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      • 大藏經刻板과 그 傳說

        李鍾源 동국대학교 불교대학 1958 東國思想 Vol.1 No.-

        불교계에서 자랑할만한 고려대장경판핵은 세계적 자랑거리이며 민족문화의 결정임과 동시에 대국보로서 경남 합천 해인사 경내에 비치되어 있다. 지금으로 부터서 약 700여년전 고려 22대 고종 23년에 시작하여 16년간 기간이 소요되어 고종 38년에 제작완료 하였다고 한다. 이것은 처음이 아니고 전 고려 8대 현종시부터 왕왕 계단병침입과 몽고병침인의 병화로 소실되었든 것은 고종이 재각하였다는 전설도 있다. 이 대장경이라 하는 것은 불교에서 경율론을 합한 3장 즉 이것을 대장경이라고 하며 이 대정경속에 포함된 팔만사천법장을 대거하면 이것을 팔만대장경이라고 부른다. 대장경은 우리 나라에서 뿐만 아니라 전세계적 대보로 되어 있는데, 세계불교를 통하여 범어 몽고어 파리어를 제외하고 한자판으로 중국 일본에서 간행한 것이 현재까지 10회밖에 안된다. 그중 고려에서 간행한 것이 4회라고 한다.

      • 眼精疲勞에 對한 觀察

        李鍾源,李裁興 中央醫學社 1968 中央醫學 Vol.15 No.3

        276 cases of asthenopia of various origins were studied, and the following results were obtained. 1) The cases were classified as following in order of frequency: Accommodative (38. 3 %), muscular (37. 7% ), Symptomatic (17. 0%), Psychogenic (4. 0%) Systemic reactive (2. 9%). 2) Accommodative, and Symptomatic asthenopia were predominant in young age group, but muscular and systemic reactive asthenopia in older age group. 3) Hyperphoria revealed marked symptoms of asthenopia even in it's slight degrees, and occupied 21.2% of muscular asthenopia. 4) It is noticeable that corneal erosions were found in 14 cases of 47 symptomatic astheopia cases.

      • 회전수 변화시 원통형과 비틀림형의 Steam Turbine Blade 고유진동에 관한 연구(Ⅱ편)

        李種元 慶熙大學校 1985 論文集 Vol.14 No.-

        Recently, a steam turbine blade is becoming larger and more flexible, therefore it is necessary to calculate natural frequencies of long, cylindrical twisted turbine blade for avoiding resonance of rotation. In this paper, the vibration characteristics of free-standing blade are experimently investigated and calculated. A method of analysis is transfer matrix mathod. Furthermore, their extension makes possible the evaluation of certain elastic constraints the lashing wire and shroud band. The calculated values do agree with the test values but with a small errors.

      • KCI우수등재
      • 統一에 對備한 韓國經濟의 進路模索

        李鍾元 成均館大學校 韓國産業硏究所 1994 韓國經濟 Vol.21 No.1

        Recent transition in the North Korea, Russia, Germany and Easten Europe has brought about higher hope for and possibility of reunification in the Korean Penninsula. In responce to such a transition, this study is to make useful policy suggestions for the smooth transition toward market economy system in the North when unified. To do this, this study, inthe first place, developed a new model with which economic development process not only in Europe but also in Asia and Korea can be evaluated under the same paradigm. Based on the new paradigm, Korean economy, both South and North, are thoroughly and critically reviewed. And in due course, the problems that both sides have faced are summarized and compared. Finally this study suggests a desirable path for the unfied Korea to take for the future economic development, and the short-and logn-term policy measures for the South Korea to utilize before and after unification for the build-up of the homogeneous national economic intefration.

      • EC 豫算問題에 關한 小考

        李鐘垣 水原大學校 1990 論文集 Vol.8 No.-

        The EC's budget is modest compared with that of the member states; in 1988, for example, it amounted to 3.56 per cent of the national budgets. In that year, according to the Commission, each Community citizen paid an average of Ecu 142 to the Community, and more than 30 times that amount to his own country. Despite this disparity, the EC's budget has been, and continuous to be, a sourse of periodic dispute between the member states and between them, the Commission and the Pariament. The EC's budget is very small compared to the other federal countries such as USA and West Germany of which federal goverment's expenditure is 20-25 per cent of GDP. It is inevitable to increase the budget for the European Community to become the United States of Europe, final destination of the EC. And the considerable parts of the increased budget should be transferred to the poor member states from the rich countries. In other words, Community shall have to invest its budget in the underdeveloped regions and the regions in the process of redevolpment. Also Community needs to invest in the area of the industries which are vulnerable in the course of the rapid integration of 1992. In reality, however, it is difficult to increase Ec budget. Therefore, the most important thing is how member states come to share the budern. In addition, monetary, economic and political integration of the EC will be completed by the end of 1992 with the completion of the internal market. But in order to decrease the negative impact resulting from the rapid integration, the expansion of EC budget is essential.

      • KCI우수등재
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