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        • 下水處理場의 流入水質이 Sludge負荷量에 미치는 影響

          이관영,박상현 대구대학교 과학기술연구소 1998 科學技術硏究 Vol.5 No.4

          After analyzing waste water sludge quantities of 3 types of waste water treatment plants operated in Taegu area(Dd, Df and S-treatment plants) on the basis of BOD, COD and SS, we could have the results as follows 1. The average inflow quality in the Df-treatment plants tends to be better 1.8 times than in the Dd-treatment plants and 3.1 times than in S-treatment plants. 2. The inflow characterisics of each season sustain the same tendency in all the types of treatment plants except m Df-treatment plants. On the whole, the inflow characteristics during March through May tends to be worse while they tend to be better during July through September. 3. The concentration loading of inflow in Df-treatment plants is more than in the other two types of plants. According to our survey, the concentration loading of inflow was 34,740(kg·BOD/d) in Df-treatment plants, 21,876(kg·BOD/d) in S-plants. 4. As to the dry sludge quantities with relation to each inflow property, we checked up BOD and SS. The result was that BOD was 0.915kg per lkg of inflow and SS was 0.369kg per lkg of inflow in Df-treatment plants. In case of Dd-treatment plants, BOD was 0.367kg and SS was 0.293kg. BOD was 0.399kg and SS was 0.293kg in S-treatments. 5. When we made a regression analysis of the dry sludge quantities of BOD and SS, we could find the dependability was over 90% in all the plants. So we can see that there is a close relation between inflow quality and sludge quantity.

        • 도시하천의 생태환경 복원형 하천공법에 관한 연구

          이관영 대구대학교 산업기술연구소 2004 産業技術硏究 Vol.16 No.1

          This research is on the river control works for the river improvement through eco-environmental restoration in the urban dry streams where the urbanization of the river catchment basin mainly caused them dry. To begin with, with the hydrograph analysis of the urban stream catchment basin, the causes of being dry streams has been analyzed and the pertinent methods of protecting urban streams from being dry has been reviewed. Then, the research covered not only the possible methods of improving river water quality by building self-purification structures, but also the fish ways and bank protection works for eco-environmental restoration.

        • 工團廢水의 嫌氣性消化에서 SO₄²-의 조沮害에 따른 糞尿의 비混合處理 效率에 關한 硏究

          이관영,박상현 大邱大學校 科學技術硏究所 1998 科學技術硏究 Vol.5 No.3

          We did biological treatment experimentation of the Anaerobic digestion of the factory sludge including highly concentrated SO₄²- after we mixed 10% night-soil with that sludge. We analyzed and investigated the results and then we could have the conclusions as follows 1. In the continuous experimentation in which the digestion temperature read 25±1℃, the removal rate of COD and VS was 41% and 39% each in case of the digester with the only factory sludge. But the result was different in the event of the mixed sludge with 10% night-soil. The removal rate of COD was 44% and that of VS, 45%, And the quantity of gas generation was 1,120㎖ in the only factory sludge, but 1,430㎖ in the mixed sludge with 10% night-soil, that is, the former generated 4.1㎖ time more gas than the injection quantity, the latter, 5.2 times more. 2. In the continuous experimentation at the digestion temperature of 35±1℃, the removal rate of COD and VS was 41% and 37% each in case of the digester with the factory sludge only. But in case of the mixed sludge with 10% night-soil, the removal rate was 44% and 45% each. And the gas generation quantity was different in each case. In the single sludge digester, the quantity was diferent in each case. In the single sludge digester, the quantity was 570㎖, but in the mixed sludge digester, the quantity was 760㎖. That means that the former generated 2.1 times more gas than the injection quantity and the latter, 3.0 times more. 3. Through the experimentation of the treatment of the mixed factory sludge including highly concentrated SO₄²- with 10% night-soil, we could see not only the improvement of treatment efficiency but also the remarkable increase of the generation quantity of Methane. Accordingly we could have the conclusion that this kind of mixed treatment of the factory sludge with night-soil would be very efficient.

        • 生態環境(Eco-Environmental)을 考慮한 新川의 開發方向에 關한 硏究

          이관영,박상현 대구대학교 과학기술연구소 1997 科學技術硏究 Vol.4 No.2

          In this study we tried to do our best to develop the shinchun-stream which is the largest open space in the urban area of Taegu as a ecologically natural hydrophilic space and we could have some conclusions as followings: 1. We found that the shinchun-stream could improve the urban scenery and image, play the role of Eco-bridge connecting the upper stream to the under stream but with the present condition the shin doesn't fulfil these two roles. 2. The surrey shows that at all the station we surveyed, the concentration of T-N, T-P were each 16.9∼19.Omg/ℓ , 0.72∼1.29mg/ℓ . This means that the river is already on the over-nourishment step. 3. In order to do the role of eco-bride, it is very urgent to take some steps for storing ecology such as the removal of the existing concrete banks, the construction of environment-intimate structures and re-planting. 4. Considering the uses of the flood bed of the shincun, if we change the existing monotonous, uniform sports facilities, and parking lots into the small streams and swampy lands, me can accelerate the restoration of ecology and use the flood bed as a nature observing place.

        • 燒却施設의 效率的인 運營方案에 關한 硏究 : 大邱市를 中心으로

          이관영,박상현,김영섭 대구대학교 과학기술연구소 1996 科學技術硏究 Vol.3 No.2

          Nowadays several nations have revealed that incineration plants were producing a large volume of hazardous waste, including Taegu city in Korea, which threatens our environment and our health. So the author has completely worked out literature review relating to incineration plants producing air pollution in the world. Therefore, this paper suggested to effective incinerator's operations to improve environmental aspects and assure that they are both safe and effective.

        • 下水處理水의 有效 利用에 關한 硏究

          이관영,박상현 대구대학교 과학기술연구소 1997 科學技術硏究 Vol.4 No.2

          After studying several methods of the high efficient use of a treatmented sewage in anticipation of the future shortage of the duty of water, we could have some conclusions as the following : 1. Advanced treatment systems are essential prerequisites in rersing a treatmented sewage. 2. In a short term, the application of reusing a treatmented sewage should go first to new building areas near the sewage but for the long run, it should cover the whole area of Taegu, it is desirable that the pipe line networks which include dual water systems as well as water supply should be spread throughout the whole city. 3. The city authorities have to make every effort to step up publicity activities on this plan to all the citizens and building owners to steadily carry out this project and encourage private constructors to participate with the help of SOC. And for the long run, it is desirable that the application of reusing a treatmented sewage should be obligatory.

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