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      • KCI등재

        Nerve Conduction Studies of Median Motor Nerve and Median Sensory Branches According to the Severity of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

        이혜진,권희규,김동희,편성범 대한재활의학회 2013 Annals of Rehabilitation Medicine Vol.37 No.2

        Objective To evaluate each digital branch of the median sensory nerve and motor nerves to abductor pollicis brevis (APB) and 2nd lumbrical (2L) according to the severity of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).Methods A prospective study was performed in 67 hands of 41 patients with CTS consisting of mild, 23; moderate, 27; and severe cases, 17. Compound muscle action potentials (CMAPs) were obtained from APB and 2L, and median sensory nerve action potentials (SNAPs) were recorded from the thumb to the 4th digit. Parameters analyzed were latency of the median CMAP, latency difference of 2L and first palmar interosseous (PI), as well as latency and baseline to peak amplitude of the median SNAPs.Results The onset and peak latencies of the median SNAPs revealed significant differences only in the 2nd digit, according to the severity of CTS, and abnormal rates of the latencies were significantly lower in the 2nd digit to a mild degree. The amplitude of SNAP and sensory nerve conduction velocities were more preserved in the 2nd digit in mild CTS and more affected in the 4th digit in severe CTS. CMAPs were not evoked with APB recording in 4 patients with severe CTS, but obtained in all patients with 2L recording. 2L-PI showed statistical significance according to the severity of CTS.Conclusion The branch to the 4th digit was mostly involved and the branch to the 2nd digit and 2L were less affected in the progress of CTS. The second digit recorded SNAPs and 2L recorded CMAPs would be valuable in the evaluation of severe CTS.

      • KCI등재

        Dopamine promotes formation and secretion of non-fibrillar alpha-synuclein oligomers

        이혜진,이승재,Sung Min Baek,Dong-Hwan Ho,Ji-Eun Suk,Eun-Duk Cho 생화학분자생물학회 2011 Experimental and molecular medicine Vol.43 No.4

        Parkinson’s disease (PD) is characterized by selective and progressive degeneration of dopamine (DA)-producing neurons in the substantia nigra pars compacta (SNpc) and by abnormal aggregation of α -synuclein. Previous studies have suggested that DA can interact with α -synuclein, thus modulating the aggregation process of this protein; this interaction may account for the selective vulnerability of DA neurons in patients with PD. However, the relationship between DA and α -synuclein, and the role in progressive degeneration of DA neurons remains elusive. We have shown that in the presence of DA, recombinant human α -synuclein produces non-fibrillar, SDS-resistant oligomers, while β-sheet-rich fibril formation is inhibited. Pharmacologic elevation of the cytoplasmic DA level increased the formation of SDS-resistant oligomers in DA-producing neuronal cells. DA promoted α -synuclein oligomerization in intracellular vesicles, but not in the cytosol. Furthermore, elevation of DA levels increased secretion of α-synuclein oligomers to the extracellular space, but the secretion of monomers was not changed. DA-induced secretion of α -synuclein oligomers may contribute to the progressive loss of the dopaminergic neuronal population and the pronounced neuroinflammation observed in the SNpc in patients with PD.

      • KCI등재

        Autophagic failure promotes the exocytosis and intercellular transfer of a-synuclein

        이혜진,Eun-Duk Cho,Kyung Won Lee,김정현,조쌍구,이승재 생화학분자생물학회 2013 Experimental and molecular medicine Vol.45 No.5

        The accumulation of abnormal protein aggregates is a major characteristic of many neurodegenerative disorders, including Parkinson’s disease (PD). The intracytoplasmic deposition of a-synuclein aggregates and Lewy bodies, often found in PD and other a-synucleinopathies, is thought to be linked to inefficient cellular clearance mechanisms, such as the proteasome and autophagy/lysosome pathways. The accumulation of a-synuclein aggregates in neuronal cytoplasm causes numerous autonomous changes in neurons. However, it can also affect the neighboring cells through transcellular transmission of the aggregates. Indeed, a progressive spreading of Lewy pathology among brain regions has been hypothesized from autopsy studies. We tested whether inhibition of the autophagy/lysosome pathway in a-synuclein-expressing cells would increase the secretion of a-synuclein, subsequently affecting the a-synuclein deposition in and viability of neighboring cells. Our results demonstrated that autophagic inhibition, via both pharmacological and genetic methods, led to increased exocytosis of a-synuclein. In a mixed culture of a-synuclein-expressing donor cells with recipient cells, autophagic inhibition resulted in elevated transcellular a-synuclein transmission. This increase in protein transmission coincided with elevated apoptotic cell death in the recipient cells. These results suggest that the inefficient clearance of a-synuclein aggregates, which can be caused by reduced autophagic activity, leads to elevated a-synuclein exocytosis, thereby promoting a-synuclein deposition and cell death in neighboring neurons. This finding provides a potential link between autophagic dysfunction and the progressive spread of Lewy pathology.

