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        • Usefulness of E-Cadherin Expression in Malignant Effusion

          임성직,김교영,김윤화,박용구,양문호,원남희,이주희,Lim, Sung-Jig,Kim, Gou-Young,Kim, Youn-Wha,Park, Yong-Koo,Yang, Moon-Ho,Won, Nam-Hee,Lee, Ju-Hie The Korean Society for Cytopathology 1999 대한세포병리학회지 Vol.10 No.2

          체강액 내의 악성 종양세포와 중피세포의 구분이 종종 어려우나 환자의 치료나 종양의 임상기 결정에 큰 영향을 미치기 때문에 정확히 감별하는 것이 매우 중요하다. E-cadherin은 상피세포에서 표현되는 유착단백질이다. 본 연구에서는 체강액의 세포학적 검사에서 악성세포의 표지자로서 E-cadherin의 유용성을 알아보기 위하여 세포검사후 조직검사로 진단을 확인한 33예를 대상으로 체강액으로부터 만든 세포 블록에 대하여 E-cadherin에 대한 면역세포화학염색을 시행하였다. 33 예의 세포학적 진단은 선암종 25예, 비정형세포 8예였다. 선암종으로 진단하였던 25 예중 21예(84%)에서 E-cadherin 에 양성이었다. 비정형세포라고 진단하였던 8예중 6예에서 음성이었으며 양성으로 염색된 2예는 조직학적 검사로 전이성 암종임을 확인하였다. 반응성 중피세포나 염증세포는 모두 음성이었다. 민감도와 특이도는 각각 84%와 75%였다. 결론적으로 E-cadherin은 체강액에서 악성 종양세포와 반응성 중피세포와의 구분에 유용한 보조적인 표지자이다. The usefulness of E-cadherin immunostaining as a marker of malignancy in the body fluids was investigated in the present study. Thirty-three histologically proven cases of cell blocks from the pleural, peritoneal, and pericardial fluids were studied by immunocytochemistry for E-cadherin antibody using LSAB method. These cases were cytologically diagnosed as adenocarcinoma (25 cases) and atypical cells (8 cases). Tumor cells showed strong positive membranous staining for E-cadherin antibody in 21 out of 25 cases (84%) of adenocarcinoma. E-cadherin staining was not found in 6 of 8 cases of suspicious maligancy. The sensitivity and specificity were 84% and 75%, respectively. Reactive mesothelial cells and Inflammatory cells scattered were all negative. In conclusion, E-cadherin is an useful adjunctive marker to distinguish reactive mesothelial cells from the carcinoma cells in the body fluids.

        • KCI등재

          폐암에서 p63의 발현

          임성직,김정연,박경미 대한병리학회 2003 Journal of Pathology and Translational Medicine Vol.37 No.2

          Background : The DNA-binding protein p63, a member of the p53 family, regulates differentiation and proliferation of epithelial progenitor cells. In this study, we evaluated the expression of p63 in lung cancer to gain insight into the pathogenesis of these processes. Methods : A total of 89 patients who had undergone potentially curative surgery for lung cancer were selected. Expressions of p53, p63, and △Np63 were analyzed immunohistologically using a tissue array method with formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded specimens. Immunohistological results were then correlated with clinicopathological parameters with prognostic implications. Results : Expressions of p63 and △Np63 were found in 47 (52.8%) and 38 (43.2%) of the 89 patients, respectively. No relationships between the p63 or △Np63 expressions and any clinicopathological variables were found. p63 was expressed in 92.5% (37/40) of the squamous cell carcinomas, 17.9% (7/39) of the adenocarcinomas, 20% (1/5) of the small cell carcinomas, and 0% (0/5) of the large cell carcinomas. △Np63 was expressed in 92.3% (36/39) of the squamous cell carcinomas, 2.5% (1/39) of the adenocarcinomas, 0% (0/5) of the small cell carcinomas, 0% (0/5) of the large cell carcinomas, and 50% (1/2) of the adenosquamous cell carcinomas. In the squamous cell carcinomas, significantly high expressions of p63 and Np63 were found (p<0.05). p53 protein was detected in samples from 49 of the 89 patients (55.1%). No significant associations between the p53 expressions and the p63 or Np63 expressions were noted. Conclusion : p63 or △Np63 is likely to be involved in the development of squamous cell carcinomas of the lung and no significant association was found between p63 or △Np63 and patient survival rates.

        • 귀밑샘에 발생한 림프상피암종의 세침흡인 세포학적 소견 - 1 예 보고 -

          임성직,김정연,박경미,Lim, Sung-Jig,Kim, Jung-Yeon,Park, Kyeong-Mee 대한세포병리학회 2002 대한세포병리학회지 Vol.13 No.2

          Lymphoepithelial carcinoma, also known as malignant lymphoepithelial lesion or lymphoepithelioma, is a rare tumor in salivary glands. Lymphoepithelial carcinoma has a characteristic histological findings comprising irregularly-shaped nests of malignant epithelial cells within a lymphocyte-rich stroma, occasionally forming lymphoid follicles. We recently experienced a case of fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) of lymphoepithelial carcinoma of parotid gland in a 61-year-old male. The FNAC yielded a hypercellular smear of many irregular clusters of malignant epithelial cells in the background of lymphoid stroma.

