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        • KCI등재

          장애인연금법의 정책결정과정 분석

          이진숙 ( Jin Sook Lee ), 이석형 ( Suk Hyung Lee ) 한국사회복지정책학회 2010 사회복지정책 Vol.37 No.3

          장애로 인하여 빈곤에 처한 중증장애인에게 생활안정과 복지향상 및 사회통합을 도모하기 위한 목적으로 제정된 장애인연금법은 2010년 7월부터 시행되고 있다. 하지만 전문가들이나 장애인단체들은 이 법이 장애인을 위한 실질적인 소득보장으로 기능하지 못하고, 이 제도의 수급자는 현재의 소득보다 오히려 소득이 줄게 될 것이며, 또한 제도가 중증장애인만을 대상으로 하고 있어 소득이 없는 경증장애인은 배제하는 조항을 담고 있다고 강하게 비판하고 있다. 본 연구는 장애인연금법의 정책결정과정을 킹돈(Kingdon)의 정책결정이론을 통해 분석해 봄으로써 장애인연금법의 정책결정과정이 시사하는 함의를 도출하고자 하였다. 연구결과, 장애인연금법은 두 가지 함의를 가진다. 첫째, 장애인연금법의 정책결정은 정부중심으로 주도된 정책과정이라기 보다는 사회문제당사자들이 중심이 되어 정책과정을 끌어 간 모형으로 규정이 가능하다. 둘째, 장애인연금법은 다원주의적 정책결정의 한 사례로서, 문제당사자들의 욕구가 다양한 통로를 통해 정치계 내로 진입되어 문제당사자들을 대표하는 이익집단과 정치권과의 연대를 통해 만들어진 결실이라 할 수 있다. The Pension act for the disabled has been established for the purpose of the supporting stable living standard and promotion of social welfare and social integration for the disabled who is in poverty. The Pension act for the disabled is enforced from 07. 01. 2010. However, the experts and the disabled are very critical on this program because there still remains the clauses which look away the needs of the disabled. The purpose of this study is to analyze the policy making process of the Pension act for the disabled by using John Kingdon`s policy window theory and to indicate its implications. According to the findings of this study, the Pension act for the disabled has two theoretical implications. First, the policy making process of the Pension act for the disabled is the model that is initiated by the disabled and interest groups who are outside of the policy system. Second, the Pension act for the disabled is one case of the pluralistic policy making models.

        • 다문화가정의 실태와 문제점에 관한 연구

          이석형(Suk Hyung Lee) 영남신학대학교 2008 신학과 목회 Vol.30 No.-

          Speaking of multi-cultural family, there are various definitions about it but this study only considered the families consisting of migrant women and Korean men. In the problems of multi-cultural family, this study investigated issues on the process of marriage such as matchmakers and issues on the process of settlement such as language, finance, education for children, and acquiring citizenship. Also, this study considered the issues on Center for multi-cultural family based on an act of muti-cultural support and cnsidered the issues revision based on an act of Marriage brokerage. In conclusion, among many other multiple attempts to help them, it is ultimately important to recognize them as our own brothers and sisters.

        • KCI등재
        • 사회복지학과 역량중심교육과정에 관한 연구

          이석형(Suk-Hyung Lee) 영남신학대학교 2020 신학과 목회 Vol.54 No.-

          The Department of Social Welfare at Youngnam Theological University and Seminary should actively and well cope with the era of the fourth industry, globalization, and information service. To that end, we looked at the core competencies of Youngnam Theological University and Seminary based on the findings of the certification evaluation results of the university's institutions. We looked at other universities' cases and literature on how social welfare curricula should be organized to enhance their core competencies. We also looked at what to do for future competency-oriented education courses and social welfare departments. The goals of the revised Department of Social Welfare according to the Youngnam Theological University and Seminary's core competencies were these: first, to develop social welfare professional qualifications by field, second, to build spirituality based on reverence, third, to foster a spirit of service based on philosophy and ethics, fourth, to cultivate professional skills available on-site, and fifth, to foster global social welfare talents. Based on this, the curriculum was revised and found that among the core competencies, the curriculum of field and internationality was relatively low. To enhance fieldwork, it is necessary to establish an administrative support system related to practice. It is necessary to establish an administrative support system related to practice in order to enhance the fieldwork. In the case of internationality, subjects that can work in the International Cooperation Organization are needed as well as the studies of the curriculum are needed, and subjects related to unification social welfare are also required.

