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        • KCI등재

          조선조의 향교문고에 관한 연구

          이춘희,Lee Choon-hee 한국문헌정보학회 1978 한국문헌정보학회지 Vol.5 No.-

          The libraries of the various learning institutes in the Yi Dynasty may be categorized into four types: 1) The Hyang-Gyo library(the public school libraries in rural districts) 2) The Sabu-Hankdang library (the public school libraries in the Capital) 3) The $S\bar{o}w\bar{o}n$ library (the libraries of private learning institutes) 4) The $Jyon-Gy\bar{o}ng-Gak$ library (the library of the Sung Kyun Kwan which was the highest learning institute in the Yi Dynasty) For the historical study of Korean libraries as well as its education and culture the Hyang-Gyo libraries hold an very important position, but undeservedly its study has been neglected. In this paper, the writer made an effort to grasp the various function of the Hyang-Gyo libraries with its historical background.

        • KCI등재

          근대 한국 도서관사 연구 -개화기에 있어서 근대도서관사상의 형성과정을 중심으로-

          이춘희,Lee Choon Hee 한국문헌정보학회 1989 한국문헌정보학회지 Vol.16 No.-

          The purpose of this study is to investigate the influential factors creating the modern library thought in the latter part of Yi Dynasty. After Korea was forced to make a treaty opening up the country in 1876, Western civilization was introduced and reforms were carried out eventually. Various influential factors could be taken into consideration as follows. (1) The envoys to Japan after 1876 (2) Tourists party to Japan organized by Gentlemen in 1982 (3) The persons who studied abroad (4) Establishment of modern schools and development of publications: on the new learning. (5) News media and others Above all, the persons who studied abroad, such as Yu Gil Jun, Yun Chi Ho, etc., in early stage has contributed most to the extension of public recognition for modern library in Korea. Therefore it can be said that the formation of modern library thought in Korea was based on the theory of the Western library as was the Japan in the period of Meiji Restoration. Patriotic intelectualls in these days believed that reform of the educational system and the diffusion of knowledge was very much meeded in order to preserve an independent Korea and to build up national strength, and then nation-wide campaign for enlightenment was earried on. For that reason the movement of the national library establishment in 1906 also should be regarded from the same point of view, that is, as a part of the enlightenment campaign. Therefore it should not go unheeded that strong patriotism was always streamed under the ground of the library campaign as well as the new learning and new education campaign. Unfortunately every plan of Korean library movement had broken down and missed the chance for having experience of self-development because of the Japanese invasion.

        • KCI등재

          존경각장서(尊經閣藏書)에 관한 일고찰(一考察)

          이춘희,Lee, Choon-Hee 한국비블리아학회 1972 한국비블리아학회지 Vol.1 No.-

          Jon Gyunk Gak established in 1475 was the library of Sung Kyun Kwan which was the only university in the period of Yi Dynasty. For the study of library histories of Korea, particularly the libraries of high learning institutions the Jon Gyung Gak library acquires a greater importance. The collection of Jon Gyung Gak consisted mainly of Chinese classics such as the works of Confucius, Mencius, or the books about histories which were the textbooks of students in those days. But the books about Laoism or Buddhism were strictly forbiddened, and also books like medicine or agriculture pertaining to technical sciences were disregarded. The Jon Gyung Gak was destroyed by fire in 1514 and suffered severely again by the 1m Chin War in 1590's, but the library had been made constant efforts to maintain its collections for the performance of educational functions. This paper gives special emphasis to analyzing the collection of Jon Gyung Gak by its chronological order.