        • KCI등재

          Cytoplasmic Expression of HuR is Related to Cyclooxygenase-2 Expression in Colon Cancer

          임성직,이석환,주선형,송정윤,최성일 대한암학회 2009 Cancer Research and Treatment Vol.41 No.2

          Purpose : HuR, human family embryonic-lethal abnormal vision-like protein, can bind to mRNA and stabilizes the nucleic acid in the cytoplasm, resulting in more efficient translation. HuR is predominantly present in the nucleus and shuttles between the nucleus and cytoplasm. HuR stabilizes cyclooxygenase-2 (Cox-2) mRNA in several cancers, including breast, stomach, lung and brain cancer. Materials and Methods : We investigated the expression and cellular location of HuR, as well as evaluated Cox-2 expression in 79 colorectal cancer patients with the use of immunohistochemical methods. The biological implications of HuR localization and Cox-2 expression in colorectal carcinoma were evaluated. Results : Nuclear HuR expression was observed in 59 (74.7%) tumors and cytoplasmic HuR expression was seen in 25 (31.6%) tumors. Cox-2 immunoreactivity was noted in 42 (53%) tumors. The expression of cytoplasmic HuR was significantly associated with Cox-2 expression (p=0.004). Cytoplasmic expression of HuR showed a correlation with lymphatic invasion (p=0.025) and the presence of a lymph node metastasis (p=0.027). The presence of nuclear HuR showed no correlation with Cox-2 expression or any other of the clinicopathological parameters that were examined. Conclusion : These results suggest that cytoplasmic translocation of HuR is associated with Cox-2 expression for some colorectal carcinomas.

        • KCI등재

          Clinicopathological Significance of Invasive Ductal Carcinoma with High Prevalence of CD44+/CD24-/low Tumor Cells in Breast Cancer

          임성직,성지연,김교영,박용구,이주희,김윤화 대한병리학회 2010 Journal of Pathology and Translational Medicine Vol.44 No.4

          Background : Epithelial tumor cells with a CD44+/CD24-/low immunoprofile may have the ability to cause breast cancer. We studied these cells and their clinicopathological significance. Methods : The clinicopathologic findings of 100 invasive ductal carcinoma (IDC) cases and 45 ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) cases were reviewed. CD44+/CD24-/low tumor cells were identified by immunohistochemistry, and their clinicopathological implications in IDC and DCIS were analyzed. Results : IDC with a high prevalence of CD44+/CD24-/low tumor cells was significantly associated with larger mass, higher grade, estrogen receptor (ER) negativity, and tumor cells with a higher frequency of metastasis. The proportion of CD44+/CD24-/low tumor cells in IDC, and its DCIS components was not significantly different, whereas the proportion of CD44+/CD24-/low tumor cells was higher in DCIS than in the DCIS component of IDC (p < 0.001). Conclusions : IDC with a high prevalence of CD44+/CD24-/low tumor cells might correlate with aggressive features, such as ER and higher grades. Moreover, the proportion of CD44+/CD24-/low tumor cells in the DCIS components of IDC and DCIS might harbor different biology, which may lead to differences in cancer progression and early carcinogenesis.

        • KCI등재후보

          성숙 기형종에서 유래한 진행성 난소편평상피세포암 1예

          임성직,김복린,강웅선,이철민,조용균,최훈,이홍균 대한산부인과학회 2003 Obstetrics & Gynecology Science Vol.46 No.2

          성숙 낭성 기형종은 모든 난소 종양중 약 10-20%의 비율을 차지하며, 성숙 난소 기형종으로부터의 악성 전환은 2% 이하로 보고되고 있다. 난소의 편평상피세포암은 성숙 낭성 기형종으로부터의 악성 전환종 중 80%를 차지하여 가장 많고 뒤이어 육종 (7-8%), 선암종 (6-7%), 유암종, 흑색종, 융모암종 (1-2%) 순이다. 성숙 낭성 기형종에서 유래한 편평상피세포암의 예후는 동일한 병기의 난소 상피암의 예후보다 더 좋지 않다고 알려져 있다. 본 저자들은 성숙 낭성 기형종에서 유래한 편평상피세포암 한 예를 경험하여 문헌 고찰과 함께 보고하는 바이다.

