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        • 土壤水分이 煙草의 生育에 미치는 影響

          尹慶恩 水原大學校 1985 論文集 Vol.3 No.-

          This experiment was conducted to study the effect of water stress on the growth and internal changes of stressed plants. During water stress, growth rate of seedlings were depressed, but a short time after the relief of stress, relative leaf expansion rate and relative growth rate rose to higher values than were reached by untreated plant at comparable stages of development. Watering during transplanting to field was very important. Watering right after transplanting gave the best results, the next was watering at transplanting hole before transplanting. The seedling without watering resulted in the worst growth. However, the effect of watering during transplanting was not affected growth at late stage or final yield. The experimental imposition of soil water potential (ψ soil) were -0.1 to -0.2, -0.2, to -0.5, -0.5 to -3.0, -3.0 to -10.0 bar. During water stress all growth rates were depressed, and the most sensitive period to water stress was found to be 10 to 25 days after transplanting. The water potential of leaf was declined rapidly within 12 hours after withholding of water, but the relative water content(RWC) of levaes progressively declined after that time. Relative water content of leaves progressively declined from 97% to around 50% in 48 hours after withholding of water, however, RWC did not decrease further after RWC reached around 50% though decline of leaf water potential were progressed. Nitrate reductase activity was decreased progressively as water deficit was built up in tobacco leaves, but the activity of alpha-amylase and sugar contents were decreased. Contents of chlorophyll were increased for a while after withholding of water, however, chlorophyll contents gradually decreased as water deficit of the leaf developed progressively. There were differences in peroxidase isozyme patterns between the control and water-stressed plants. New isozymes started to appear as tobacco leaf water potential decreased. Finally it was suggested that the depression in tobacco plant growth caused by water stress was partially due to decreases in nitrate reductase activity and the content of chlorophyll, and increases in alphamylase activity, soluble sugars, peroxidase activity.

        • 담배세포 (Nicotiana tabacum) 의 액체배양에 관한 연구

          윤경은,김용철,민태기,손세호,강서규 한국연초학회 1979 한국연초학회지 Vol.1 No.1

          담배 (Va 115) 細胞의 液 培養에서 담배細胞의 多量生産을 할 수 있는 Tank 培養에 關한 基礎調査로 培地造成의 果를 調査하였으며 細胞增殖率에 큰 影響을 미쳤던 2,4-D와 無機燐酸의 果에 關하여 調査하였다. 1. 培地造成에서 細胞增殖率에 많은 影響을 미쳤던 要素는 무糖, 無機燐酸의 濃度,窒素源의 形態 및 植物홀몬,特히 2, 4-D의 有無였다. 2. 무糖의 最適濃度는 3%였으며 3%以上의 濃度에서는 多少 細胞增殖率이 좋은 듯 하였으나 그 差異는 크지 않아 3% 程度로 足하였다. 無機燐酸濃度는 LS 培地內의 無機燐酸의 約 2.5 培인 0.30mg/ml 일 때 細胞增殖率이 가장 좋았다. 3. 液 培地의 窒素源은 암모니아態窒素와 硝酸態窒素가 1 : 2 일 때가 가장 좋았고 窒素源이 암모니아태 만으로 使用하였을 때 細胞增殖率이 가장 낮았으며 硝酸態만 使用되었을 때는 암모니아태만 쓰였을 때 보다는 좋았으나 암모니아태와 硝酸態의 比가 1 : 2 일 때 보다는 떨어졌다. 4. 液 培地에 2,4-D 添加와 無機燐酸濃度를 높이면 細胞增殖率이 增加되는 機作을 調査하기 爲하여 呼吸率과 14C - glucose 吸收利用을 調査하였다. 細胞의 吸收率은 2, 4-D를 添加하면 增加되며 14C-glucose의 吸收는 培地內에 2, 4-D가 包含되거나 (0.2 ppm) 燐酸濃度가 높아지면(對照의 2.5培) 더욱 많았고, 吸收된 14C-glucose는 糖 상태보다 다른 形態,特히 amino 酸이나 有機酸으로 많이 ?하였다. For the preliminary experiments of mass Production of tobacco cells in tank culture, the effects of nutritional conditions on the growth of suspended cells were investigated ; 1. The tobacco cell growth was affected by concentrations of sucrose or inorganic phosphate, type of nitrogen source, and plant hormone, especially 2, 4-D. 2. The optimum level of sucrose concentration was 3% and the level of inorganic phosphate was 0.3mg /ml, which was about twice as high as the level of Linsmaier - Skoog medium. 3. The best growth was observed when the ratio of nitrate nitrogen to ammonium nitrogen was 2 : 1, where the total nitrogen content was equal to that of nitrogen source. 4. To find out the mechanism of promotive effects of 214-D and inorganic phosphate on the tobacco cell growth, the respiration and metabolism of $^{14}\textrm{C}$-91ucose were investigated. Addition of 2, 4 -D in culture medium increased if 2, 4-D (0.2ppm )was added to medium or the level of inorganic Phosphate was raised 2.5 times as high as standard. In cultures with high inorganic phosphate and 2, 4-D, the absorbed 14C-glucose was converted to amino acids and organic acids rather than remained as sugars.

