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      • 연하장애 노인환자의 가정간호

        이미경 대한연하장애학회 2016 대한연하장애학회지 Vol.6 No.2

        Due to the increase in elderly population, there has been an increase in number of patients with dysphagia in the community. Dysphagia results in aspiration pneumonia and complications such as malnutrition, dehydration in the elderly. These complications increase the hospital admission rates and are often the cause of death. For this reason, the goal of healthcare for elderly with dysphagia living in the community is to select elderly with dysphagia by early screening, maintain adequate nutritious status and prevent future complications. The families of dysphagia elders should be educated and supported in order to successfully care for these patients at home. Severe cases of elderly with dysphagia are to receive health professional service in conjunction with the services from hospital based home care medical center. It also requires governance support so that health professionals such as speech language pathologists will care for dysphagia patients in home. (JKDS 2016;6:60-65)

      • 미숙아 동맥관 개존증에서 인도메타신 정맥 투여의 치료 성적에 대한 분석

        이미경,김영균,함세창,오세욱,박용원 인제대학교 백병원 2001 仁濟醫學 Vol.22 No.2

        Objective: The aims of this study were to determine the response of patent ductus arteriosus(PDA) and side effects to intravenous indomethacin therapy. Methods and Materials: From January 1999 to December 2000, 24 preterm infants diagnosed as significant PDA based on clinical and echocardiographic findings in NICU at Seoul Paik Hospital were analysed retrospectively for clinical effects and complications of intravenous indomethacin therapy. Results: The PDA was closed in 12(50%) and constricted in 10(42%) among total patients initially. Only one of 10 constricted infants was reopened. Second courses of indomethacin therapy were repeated in three patients showing poor responses, resulting in 67%(2/3) of PDA closure rate. Eventually, indomethacin therapy was successful in 22(92%) neonates, except 2 patients(8.3%) requiring PDA ligation. The side effects of indomethacin were transient hyponatremia(62.5%) and oliguria(4.2%). Total mortality rate was 12.5%(3/24), and only 1 case with pulmonary hemorrhage seemed to be possibly related to indomethacin therapy. Conclusions: The results of our study confirm that a significantly high PDA closure rate can be achieved by intravenous indomethacin administration. We conclude that intravenous indomethacin therapy can be the first method of treatment in premature infants with PDA, despite the transient renal side effects.

      • KCI등재
      • KCI등재

        최근에 일고 있는 음악영재교육에 대한 몇 가지 제안

        이미경 민족음악학회 2005 음악과 민족 Vol.29 No.-

        The gifted or talented in music are students who have a high level potential to learn music. Although a student who demonstrates a high level of music achievement must also have a high level of music aptitude, it is not necessarily true that a student who demonstrates a low level of music achievement must also have a low level of music aptitude. Music achievement is a measure of what a student has learned about music. If a student has not have appropriate informal guidance or formal instruction in music, the student with high music aptitude can have a low level of music achievement. So we should develop a method of testing to select children who have musical potential ability. As one of the testing methods, there are some kinds of musical aptitude tests. But I have a doubt if they are effective as a discovering method of children's potential, because the musicality or music aptitude, musical potential ability, any how, is not revealed as itself. It is developed with experience, never revealed without previous experience. So I think the interview is more important in the audition. During the interview, the teacher should discover children's musical resourcefulness and creative responses and find the flexible way to be adapted to suit the experience and personality of individual children. In the education of the gifted in music, the educational environment and condition is very important. The greatest artists read many kinds of philosophical books, talked and exchanged their experience with other artists from other genres. A high level of cultural life has been the abundant resource for their creativity. The cultural environment of our childeren is not appropriate for future artists. Their life is far away from the nature, they rarely read books. Computer games and all kinds of private education after school drained them of all the energy. The education for the gifted in music should provide the abundant cultural environment so that they can develop their potential creativity and have the responsibility and spontaneous sprit as a artist.

      • 영유아기와 학령기의 Epstein Barr 바이러스 감염과 혈청 IgE와의 관계

        이미경,조길호,김계성,장욱,염혜영,한만용 대한알레르기학회 2002 천식 및 알레르기 Vol.22 No.4

        Background : The 'hygiene hypothesis', the apparent inverse relationship between certain childhood infections and the subsequent development of asthma and atopy, has been gaining attention and is currently now considered one of the most plausible explanations for the cause of asthma and atopy currently. Objective : We tried to evaluate the relationship between Epstein Barr virus infection in infancy and early childhood with total IgE, the hallmark of atopy, with these results, we observed the changing pattern of total IgE levels according to the ages that EBV infection occurred. Methods : The study population, a total of 75 patients were divided by age : under 2 years of age, under 3 years of age, under 4 years of age and then they were divided into the two groups : EBNA negative and EBNA positivity was 26% in children 1-3 years of age. Among the six variables, log IgE showed statistically significant difference in the two groups under 2 years of age and under 3 years of age. In the group of under 2 years of age, mean log IgE in EBNA positive group was 0.7 IU/mL and EBNA negative group was 1.3 IU/mL, these differences were significant statistically(p<0.05). In the group of under 3 years of age, mean log IgE in EBNA positive group was 0.8 IU/mL and EBNA negative group was 1.5 IU/mL, these differences were statistically significant (p<0.05). Conclusion : This study showed that Ebstein Barr virus infection before 3 years of age is associated with lower log IgE. This means that there is a possibility of a negative influence in the prevalence of allergic disease by EBV infection in children before 3 years of age. (J Asthma Allergy Clin Immunol 22 : 679-84, 2002)