      • KCI등재후보

        손 저림증 환자에서 Tinel 징후와 Phalen 검사의 진단적 가치: 전기생리학적 분석

        이혜진,문현임,권희규 대한근전도전기진단의학회 2011 대한근전도 전기진단의학회지 Vol.13 No.1

        Objectives: To evaluate the diagnostic value of Tinel sign and Phalen test through electrophysiologic analysis in patients with numb hands. Methods: Electrophysiologic findings were analyzed retrospectively in 430 patients with numb hands. 144 hands were diagnosed as normal, 341 as CTS, and 141 as cervical radiculopathy. The severity of CTS was classified into mild, moderate, severe. Positive rates of Tinel sign and Phalen test were compared in each group and the rates were analyzed according to the electrophysiologic severity of CTS. Results: Positive rate of Tinel sign and Phalen test were 35% and 20% in normal, 59%, 54% in CTS and 31%, 15% in cervical radiculopathy. Positive rate of Tinel sign was significantly higher in the severe CTS group (p<0.001). Phalen test revealed significant lower positive rate in mild group (p=0.01). Conclusions: The positive rates of Tinel sign and Phalen test were highest in CTS and had a diagnostic value of predicting severity. However, there are possibilities of false positive tests since patients with normal electrophysioloigc test and cervical radiculopathy showed have positive results in Tinel sign and Phalen test.

      • KCI등재후보

        LG Advansure^(TM) Malaria P.f./P.v. real-time QPCR의 말라리아 진단 유용성

        이혜진,김하늬,유병준,김장수,김명한,임채승,이갑노 대한진단검사의학회 2011 Laboratory Medicine Online Vol.1 No.2

        Background: Malaria is a problematic disease in Korea, and microscopic examination of Giemsa-stained blood smear has been used as the gold standard for its diagnosis. However, this technique is time-consuming and has low sensitivity in samples with low numbers of malarial parasites (<20 parasites/μL). Here, we evaluated the performance characteristics of the LG Advansure^(TM) Malaria P.f./P.v. real-time QPCR (LG life sciences,Korea). Methods: Blood samples from 173 persons who visited Korea University Ansan Hospital were evaluated. QPCR was performed in 73 malaria patients and 100 healthy subjects by using the LG Advansure Malaria P.f./P.v. real-time QPCRR kit, and the results were compared with those of microscopy. The detection limit of this kit was determined by serial dilution of Plasmodium-infected blood with normal blood (blood not infected with Plasmodium). Results: Among the 73 patients that were microscopically confirmed to have malaria (Plasmodium vivax infection, N=70, P. falciparum infection,N=3), 69 patients were diagnosed with P. vivax infection and 3 were diagnosed with P. falciparum infection by LG Advansure^(TM) Malaria P.f./P.v. realtime QPCR. Both the tests indicated absence of infection in the 100 healthy subjects. The detection limit of LG Advansure^(TM)Malaria P.f./P.v. real-time QPCR was 0.1 parasite/μL. Conclusions: LG Advansure^(TM Malaria P.f./P.v. real-time QPCRis a very sensitive and specific technique and can be used as a confirmatory test for malaria.