        • 문화복지 거버넌스의 탐색적 연구

          이석형(Suk-Hyung Lee) 영남신학대학교 2010 신학과 목회 Vol.34 No.-

          Cultural Welfare is new area in Social welfare Practice. This study provide meanings and needs of Cultural Welfare. The Meaning of Cultural Welfare is guarantee of Cultural Welfare Activity which Government's Institutional support and private networks. People get improvement of life Quality. Activating Cultual Welfare, Governance of Cultural Welfare is needed. Also, This Study shows Theatre Kongnamul's case which performed Governance of Cutural Welfare. The Leading Requirements of the Governance of Cultural Welfare are Local Peculiar, Education of Arts, and Organization of Systematic Cultural Welfare. Governance of Cutural Welfare is not top-down System which roots Govenment but button-up system which roots voluntary local resident. Succeeding of Governance of Cultural Welfare, it need finance and adminstration. Compromise Model which both contains Top-down System and Buttom-up System is needed. Succeeding factors of this study's case are preliminary research stage of local area, communication with local residents, systematic Governance of local resources, a local government head's concern about Governance, and Government handed over power to the local resident. Ultimately, This Study Provide basic-data of the Governance Development of Cultural Welfare.

        • 청소년비행 위험요인에 관한 연구

          이석형(Suk Hyung Lee) 영남신학대학교 2007 신학과 목회 Vol.28 No.-

          This study is based on the premise that preventing juvenile delinquency in advance is the best and the most effective way of preventing it from ever happening. The purpose of this study is first to develop a barometer to diagnose and measure the risk factors on a student. It is known that risk factors may increase the possibility of juvenile delinquency. The author made a survey of nine hundred and thirty one students, which consists of both middle school 2nd graders and high school 2nd graders (8th and 11th graders). The author examines their risk factors. As a result, he comes to the conclusion as follows. First, most important risk factors include depression, anti-society sentiment, impulsive nature, aggressive nature, negative family economy, family trouble, delinquency bond, discrimination from teachers, and an environment of tolerating delinquency. Second, in general, following types of students were found showing higher risk factors: male students, high school students, students with single parent, students with father in non-specialized job, students with father possessing less than bachelor's degree, students with mother possessing less than bachelor's degree, students with family renting a place to live, and students without religion Based on the study above, the author suggests ways of reinforcing protective factors to prevent juvenile delinquency. To reduce the anti-society sentiment, it would be effective to use a self-esteem enhancement program, mentoring program, parent education, family healing, teaching of parent roles, teacher's personality development, volunteer program, and so on; to reduce the depression, it would be effective to use self-esteem enhancement program, mentoring program, parent education, family healing, and teaching of parent role; to reduce the impulsive and aggressive natures, it would be effective to use self-esteem enhancement program, mentoring program, parent education, family healing, teaching of parent role, and anger- control program; to reduce family trouble, it would be effective to use parent education, family healing, teaching of parent role, and the program for substituting family roles; to reduce the negative family economy, it would be effective to use parent education, family healing, teaching of parent role, and low-income family supporting program; to reduce the delinquency bond, it would be effective to use self-esteem enhancement program, and teacher's personality development program; to reduce the discrimination of teachers, it would be effective to use teacher's personality development program and the program of interference of School Social Worker and to reduce the environment of tolerating delinquency, it would be effective to use self-esteem enhancement program, parent education, quitting of smoking and drinking program, campaign or education program for the community. In conclusion, preventing juvenile delinquency is seriously affected not only by an individual juvenile, but also by the environment around the juvenile. Therefore, we should consider changing and improving the environment for the juvenile in a governmental policy scale. We should always analyze their environment proactively and then should endeavor to exploit more effective protective factors, whether they are related to individual, family, school, friend, or the community. At the same time, we should try very hard to correctly intervene at all times in arising social welfare cases. This would be possible only by having inclusive and effective access to the community.

        • 미주 작은 교회 연합사역 분석 연구

          이석형(Suk-Hyung Lee) 영남신학대학교 2018 신학과 목회 Vol.50 No.-

          This study is based on the meaning and role of alliance pastorate the CSO(Church Support Organization) cases. CSO is actively engaged in alliance pastorate for 10 years; mainly in New York and New Jersey small churches. Therefore, this study is suggesting a direction of the alliance pastorate based on CSO activities. It will also promote a quality growth rather than quantitative growth of the small Korean Churches. The general characteristics, presence of facilities, application and convenience of facilities, and happiness and satisfaction of the pastor in a Korean Church in the State results are as follows. It is impossible for the pastors and ministers to fulfill their basic living with their monthly incomes. Majority are planting churches. In other words, there are only 1 or 2 congregations excluding the pastor"s family members. The church facilities are minimally equipped: chapel, cafeteria, restroom, and parking lot. Pastors are content to their ministry. However, they desire to serve in big churches. Based on this result, the following suggestions are made. For small churches to grow, alliance pastorate is needed. Theological seminaries should develop programs and curricula for the alliance pastorate. Connecting resources for small churches should be established. Small churches should empower themselves to grow.