        • KCI등재
        • KCI등재

          비소세포 폐암종의 CD44s 와 Cycylooxygenase-2 발현

          임성직,김현정,김정연,박경미 대한병리학회 2006 Journal of Pathology and Translational Medicine Vol.40 No.1

          Background : The overexpression of Cox-2 in tumors is important for tumor invasion, angiogenesis, resistance to apoptosis and the suppression of host immunity. Moreover, a tumor’s CD44 expression plays an important role in tumor invasion and metastasis. We examined the expression of COX-2 and also CD44 and its variants as well as the biological implications and relationship between Cox-2 and the CD44 variants in non-small cell lung carcinoma. Methods : The expressions of Cox-2 and also CD44s and its variants (CD44v3 and CD44v6) were examined by performing immunohistochemistry on 98 surgical specimens. Results : The expressions of CD44s, CD44v3 and CD44v6 were significantly more frequent in squamous cell carcinoma specimens than in the adenocarcinoma (CD44s, p=0.033; CD44v3, p=0.007; CD44v6, p=0.022). The loss of CD44s and CD44v3 were significantly correlated with poor tumor differentiation (CD44s, p=0.03; CD44v3, p=0.011). Patients with Cox-2 positive-adenocarcinoma tumors had a significantly worse cumulative survival than did those adenocarcinoma patients without the Cox-2 (p=0.048). The expression of Cox-2 was significantly associated with the CD44s expression in non-small cell lung cancer, and especially in squamous cell carcinoma. Conclusions : These findings suggest that expression of CD44s is associated with the expression of Cox-2 in NSCLC, and especially squamous cell carcinoma.

        • KCI등재

          A Case of Cat Scratch Disease Confirmed byPolymerase Chain Reaction for Bartonella henselae DNA

          정주영,구자욱,김상유,유영삼,한태희,임성직 대한소아청소년과학회 2005 Clinical and Experimental Pediatrics (CEP) Vol.48 No.7

          We report a case of cat scratch disease (CSD) caused by Bartonella henselae in a 14-year-old boy who developed lymphadenopathy in the right cervical area, after a raising canine pet for 10 months. The cervical lymphadenopathy persisted for 14 days. Immunofluorescent antibody testing for B. henselae with the patient's serum was 1:64 positive. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) analysis using the patient's lymph node aspirates for B. henselae DNA was also positive. This is the first case of cat scratch disease confirmed by PCR for B. henselae DNA in children. Bartonella henselae DNA에 대한 PCR 검사로 확진된Cat Scratch Disease 1례인제대학교 의과대학 상계백병원 소아과,이비인후과*, 진단검사의학과†, 병리과 정주영·구자욱·김상유·유영삼*·한태희†·임성직 CSD는 고양이에 긁히거나 물린 다음에 발생하는 자가제한적 국소 림프선염을 증상으로 하는 질환이다. CSD는 소아와 성인에서 비교적 흔한 인수 공통질환이며, 특히 소아 연령의 림프선염과 원인 불명열의 중요한 원인으로 알려져 있다. CSD는 고양이 벼룩에 존재하는 배설물에 있는 B. henselae가 고양이의 발톱이나 이빨에 물리면서 인체에 접종되는 것으로 여겨지지만 감염 경로는 아직 확실하지 않다. B. henselae는 고양이 벼룩 뿐 아니라 개벼룩, 쥐이 및 진드기 등의 다양한 매개 곤충에 존재하여 다양한 가축과 야생동물을 감염시킨다. 최근에는 고양이 벼룩에 교차 감염되는 애완용 개가 중요한 중간 숙주로 대두되었다. CSD는 애완용 개나 고양이와 접촉하거나 긁힌 기왕력과 전형적인 임상증상, 조직 소견, 혈청학적 검사에 의해 주로 진단되어 왔지만 최근에는 PCR을 이용하여 최종 진단을 하게된다. 저자들은 10개월간 애완용 개를 키웠던 14세 남아에서 진단된 CSD 1례를 보고하는 바이다. 본 연구는 국내 소아에서 PCR로 진단된 최초의 CSD 증례인 점에 의의가 있다. 환아의 발열과 경부 림프선염은 10일 정도 지속되었으나 특별한 치료를 하지 않고 회복되었다. 환자의 혈청에 대해 시행한 B. henselae 간접면역 형광법 검사는 1 : 64 양성이었으며 경부 림프선 흡인물을 대상으로 시행한 PCR 검사에서 B. henselae DNA의 존재가 확인되었다.

        • Expression of Cox-2 in lung cancer

          Lim, Sung Jig,Kim, Jung Yeon 인제대학교 백병원 2002 仁濟醫學 Vol.23 No.3

          Cox-2는 대장, 췌장, 폐 그리고 두경부의 종양에서 과발현되는 것으로 알려져 있으며, 또한 전이와 국소 침윤과도 관계 있는 것으로 알려져 있다. 저자들은 86 명의 비소세포성 폐암 환자를 대상으로 면역화학적 염색을 이용하여 Cox-2 단백질의 발현을 살펴보았다. 86명의 환자 중에서 59명(68.6%)에서 Cox-2의 발현을 보였다. Cox-2 발현은 성별, 진단명, 분화, 임파절 전이, 흉막 침범, 임파선 또는 혈관 색전등과 같은 임상병리학적인 요소들과는 의미있는 관계가 없었다. 단지 선암에서 진행된 병기(stage)에 따라 Cox-2 발현이 의미있게 증가하는 것으로 나타났다. Cox-2 과발현은 누적 생존율의 감소와 의미있는 관계를 보였으며, 특히 선암에서 뚜렷하였다. Cox-2 의 발현은 비소세포성 폐암, 특히 선암에서, 발생과 예후에 중요한 역할을 하는 것으로 생각된다.

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