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          가을떡과 安宅 : 충청지방을 중심으로

          이필영 이화여자대학교 한국문화연구원 2001 한국문화연구 Vol.1 No.-

          Steaming autumnal rice cake is a religious rite which purports to thank the guardian house spirits and ancestral spirits for successful harvest and to share the joy of having meals together. Housewives prepare newly harvested rice to make the sacred offerings of rice cake. Kitchen or dining room where the rice cake is prepared is kept clean and tidy. Therefore, there used to be diverse forms of taboo concerning the clean maintenance of the kitchen and the offering of the autumnal rice cake. Once the cake is ready, it is offered to all the major spirits in the household: the guardian spirit of the house, the spirit of the house site and the ancestral spirit. If we say that the offering of the autumnal cake has a thanksgiving character, that of the January cake, we can say, has the characteristics of the new year welcoming and the praying for the fruitful year. That explains why we name the January cake as the farming cake. Rice cake ceremonies are held annually and prepared mainly by housewives, while house-comforting ceremonies are held at irregular intervals on special occasions. In a house-comforting ceremony, a professional ceremony holder(經客), who leads the ceremony with special scriptures(經文), is invited to perform the rather systematic procedures. The ceremony is held when the household is newly moved, or some fortunate or unfortunate things occurred to the family members. The main purpose of this ceremony is to welcome the guardian spirit of the household. Thus, the climactic moment of the ceremony is that of the welcoming the guardian spirit. The ceremony holder performs the ceremony moving around the every corner of the house. He recites the scriptures(經文) such as the scripture(經文) of the the Dragon King(龍王), that of the Soy-jar terrace, that of the oxen and horses, that of the household spirit, that of the ancestral spirit, and so on and prays for the well-being of the household. In both the autumnal rice cake offering rite and the house-comforting ceremony, housewives play the major role in everything. They have a firm belief in the validity of the ceremonies and lead the whole procedures from the beginning to the end. Though every procedure is performed under the tacit approval or assent of the head of the family, the housewives’ fervent wish for the well-being of the household prepares everything for the ceremony. In conclusion, we can say that in the autumnal rice-cake offering one of the household members plays the role of the non-professional priest and performs the rite praying for the peace of the household and thanking for the successful harvest. It is a humble form of the religious ceremony. When the autumnal rice-cake rite is developed into a more systematic form of the ceremony, it becomes the house-comforting ceremony where the professional ceremony holder leads the religious rite by reciting the scriptures suited to every occasion. He prays for the well-being of the household by offering scriptures to all the major guarding spirits of the household. The two ceremonies thus keep the household safe and peaceful and make the household ready for the future fortunes.

        • KCI등재
        • 모과(Chaenomeles Sinensis Koehne) 種子 發芽特性에 關한 硏究 : Chaenomeles sinensis Koehne

          李弼英 안성산업대학교 1986 論文集 Vol.18 No.-

          아세아가 原産이며 우리나라에도 自生하는 主要한 造景用 樹木으로 평가받고 있는 모과(木瓜 chaenomeles sinensis koehne)에 關하여 種子發芽 特性에 關하여 1978∼1979年에 걸쳐 硏究 調査하였던 바 그 主要 結果를 要約하면 다음과 같다. 1. 各 播種된 모과種子는 休眼中에 있으며 약 60日以上의 低溫處理는 休眼을 거의 完壁하게 打破하였다. 2. 播種된 種子를 水洗後 1年間 乾燥貯藏한 것은 完全히 發芽力을 喪失하였다. 3. 各 播種된 種子의 一部 또는 全部 外內皮를 除外하는 것은 發芽를 顯著히 促進하였다. 4. Aceton이나 Alcohol등에 種子를 沈漬하는 것은 外皮 및 內皮에 存在하는 發芽抑制와 關係되는 物質을 용출시켜 주므로서 發芽를 促進하는데 效果的이었다. A survey and investigations have been made on the seed germination of Chinese quince (Chaenomeles sinensis koehne) which is native to Asia including Korea and becoming popular as an important plant material for landscape. The results are summarized as follows: 1. The seeds were in dormancy when harvested in the fall. But stratification of the seeds at 5℃ for more than 60 days completely released the dormancy. 2. The seeds, washed, dried, and stored at room temperature completely lost viability within a year. 3. Scarification, removal of seed coat and 1 or integuments significantly accelerated the seed germination of unchilled seeds. 4. Soaking seed in 5-10% aceton or methanol for 4 hours was effective in accelerating seed germination of unchilled seeds, possibly by removing inhibitor-like substances from the seed coat and/or integuments.

