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        황태연,유병철,정귀언,정수진,김성준,배기택,손혜숙,이종태,전진호,엄상화 인제대학교 2001 仁濟醫學 Vol.22 No.1

        Objectives: Under the fee-for-service system, Korean hospitals have been suffering from the worsening profitability caused by law medical care fees. To overcome the difficulties, they have maximized the quantity of medical services and made relatively large investment in developing new medical services using high-priced medical equipment, medicines and medical supplies which were not covered by medical insurance system rather than reduced running costs. Materials and Methods: This study was made to analyze and forecast the revenue change of the department of Obstetrics and gynecology of an university hospital in Seoul, expecting the implementation of DRG system in 2000. Results: The results were as follows : 1.During the first two days of hospitalization. 41% of total medical service fee was occurred, which was thought that most of the check-ups and operations were made during this period. After two days of hospitalization, the new occurrence of medical service fee tended to reduce. 2.Out of total medical service fee, 67% of admission fee was occurred after 5 days of hospitalization. This was because medical service fees in obstetrics and gynecology department occurred during the first 5 days of hospitalization. 3.Out of fees for operation, treatment, medical supplies and blood transfusion. 71% was occurred during the first two days. 4. In case of fees for examination, 50% was occurred during the first two days. 5.A total of 53% of fees for medication and injection was occurred during the first 5 days. Conclusions: By the implementation of the DRG system, the income is forecast to increase by 800 won to 310,000 won by the disease group of obstetrics and gynecology department. To increase hospital income with the implementation of DRG system, the results of this study suggest that examinations should be done at out-patient departments before the hospitalization of patient, the discharge of patient should be noticed in advance to reduce the period of hospitalization, and admission appointment system should be implemented for the immediate operation and delivery.

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