        • KCI등재

          문중문고(門中文庫)에 대하여 -특(特)히 수봉정사(壽峰精舍).영규헌(映奎軒) 우문고(雨文庫)를 중심(中心)으로-

          이춘희,Lee, Choon-Hee 한국비블리아학회 1974 한국비블리아학회지 Vol.2 No.-

          The libraries that existed during the latter period of the Yi Dynasty may be categorized into four types: the royal library, the school library, the clan community library, and the private library. Of these, the clan community library has yet received very little attention in the study of Korean libraries. In this study the author discusses the purposes, functions, and collections of the clan community library to clarify what that particular type of old libraries in Korea was. The clan community library functioned within individual clan communities to give young people Korean traditional education protecting them from possible influences of. Japanese version of Western scholarship which had threatened the traditional value systems of the society. The author believes that the clan community library was a unique community institution created by Korean people, and the Korean public library movement should trace its origin back to the activities of the libraries. Unfortunately the growing suppression and control of the Japanse colonial regime upon the traditional schools made the purposes and development of the clan community library movement a tragic experience before its flowering. The clan community library was a Korean native public library which came out in response to a historical situation and community need. It may deserve more attention in future study of the national library movement of Korea.

        • KCI등재

          고문서(古文書)의 유형별(類型別) 분류(分類)에 관한 연구(硏究)

          이춘희,Lee, Choon-Hee 한국비블리아학회 1984 한국비블리아학회지 Vol.6 No.-

          The purpose of this research is (i) to establish the principles particularly appropriate for the arrangement of archival collections is korea, and (ii) to produce a workable model of classification scheme in conformity with the established principles. The archival collections in korea are roughly devided into two groups as follows. (1) The collections of professional institutions of archives such as Korean National Archives. (2) The collections preserved by libraries, museums, and other similar institutions as a secondary collection, and these groups of collections are generally non-systematic collecting. For the arrangement of the former collections, the concept of "respect des fonds" which is universally accepted principies in archives are also applicable. But in case of the arrangement of the latter collections, the above mentioned principles are inappropriate because its collections a re built in separate pieces of documents and records without any relevance to the original function or structure of the corporation. Consequantly it is badly needed to make some devices for the arrangement of these archival collections since the archival collections of korea, in the majority of cases, belong to the latter. The author produced a tentative classification scheme, and adapted the korean traditional form (or type) of documents and records as a cardinal principle of the classification. The scheme is presented at the end of this paper.

        • KCI등재

          국립중앙도서관의 자료정리현황과 그 방향에 관한 연구

          이춘희,Lee Choon Hee 한국문헌정보학회 1980 한국문헌정보학회지 Vol.7 No.-

          Because of the changes made in the modes of cataloguing and classification in its long history, the present catalogue of the National Central Library has become complicated and provides an inadequate guide to its collection. There can be no doubt that this is a serious deficiency in a closed access library since materials housed in the library are virtually inaccessible to unskilled readers. The whole breakdown of the efficiency of the catalogue is emminent and will ultimately create the most serious problems for the library. The main purpose of this survey is: (a) to identify problem areas created by the frequent changes in the cataloguing and classifying principles in the library and (b) to grope a rational direction for the future development. Analysing the various classification schemes and cataloguing rules adopted in processing materials (mainly books) in the library, the following conclusions have been made. A. The library adopted five different clasification schemes in different periods, of which KDCP was used for the most part of its collection. KDCP is recommended to use for the future colletion. A classification development office is recommended to be established within the library, of which the main function is to revise the KDCP in collaboration with the appropriate committee of the Korean Library Association. B. The present practice in the library is to apply three different cataloguing rules and two different author notation tables to the Oriental, classical, and Western collections. Efforts should be made to find out an efficient system so that this variety is simplified. An alphabetical index should be added to the classified catalogue, and improvements are required in the Japanese collection. C. The technical services division is inadequately staffed. The staff should be sufficiently numerous and specially qualified. D. The present financial support for the technical services of the library is inadequate. Sufficient financial provision should be made to ensure the effective work. E. A feasibility study should be carried out to develop a computer processing system for providing machine-readable catalogue records on magnetic tape for use by the library community in Korea.

