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        도로안전시설용 시선유도봉의 신뢰성 평가

        구현진(Hyun-Jin Koo),윤예석(Ye-Seok Yoon) 한국신뢰성학회 2012 신뢰성응용연구 Vol.12 No.2

        Tubular markers for road safety facilities are used to lead the driver"s sight line and separate the lanes on the road. Such tubular markers are usually installed on the road and frequently hit by vehicles, they are accordingly requested to assure the product durability. The traditional evaluation method of tubular markers include only quality tests of the material properties. However, most of consuming agencies in charge of road management at fields have proposed problems on long-term performance of the products hit by vehicles under various weather conditions. Therefore, the objectives of this study are to develop the reliability test methods and equipments to simulate the product failures of tubular markers due to vehicle collision and wheel compression and the delamination and discoloration of reflection sheets attached on the surface of the products under high and low temperatures.

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