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      • KCI우수등재

        식재 설계 지원 CAD 프로그램 개발

        윤홍범,김우성 한국조경학회 1996 韓國造景學會誌 Vol.23 No.4

        The main purpose of this research is to develop a program supporting landscape planting design on AutoCAD basis using AutoLISP and DCL language. Current CAD use in landscape architecture field is mainly focused on customizing plant symbols for supporting two dimensional drafting rather than three dimensional consideration. This program is composed of eight module a such as PLANT module for inserting plant symbols, LABEL module for labeling task, SIMULATION module for simulating plant growth and seasonal color variation, TABLE module for generating plant table automatically, BUILDING module, BLOCK module, UTILITY module for deleting, transforming, shading symbols and DB MANAGER module for manipulating data. Design automation ability using automatic object recognition technique in this program allows AutoCAD to be used as a design tool in addition to its main role as a drafting tool through supporting landscape designers to generate many alternatives in the early phase of design.

      • KCI등재SCOPUS

        광개시제의 종류에 따른 2-EHA/AA 점착제의 접착특성

        윤홍범(Hong Beom Yoon), 김호겸(Ho Gyum Kim), 민경은(Kyung Eun Min) 한국고분자학회 2014 폴리머 Vol.38 No.4

        UV조사에 의한 2-EHA (ethylhexyl acrylic acid) 점착제를 제조하고 이때 첨가되는 광 개시제의 종류가 점착제의 접착물성에 미치는 영향을 조사하였다. Irgacureg®651 (benzyldimethyl ketal)과 Irgacure®184 (l-hydroxy-cyclohexylphenyl ketone) 광 개시제를 도입한 점착제의 경우 UV램프의 방출 스펙트럼 근처에서의 높은 흡수율과 단량체 혼합물과의 상용성에 기인하여 우수한 접착물성을 나타낸 반면 Irgacure®819 (bisacylphosphine oxides) 광 개시제를 도입한 경우 사용된 UV램프의 방출 스펙트럼과 가장 겹치는 흡수 파장대를 가짐에도 불구하고 고농도에서 박리 시 응집파괴가 일어났으며 이것은 높은 함량에서 광 개시제 일부가 산소와 반응하고 이것이 수소 공여체 역할을 하여 추가적인 라디칼 형성을 일으키기 때문으로 생각된다. Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) based on 2-ethylhexyl acrylate (2-EHA)/acrylic acid (AA) copolymer was synthesized using different photoinititors. Results showed that PSA with lrgacure®651 (benzyldimethyl ketal) and lrga-cure®184(ㅣ-hydroxy-cyclohexylphenyl ketone) proved to be good for adhesion properties. This may be attributed to strong absorption near 350 nm wavelength and also high solubility in monomer mixtures. The addition of lrgacure®819, bisacylphosphine oxides as a photoinititor caused cohesive failure with high loading in a peel test owing to the addi-tional radical formation. It is assumed that the insoluble photoinititor reacts with oxygene, which may act as a hydrogen donor.

      • KCI우수등재

        아파트 단지 인공지반의 계획적 평가에 관한 연구

        김유일,오정학,김인혜,윤홍범 한국조경학회 1998 韓國造景學會誌 Vol.26 No.3

        Landscaping on artificial ground is currently served as a means to imposing a greenery benefit on high-density and high-rise apartment sites. It functions as a sub-hierarchy in apartment planning such as ornamental element from the past. Major parking space tends to be allocated on the basement area in response to the required parking regulation. Therefore, competitive relatioinship between the parking and greenery space I limited outdoor of apartments leads to the development planning strategy and technology of artificial ground. This study aims at evaluating landscape planning on artificial ground of apartment complex through several approaches such as site survey, plan drawing analysis, and interview with related field experts. 15 survey apartment sites including Bundang Model, Shindaebang-dong, Pyoungchon Hyundai Apartments have been selected for conducting the research. Main results of this study are summarized below : First, scattering allocation of artificial ground between apartment building units is a dominant plan layout type among the survey sites. Even though unifying allocation type has an advantage to maximize underground parking space, it has a difficulty in maintaining proper soil ground base for nurturing plants. Therefore, underground parking space should be planned by unifying allocation type placed separately from apartment units. This plan type can provide a balanced planting between soil and artificial ground on surface level. Second, It is strongly recommended to integrate the whole planting base which involves architectural structure, drainage, and water proofing above the planting design. When considering that process as a professional subject dealing with natural material such as trees and shrubs, those tasks should be directed by landscape architectural divison and landscape architect. And planting area for artificial ground has to be specified in initial phase of architectural design. This step provides an opportunity to make a proper decision on structural load, drainage, and water proof design as an integrated part of the management.

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