      • 정신적精神的 안식安息을 향한 푸른 물의 표현表現 : 본인의 작품을 중심으로 연구함

        이미경 덕성여자대학교 대학원 2004 덕성여자대학교 대학원 논문집 Vol.6 No.-

        본인은 '푸른 물'을 주제로 작품을 제작하고 있다. '고여 있는 물'에서 출발한 '푸른 물'작업은, 다양하게 나타나는 물의 표현을 통해 인간의 삶을 반추시키고 관조적인 입장에 머무르게 한다. 그리고 물이 갖는 정화의 힘과 비물질적, 초월적인 푸른색을 통하여 '무無'를 경험하게 하면서 명상적 과정에 이르게 한다. 본인의 작업에 등장하는 푸른색은 노발리스Novalis가 쓴 『푸른꽃, 1800』의 주인공 하인리히, 뤽 베송Luc Besson 감독의 영화<그랑 블루Grand Blue, 1988>의 주인공 자크처럼 상징적인 푸른색을 통과함으로써 생사를 초월한 경지에 다다르는 데에 그 상징적 의미를 갖는다. 푸른색 물감을 커다란 캔버스에 찍고, 칠하고, 흘리고, 뿌리다보면 온몸의 기운이 붓과 물감을 통해 사방으로 흩어져 캔버스에 쌓인다. 한참을 뿌린 후 커다란 캔버스에 방인 푸른색 기운들은 본인의 주위를 온통 푸른색으로 둘러싸고 본인은 그 푸른색 안에 놓여있게 된다. 그 안에 놓여있는 '나'를 인식하다보면 마치 하인리히나, 자크처럼 푸른색 안에서 평안하고 신비함을 느낀다. 작업 후에 잠시 찾아오는 고요한 상황은 몸과 마음속에 있었던 어지러운 모든 것들을 다 비우게 한다. 분명 푸른색 안에서 본인은 잠시 어둠 같은 이끌림에 침잠했다가 치유되는 듯, 안정감을 찾으며 평안해진다. 다시 작품 속에서 빠져나와 작품을 바라보면, 푸른색에서 느끼는 시원함과 산뜻함이 현재의 '나'를 앞으로 향하는 마음으로, 새롭고 확장된 영역으로 이끈다. 이렇게 푸른 물의 표현은, 푸른색이 갖고 있는 모든 의미를 본인에게 경험시켜주면서 본인의 정신세계를 고양시킨다. 마치 하인리히를 자신과 외부의 세계를 만나게 하여 상징적인 현실로 이끌고, 자크의상실을 치유하고 재생을 도왔던 것처럼 본인에게 안식을 찾아준다. 물水 그 자체는 물질物質인 바다 또는 물을 나타내면서도 비물질화非物質化된 느낌으로 이미지가 확산擴散된다. 캔버스에 표현된 물과 바다는 아주 작거나 한정된 크기이지만 그 이미지를 통해 크고 넓은 물과 바다를 연상하게 된다. 물과 바다가 이미 거대巨大한 크기라는 것은 우리가 잘 알고 있는 현실이다. 잠시 그 바다나 물을 표시하거나 상징하기 위하여 일부가 작업으로 나타난 것이다. 작품을 바라보며 잠시 바다나 물을 대면하게 되고, 우리는 거대하고 압도적壓倒的인 이미지로 다가오는 바다나 물을 통해 '나'의 실체를 확인하고 삶을 깨닫게 된다. 여기에 푸른색이 주는 비물질적非物質的이고 명상적冥想的인 특징이 우리를 초월적超越的이고 확장된 영역으로 안내한다. The <Blue Water> series whose initial themes were the images of still pools represent various forms of water images and symbolize the life cycles of individual humans. The blue water images in my works contain the significant meanings of catharsis and transcendence that lead us an experience of spiritual repose. The color, blue, is selected in order to express the feelings of abyss, sadness, purgation, and spirituality. Blue is the absolute color whose aura reveals the mystical inner world that perpetually pushes me into asceticism and ceaselessly forces me to seek after truth. Likewise, Heinrich in <Blue Flower> by Novalis and Jacques in <Grand Blue> by Luc Besson desire to reach a transcendental and supersensible dimension through the passage of meaningful blues for themselves. It is the absolute dimension in which there are no differences between life and death. In my works, I endeavor to visualize this dimension, using the blue and representing its aura. After dripping, painting, scattering, flowing, sticking, and throwing blue pigments with paintbrushes onto the canvas, I find myself in repose. Dynamic movements I experience while I am painting tie me up to the cosmic energy that is generated from the aura of the blue. This performing experience leads me into the expanded fields of art and gives me senses of cure and regeneration. In this light, <Blue Water> is in the endless process and progress in which I am searching for my absolutely spiritual repose. The feeling of repose is derived from the dual qualities of water: physicality and non-physicality. People possibly imagine the ocean by the psychological association of the color, blue. The physicality of the ocean is visually and contextually applied to my works. This applied water images are found in the outcomes of brush strokes on the canvas in aid of physical visualization of water. At the same time, the blue in my works transfers the physicality of water into the non-physical experience of meditation. The physicality and non-physicality of water visually corresponds on the canvas and their unity offers the spectator the ultimate experience of physical and mental repose. It is the moment of mutual communication between the work of art and the spectator through spiritual experience of repose.

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