        • KCI등재

          영어의 Middle 동사 구문 연구

          이춘희 ( Lee Choon-hee ) 대한영어영문학회 2007 영어영문학연구 Vol.33 No.2

          Middle constructions such as “Sports cars sell quickly,” “The car drives smoothly” are different from those of ergatives even though they are common in that both have one argument on the syntactic surface. And they are not identical with the corresponding passives even if they both have non-agent subjects. This research examines some factors which contribute to the acceptability of such middle constructions. Rejecting a syntactic approach that middle construction is generated by a syntactic rule “Move-α” from transitive construction, I argue the middle construction should be dealt with in a lexical approach related to semantic explanation for universal characterization. The stative nature of middles can explain the inability to be subjected to lexical processes like “Out Prefixation” and “Preposition Stranding” that are used for supporting a syntactic approach to middle construction. Explaining the verbal intransitivity which is derived lexically or syntactically will help understand the different types of intransitive verbs (Jeonju University)

        • KCI등재
        • KCI등재
        • KCI등재

          PCB Photo-lithography 공정에 사용되는 Photo-resist인 Dry Film에 대한 물의 확산 침투 현상평가

          이춘희 ( Choon Hee Lee ),정기호 ( Gi Ho Jeong ),신안섭 ( An Seob Shin ) 한국공업화학회 2013 공업화학 Vol.24 No.6

          본 연구에서는 ATR-FTIR (Attenuated Total Reflectance-Fourier Transfer Infrared)기법을 이용하여 PCB 회로형성에 사용하는 아크릴레이트 계열의 포토레지스트 드라이필름(Dry film)의 흡습 특성을 평가하였다. 또한 습도 변화에 따른 드라이필름의 파단면을 관찰하여 습도에 따라 고분자의 파단특성이 달라지는 것으로 확인하였으며, 정량적인 분석방법으로써 흡습에 따른 무게 변화 및 ATR-FTIR을 이용한 흡광도 변화를 통하여 확산계수를 계산하였다. 실험 결과 주변 환경의 온도와 습도가 높아질수록 상온에서 취성과 연성의 중간 정도의 특성을 나타내던 드라이필름이 연성으로 전이되는 사실을 확인할 수 있었고, 온도와 습도가 낮을 경우엔 취성의 특성을 나타냄을 알 수 있었다. 이를 통해 PCB 회로형성 공정의 온·습도 환경 조건을 항상 일정하게 유지해야 일정한 품질을 유지할 수 있다는 사실을 알 수 있었다. 본 연구에서 사용된 흡습특성 평가법인 ATR-FTIR방법의 타당성을 확보하기 위해, 기존에 많이 사용하는 무게 변화법을 통한 고분자-물 확산계수와 ATR-FTIR을 이용한 값을 상호 비교하였다. ATR-FTIR을 이용한 방법은 무게변화법과 동일한 수준의 정확도를 가질 뿐만 아니라 흡습 및 탈습 과정에서 고분자 구조가 어떻게 변화하는지를 평가할 수 있어 가장 적합한 방법으로 판단된다. In this study, we have evaluated the water absorption phenomenon of photoresist dry film, which is commonly used to build circuits on PCB (Printed Circuit Board) by photolithography, by using ATR-FTIR (Attenuated Total Reflectance-Fourier Transform Infrared). We have firstly observed significant change in fracture mode of dry film with respect to temperature and humidity, which we assumed the material transition from ductile to brittle. Secondly, we have established the process of absorption test for determining the diffusion coefficients of water into the dry film both with gravimeter and ATR-FTIR. We have successfully calculated the diffusion coefficients for each environmental conditions from the results which we achieved by gravimeter and ATR-FTIR. Compared to the gravimeter which is a conventional method for absorption test, the ATR-FTIR method in this study has been found to be very easy to use and have the same accuracy as gravimeter. Moreover, we are expecting to use the ATR-FTIR as an appropriate method to study the absorption phenomena related to any kinds of solvent and polymer system.

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