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      • KCI등재

        사서직의 전문성 제고를 위한 계속교육발전 방안에 관한 연구

        임동빈 한국문헌정보학회 2001 한국문헌정보학회지 Vol.35 No.4

        본 연구의 목적은 도서관 현직 사서들의 전문성을 성장 발전시킬 수 있는 체계적이고 효율적인 계속교육 방안을 모색하는데 있다. 이를 위해 설문지를 통하여 현직사서의 직력, 계속교육에 대한 경험, 현황, 의견, 요구, 제언 등을 조사한 결과는 다음과 같다. 첫째, 계속교육의 참여도는 전체적으로 부진하며 도서관 유형과 직무에 따라 차이가 있다. 둘째, 계속교육 주관처의 평가는 부진하였고 유용성은 대체로 긍정적이었다. 셋째, 계속교육을 위한 개인적인 노력은 부족하며 도서관의 유형에 따라 차이가 있다. 넷째, 비정규 계속교육은 컴퓨터와 관련된 주제로 근무시간과 방학을 이용하여 실시하기를 원하고 있다. 끝으로 계속교육 발전을 위해서 전담기구의 설치, 주관부처별 평가제도의 확립, 특성화한 프로그램의 운영, 교육과 연구에 대한 성과급 제도의 도입, 해외연수의 적극적인 주진$\cdot$새로운 계속교육 방식의 도입, 정규 계속교육의 확대 등을 제언한다. The purpose of this study is to took for systematic, effective ways of providing continuing education for incumbent librarians in order that they could be more specialized in their profession. For the purpose, this research performed pervious literature reach and then a questionnaire survey for the librarians to determine their service periods and opinions, requirements and suggestions about continuing education as above and the current status of the education. The result of the study can be described as below. First, few incumbent librarians generally participate in continuing education. The participation, if any, is different in degree according to types of the librarian's library and task. Second, continuing education provided by responsible agencies is seen negative in value, but relatively positive in validity. it is agreed that the education is not easy to be provided due to a lack of time. Third, individual incumbent librarians are little devoted to continuing education, although the devotion is somewhat different according to the type of library. Fourth, an absolute majority of the librarians want the establishment of an authorities exclusively assuming continuing education service and the provision of informal continuing education related to computer during their working hours or vacation period. Fifth, the librarians under survey suggests that it is necessary for the development of continuing education to establish an exclusively responsible authorities as mentioned before and a system for evaluating each of agencies providing continuing education service, implement relevant, specific programs, introduce incentives for those librarians who receive the education and thereon make studies, help and promote librarians to be trained abroad, apply new ways of continuous education and extend the range of such educational process.

      • KCI등재

        효율적인 Metagenomic Library의 제작 방법 탐구

        임동빈,Lim Dongbin 한국미생물학회 2004 미생물학회지 Vol.40 No.4

        I investigated an effective way to generate a metagenomic library from DNA prepared from environental samples. The sizes of DNA extracted from environmental samples were usually in the range of 10 to 100 kbp as estimated from $0.4\%$ agarose gel electrophoresis. Because of this small size, a fosmid, rather than BAC, was chosen as a vector. It was found that, for the successful generation of metagenomic library, the selection of DNA with the sized of about 40 kbp was critical and, therefore, a simple agarose gel electrophoresis system was developed to select this size of DNA. By the procedure described in this report, I obtained metagenomic libraries containing 25,000 fosmid clones, which corresponded to 1,000 Mb of metagenomic DNA. 자연계에 존재하는 미생물의 대부분이 배양이 불가능하다는 것이 밝혀진 이후, 자연계의 시료로부터 직접 유전자를 클로닝하여 유용유전자를 발굴하는 메타제놈(metagenome) 이용 방법이 주목을 받게 되었다. 그러나 실제로 오염이 심한 환경시료로부터 DNA를 추출하여 유용한 메타제놈 라이브러리(metagenomic library)를 제작하기란 쉽지 않은 일이다. 따라서 본 연구에서는 실제 메타제놈 라이브러리를 제작할 때 만나는 기술적 문제점에 대한 해결 방법을 탐구하였다. 메타제놈 라이브러리 제작에는 fosmid vector가 가장 편리하였으며, 성공적인 라이브러리제작에는 fosmid vector에 클로닝이 가능한 40 kbp 크기의 DNA 조각을 얻는 과정이 중요함을 알았다. 여러 실험 조건을 종합적으로 검사한 후 메타제놈 라이브러리 제작에 대한 최적 방법을 제사하였다.