        • 청소년 비행요인에 대한 청소년의 성별과 학력 차이 연구

          이석형(Suk Hyung Lee) 영남신학대학교 2009 신학과 목회 Vol.32 No.-

          This study employs the research method of Two-way ANOVA to find the difference in gender and grade of the juvenile delinquency based on the protective and risk factors. The study reveals the followings. The Minus Environment differs according to gender and grade. To solve this problem, first, it is necessary to improve various laws, regulations and systems in such a way to prevent juvenile delinquency and to strengthen their applications. Second, it is important to create a preventive atmosphere against the juvenile delinquency at homes, in societies, and in local communities. Third, the physical settings need to be improved to restrain the juveniles from falling into delinquency. Last, there is a pressing need for the development of social welfare programs to prevent juvenile delinquency. The programs should consider four factors: personal, family, school, and peer factors. For the personal factor, the programs must include a subprogram that strengthens the self-esteem of the juveniles. For the family factor, the programs should include family therapy and parents' education to increase the family cohesion. For the school factor, it is necessary to help the juveniles to adjust themselves to their schools through the school social work and/or the development of and the connection with the various local resources. For the peer factor, it is vital to provide a peer counseling.

        • KCI등재

          드론을 활용한 옥외광고물 안전도 검사 방안에 관한 연구

          정희정(Hee-Jeong Jeong), 이석형(Suk-Hyung Lee), 장혜정(Hye-Jung Chang) 한국정보전자통신기술학회 2020 한국정보전자통신기술학회논문지 Vol.13 No.6

          옥외광고는 일정한 장소의 건축구조물의 외형에 고정되는 형태가 일반적이므로 건물 및 주변 환경과의 조화가 요구된다. 이러한 옥외광고물은 자연, 건축, 거리경관을 고려한 심미적 요소가 조화롭게 배치되어야 하며, 법적 규제로 인한 실행 제한이 많은 것이 현실이다. 옥외광고물의 안전도 검사는 옥외광고물의 노후화된 상태, 규격 및 설계도서와 일치 여부 등을 판단하기 위해 시행하고 있는데, 노후화된 광고물의 경우 도시의 심미적 요소를 저해할 뿐만 아니라, 차도나 보행로로 떨어지는 사례 등이 발생하여 안전적 측면에서 주기적인 검사가 시행되고 있다. 그러나 현재의 안전도 검사는 건축물 입면의 높은 간판을 심사할 때 인사사고가 발생할 위험이 있으며, 건물의 입면에 고정된 옥외 광고의 구조물은 심도 있게 검사를 시행하여 내용을 파악하기가 어렵다. 이에 본 논문에서는 드론을 활용한 옥외광고물 안전 점검 체계를 제고하고자 하며, 나아가 안전 점검 주기, 유지보수, 간판 제거 등 시설점검 이력 관리 방안을 제시하고자 한다. Safety inspections of outdoor advertisements are conducted to determine the aging status, specifications, and compliance with design documents. Regular inspections are conducted on outdoor advertisements from a safety perspective, as they not only undermine the aesthetic elements of the city but also could cause falls on roads or pedestrian paths. However, the current safety inspection methods are at risk of various accidents during the inspection advertisements on the outer wall of the building. And it is difficult to conduct in-depth inspections on them if they are fixed to the elevation of the building. Furthermore, there also is a risk of safety accidents, such as advertising structures falling onto a pedestrian path. Therefore, this paper aims to enhance the safety inspection system of outdoor advertisements using drones. This paper also intends to propose measures for facility inspection history management such as safety inspection cycle, maintenance, and removal of signboards.

        • KCI등재

          유의어 사이의 연어관계 차이: Almost와 Nearly의 연어관계에 대한 코퍼스 기반 분석

          서창숙 ( Chang Sook Seo ), 김정운 ( Jung Woon Kim ), 김여리 ( Yeo Ri Kim ), 이석형 ( Suk Hyung Lee ) 한국현대언어학회 2010 언어연구 Vol.26 No.3

          By investigating the BNC corpus via a BNCweb version, this paper compares the collocation relations between two synonymous words, almost and nearly and explores the differences in collocation relations between them. The corpus-based analysis in this paper shows that there are significant differences in collocation relations between almost and nearly. In particular, it is shown in this paper that while almost is in a strong collocation relation with general adverbs and adjectives, nearly is in a strong collocation relation with the words of numbers. Further, it is also shown that there are rare cases where nearly modifies general adverbs ending with a -ly morpheme. From the analysis of middle and high school textbooks, it is shown that while the textbooks reflect the general tendency of almost and nearly in collocation relations, they have shortcomings in reflecting the strong collocation relation of almost with general adverbs and adjectives and that of nearly with other words except for the words of numbers.

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