        • KCI등재후보
        • KCI등재

          유아의 시간 부사어 발달에 관한 연구

          이필영,전은진,장은화 우리말학회 2009 우리말연구 Vol.25 No.-

          '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 7시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

        • KCI등재

          X와 十의 象徵性

          이필영 한국박물관학회 2006 博物館學報 Vol.- No.10·11

          '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 7시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

          민속학은 기본적으로 현재라는 시점에서 조사하여 수집된 전승 자료를 기초로 하여 연구된다. 이들 자료는 주로 행위, 사고, 언어 그리고 물질 등의 영역에 걸쳐있다. 그런데 이들 자료 중에는 간혹 시간과 공간을 초월하여 강한 橋賣l生과 普遍l生을 보이는 것들이 있다. 물론 지속성과 보편성 을 지닌다고 해도 그 자체 안에는 시간과 공간의 편차에 따른 변화나 차이는 당연히 전제된다. 그 러나넓은의미에서 쉽게 말하면시공을초월하여 어느정도의 공통성이 발견된다고할수있다. 민속학 연구의 과정에서 우연히 또는 의도적으로 주목하게 된 어떤 특정 자료가 처음에는 특정 지역에서만 전승되는 것으로 알고 있다가, 점차 주변으로 동일 자료에 대한 관심을 넓히면 더욱 광범한 지역에, 그리고 때로는 다소의 지역적 편차는 있지만 전국적 현상임을 알게 될 경우가 있 다. 또한 한국을 둘러 싼 인근 지역이나 더욱이 그 밖의 지역, 곧 세계적으로 관심을 확대하면 통 일 자료가세계의 많은지역에서 또는범세계적으로 분포하고 있음을확인하게 될 때도 있다.

        • KCI등재

          유아의 보조사 사용에 관한 종적 연구 -31~43개월 아동을 대상으로-

          이필영,김정선,심민희 청람어문교육학회 2009 청람어문교육 Vol.40 No.-

          In this study, the author performed a longitudinal observation on four children whose ages were 31 to 43 months old, analyzing types of using delimiters based on a list of delimiters, frequency of appearance, and time of first appearance, and distributed modes based on preceding factors combined with delimiters. First, the average of speaking delimiters used by the children was 11.4%, and the list of delimiters appearing included ten delimiters. There were differences by each child in the list of appearing delimiters and the ranking of their appearance, except for the upper three ones ‘은, 도, and 만’ that appeared with higher frequency. Then, ‘다(가), 까지, 들a, 밖에, 부터, (이)나,’ and ‘대로’ in order appeared, and some children did not speak ‘(이)나’ or ‘대로’. As for the time of first appearance by forms, ‘은, 도’, and ‘만’ were likely to be learned before 31 months, followed by ‘다(가), 밖에, 까지, 부터,’ and ‘들’. Second, the factors preceding delimiters were noun phrases, case particles, endings, adverbs, and delimiters (in order), and there were differences in the list and ranking of appearance of combination types by children. 본 연구에서는 31개월부터 43개월의 아동 네 명을 종적으로 관찰하여, 보조사 목록과 출현 빈도, 초출 시기를 중심으로 한 사용 양상과 보조사가 결합하는 선행 요소에 따른 분포적 양상을 분석하였다. 1) 유아들의 보조사 사용 발화 비율은 평균 약 11.4%였고, 출현한 보조사 목록은 총 10개였다. 출현 보조사 목록과 출현 순위에서는 고빈도로 출현하는 상위 3위인 ‘은, 도, 만’을 제외하고는 유아별로 차이가 있었다. 4위부터 10위까지는 ‘다(가)’, ‘까지’, ‘들a’, ‘밖에’, ‘부터’, ‘(이)나’, ‘대로’의 순이었는데 유아별로 ‘(이)나’나 ‘대로’가 출현하지 않는 경우가 있었다. 형태별 초출 시기는 ‘은, 도, 만’은 31개월 이전에 습득된 것으로 보이고, ‘다가, 밖에, 까지, 부터, 들’의 순서로 나타났다. 2) 보조사에 선행하는 요소는 명사구, 격조사, 어미, 부사 및 보조사 순으로 많이 나타났는데 유아별로 결합 유형의 출현 목록 및 순위는 차이가 있었다.