      • KCI등재

        중남미 무기 수입 결정요인 분석: 냉전기와 탈냉전기의 비교를 중심으로

        이혜진 육군사관학교 화랑대연구소 2015 한국군사학논집 Vol.71 No.3

        Although Latin America is not a region that has traditionally imported a large amount of arms, the amount of region’s arms imports is showing an upward trend. What is noteworthy is that there is no country so far that dominates the region’s arms market. South Korea, along with a few countries, has been seeking to enter this market and expand its share in it. The purpose of this research is to find factors that affect Latin American arms imports, which is in line with the interest of the South Korean government. The end of the Cold War was a turning point in global arms trade, showing a dramatic reduction in total volume. This research compares the determinants of Latin American arms imports during the Cold War period (1970-1991) and the post-Cold War period (1992-2010). The empirical findings of the research show that the determinants of Latin American arms imports changed from political factors to economic factors after the end of the Cold War. 전통적으로 중남미의 무기 수입 액수는 크지 않으나, 2000년 이후 꾸준히 증가하고 있는 추세이다. 중남미의 무기 수입 경향을 보면 흥미로운 것은 다른 어떤 지역들보다 무기 공급 국가들이 굉장히 다양하며, 1960년 중반 이후 더 이상 미국이 중남미 무기 시장을 지배하고 있지 않다는 점이다. 그렇기 때문에 중남미는 앞으로 우리나라 방산 시장의 수출 확대를 위한 전략적 지역으로 무기 수입 경향에 대해서는 더욱 심도 있는 연구가 필요한 지역이다. 이에 본 연구에서는 중남미의 무기 수입 결정요인에 대해 정량적 분석을 하는 것을 기본 목적으로 하며, 구체적으로 세계 무기 거래량의 현저한 감소를 가져온 전환점인 냉전 종식 이후 무기 수입 결정요인이 어떻게 변화되었는지 비교하고자 한다. 기존 연구들에 기반하여 무기 수입 결정요인을 국가적 요인(국토 크기, 인구수), 경제적 요인(1인당 국민 소득, 해외부채, 무역개방지수), 정부 형태 (군사정권 여부, 민주주의 정도), 분쟁 개입 여부(테러, 외전), 동맹 관계(미국/소련과 군사 동맹 체결 여부, 미국의 군사 원조 금액) 6가지 분야로 나누어 회귀분석을 통해 무기 수입량과의 상관관계를 알아보았다. 중남미 국가들의 냉전 시기 (1970~1991년)의 무기 수입량을 종속변수로 하여 회귀분석을 실시했으며, 이어서 탈냉전 시기 (1992~2010년)의 무기 수입량을 종속변수로 하여 회귀분석을 실시하여 두 결과를 비교 분석하였다. 냉전 기간 동안 민주화 정도, 테러, 미국의 군사원조 등 정치적 요인이 무기 수입의 주 결정요인이었다면, 탈냉전 기간 동안에는 1인당 국민소득과 같은 경제적 요인이 무기 수입의 주 결정요인이었으며, 이를 통해 중남미 무기 수입의 주 결정요인이 냉전 종식 후 바뀐 것을 알 수 있다.

      • KCI등재

        Community Integration and Quality of Life in Aphasia after Stroke

        이혜진,편성범,이유나,최현수 연세대학교의과대학 2015 Yonsei medical journal Vol.56 No.6

        Purpose: To examine community integration and contributing factors in people with aphasia (PWA) following stroke and to investigatethe relationship between community integration and quality of life (QOL). Materials and Methods: Thirty PWA and 42 age-and education-matched control subjects were involved. Main variables were as follows: socioeconomic status, mobility, and activity of daily living (ADL) (Modified Barthel Index), language function [Frenchay Aphasia Screening Test (FAST)], depression [Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS)], Community Integration Questionnaire (CIQ) and Stroke and Aphasia Quality of Life Scale-39 (SAQOL-39). Differences between aphasia and control groups and factors affecting community integration and QOL were analyzed. Results: Home and social integration and productive activity were significantly decreased in the aphasia group compared to the control group; 8.5 and 18.3 points in total CIQ score, respectively. Amount of time spent outside the home and frequency of social contact were also significantly reduced in the aphasia group. Total mean score on the SAQOL-39 was 2.75±0.80 points and was significantly correlated with economic status, gait performance, ADL, depressive mood, and social domain score on the CIQ. Depressionscore measured by GDS was the single most important factor for the prediction of QOL, but the FAST score was significantlycorrelated only with the communication domain of the SAQOL-39. Conclusion: Community activities of PWA were very limited, and depression was highly associated with decreased community integrationand QOL. Enhancing social participation and reducing emotional distress should be emphasized for rehabilitation of PWA.

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