      • KCI등재

        TRIP형 냉연강판에서 변형유기 마르텐사이르변테에 대한 응력과 변형 형태의 영향

        任東彬,李昌吉,金成俊,朴翊旻 대한금속재료학회 2002 대한금속·재료학회지 Vol.40 No.1

        The main emphasis of the present study has been placed on understanding of the effects of applied stress and strain modes on the behavior of strain induced martensite transformation in relation to formablity and mechanical properties of TRIP-aided cold-rolled steel sheets. Two kinds of cold-rolled steel sheets were prepared, and uniaxial tensile test and plane strain tensile test were conducted. Under the plane strain condition, strain induced martensite transformation was retarded than that under uniaxial tensile condition, and the rate of martensite transformation was decreased at the same major strain. This may be inferred from the fact that the applied shear stress and shear strain on test specimen under the plane strain condition was lower than under the uniaxial tensile condition. The difference of stress or strain mode plays an important role against the change of strain induced martensite transformation behavior.

      • KCI등재

        공공도서관 이용자들의 사서인식도에 관한 연구

        임동빈 한국도서관정보학회 1996 한국도서관정보학회지 Vol.24 No.-

        The writer obtained a Conclusion through this thesis as follows: First : There a n.0, ppeared that users, Cognition degree for librarian's Social status is very high. As it were, response for questioning about librarian's scholarly attainments and business type is almost accurate that we anticipate the expectation value for the librarian is very high. Second : The satisfaction degree of information services acquired by the users through public library was very skeptic. Due to the poorness of information media that we wish, and deterioration of data, it losed its qualification as a creation organization for the true information, but lots of people emphasized their opinion it only role as a "study room". Third : A questioning about librarian"s assiduity in the public library, there are lots of users Complain. Main factor of that dissatisfaction is Unkindness, and business like(duplicated) assiduity. Not only this but main desire to the public library in pusan down town by the users is also a n.0, ppeared as Kind Service. Fourth : General Controversial points in public libraries in pusan area indicated by the users who responded to the subjective questions are poor data, lack of kind service attitude and poor facilities.oor facilities.

      • KCI등재

        한국 기독교 관련 신문의 서지적 분석

        임동빈 한국도서관정보학회 1995 한국도서관정보학회지 Vol.22 No.-

        Christianity Newspapers related to Korea was started from 'The Christian Advocate' launched in 1897 by A ppenzeller, H.G, American. From here, through the division of the newspaper related to Korean Christianity, the periodic background of the time, contents of the newspaper published and the bibliographic feature are as follows. 1. The time of Introduction (1885-1910) 2. The time of Establishment (1911-1934) 3. The time of sufferings (1935-1945) 4. The time of upheaval (1946-1960) 5. The time of preparation

      • KCI등재후보

        학교급식의 친환경 농산물 품질관리에 관한 통계적 연구

        임동빈 조선대학교 기초과학연구원 2011 조선자연과학논문집 Vol.4 No.2

        This study was performed in order to examine the statistical quality control of environmentally-friendly agricultural products(EF AP) and they using school meal service whether to be influences to EF AP recognition of it's parents. As a results of above research, we can make a conclusion the elementary and middle school meal service using the EF AP leads to the recognition change to parents affirmatively in Jeollanam-do.

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