        • KCI등재후보

          결절맥락막혈관병증의 광역학치료

          이필영,김기석,이원기 대한안과학회 2004 대한안과학회지 Vol.45 No.2

          '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 7시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

          Purpose: To evaluate the effect of photodynamic therapy in polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy. Methods: A retrospective review of eighteen patients (18 eyes) with polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy treated with photodynamic therapy was done. Follow-up period was more than 6 months after therapy. The change of visual acuity, exudative lesion on fundus examination, abnormal vasculature in indocyanine green angiography, and adverse effects of treatment were evaluated. Results: Photodynamic therapy was performed to the entire lesion in 12 eyes, and to the active polypoidal lesions selectively in 6 eyes. In 15 eyes (83%), polyps were occluded with resolution of exudative change. The best corrected visual acuity improved in 8 eyes (44%), unchanged in 6 eyes (33%), and worsened in 4 eyes (22%). Visual acuity did not improve in spite of resolution of exudative change due to retinal pigment epithelium atrophy and fibrous change. Connecting vascular network was occluded after second photodynamic therapy in only one eye out of 12 eyes that received photodynamic therapy to the entire lesion. Conclusions: In polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy, photodynamic therapy with verteporfin was effective in occlusion of the symptomatic polypoidal lesions and resolution of exudation. But it was not effective in occlusion of the branching vascular network. 목적 : 결절맥락막혈관병증에서 verteporfin을 이용한 광역학치료의 효과를 알아보고자 하였다. 대상과 방법 : 광역학치료를 시행받은 결절맥락막혈관병증 환자 가운데 6개월 이상 경과 관찰이 가능했던 환자 18명 18안에 대해 의무기록을 후향적으로 검토하여, 시력, 삼출 변화, 인도시아닌그린혈관조영에서 이상혈관의 변화 및 치료 부작용을 조사하였다. 결과 : 광역학치료는 12안은 전체 병변에, 6안은 결절 병변에 대해서만 시행하였다. 결절 병변의 퇴행은 15안(83%)에서 있었으며, 이 경우 삼출 병변의 호전이 동반되었다. 시력 변화는 호전 8안(44%), 유지 6안(33%), 악화 4안(22%)이었다. 결절 병변의 퇴행이 시력 호전으로 이어지지 않는 원인으로는 망막색소상피 위축, 섬유성 변화 등이 있었다. 분지하는 혈관망(connecting vascular network)의 폐쇄는 12안 중 1안에서만 2차 치료 후 관찰되었다. 결론 : 결절맥락막혈관병증에서 광역학치료는 증상을 일으킨 결절을 폐쇄시키고 삼출 병변을 감소시키는데 효과가 있었지만, 분지하는 혈관망의 폐쇄에는 효과적이지 않았다.

        • 일부생명보험가입자(一部生命保險加入者)의 사인별(死因別) 사망순위(死亡順位)에 대(對)한 연차적추이(年次的推移)와 사망율(死亡率)의 비교연구(比較硏究)

          이필영,Lee, Pil-Yeong 한국생명보험의학회 1986 保險醫學會誌 Vol.3 No.1

          A review team has been set up in Yong Nahm central Bureau Dong Bang Life Insurance Company to study on yearly treands and Mortalities of life insureds according to the causes of deaths. The subjects included in this study were the Life insureds in these area offices and one Who died within 2 years after the admission during 17 months period between 1984-4-1 and 1985-8-31. In cases of the insurance for educational fund, the subjects were the applicants who pay the dues of insurances instead of the insured youngsters. 1) The most frequent cause of death was malignant newgrowth, the next was heart disease, the third was central nervous vascular system diseases, and the fourth was Hepatitis and Liver cirrhosis. 2) The previous Leading cause of deaths were infectious diseases, Parasitic disease or Respiratory diseases, Such as Pneumonia bronchitis, Tuberculosis, Since remarkable prolongation of the longevity of Korean population in recent years, this has been showed marked changes after 1980, this phenomenon would be in accordance with Bogue's theory. 3) The authors hoped to extend this study to get more clear views, because it covered only a short period and very limitted areas of subjects to make a difinite conclusion on this time.

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