Chondroma: A Case Report

        위성현,정선관,최금하,윤권하,박성훈,김혜원 대한영상의학회 2015 대한영상의학회지 Vol.72 No.1

        Herein we report a rare case of an intracortical chondroma with the histologic appearance of an enchondroma but located within the cortical bone.

      • KCI등재

        Design study of hard X-ray tomography system to obtain a spatial resolution of 100 nm

        천권수,정선관,윤권하 한국물리학회 2012 Current Applied Physics Vol.12 No.1

        An optic-based X-ray tomography system of a high spatial resolution using a conventional X-ray tube was proposed. The system had several X-ray optics: multilayer mirror for monochromatic X-ray, capillary optic for focusing X-ray onto a sample, and objective zone plate. The X-ray tomography system was designed for obtaining a spatial resolution of 100 nm. Design parameters for each optic were determined and optimized by ray tracing in considering X-ray intensity and reflectivity. The X-ray tomography system with a spatial resolution of 100 nm will provide a good inspect tool in bio-medical field and semiconductor applications.

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