        • 원형질체 분리, 배양 및 Nicotiana 종간 세포융합에 관한 연구

          윤경은,김준철,최상수,손세호 한국연초학회 1979 한국연초학회지 Vol.1 No.2

          For the preliminary study on tobacco cell fusion as one of new breeding techniques, the conditions that would be most effective in isolation, fusion, and culture of tobacco protoplasts were examined ; 1. The enzyme solution of 0.5% macerozyme and 2% cellulase( or meicellase) was the most economic and efficient in isolating protoplasts from tobacco leaves. 2. The proper incubation period of tobacco leaves in cell wall digesting solution was 4 hours. 3. As an osmotic stabilizer, sorbitol or mannitol solutions were employed. The concentration of 0.5~0.7 M of either hexitol gave satisfying results as the osmotic stabilizer. 4. The calcium concentration appeared to be an important factor in protoplast fusion. The adhesion of protoplasts was enhanced by enrichment of calcium ion in PEG solution. The highest frequency of protoplast fusion was obtained when tobacco protoplasts were incubated in PEG solution. containing 9mM CaCl2. 5. Cell divisions of the isolated protoplasts were continued and have generated colonies when they were grown on B-5 medium at 28$^{\circ}C$. 본 시험은 담배 신품종 육종기술확립을 위하여 효율적으로 原形質體(protoplast)를 얻을수 있는 방법과 protoplast 배양조건을 조사하였다. 1. protoplast를 효율적이며 경제적으로 얻을 수 있는 세포붕괴, 細胞模解離 酵素의 농도는 0.5% macerozyme + 2% cellulase (또는 meicellase)였다. 2. 효소처리시간은 품종간에 약간의 차이는 있었으나 4시간 이상이 필요하였으며 1인 작업량으로 보아 4시간이 가장 적합하였다. 3. 等張液을 만들기 위하여는 0.5∼0.7M의 mannitol이나 sorbitol을 이용하는 것이 좋았다. 4. 세포융합시에 Ca++ 이온의 농도는 중요하며 9mM CaCl2를 포함한 PEG용액(0.5g/ml)을 쓰는 것이 가장 효과적이었다. 5. 분리된 protoplast는 B-5 培地에서 계속분열하여 colony를 형성하였다.

        • KCI등재
        • KCI등재

          법률번역 교육 수요자 요구조사와 시사점

          윤경은 한국통번역교육학회 2014 통번역교육연구 Vol.12 No.3

          '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 7시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

          Thanks to the important roles legal translation plays in ever-increasing international exchanges, there has been much research effort both home and abroad. The ultimate goal of such research is to improve the quality of legal translation, which can be achieved through a practical approach, ‘training’. The first step to design a training program is to understand the needs of its consumers. Against this backdrop, a survey of learners who enrolled in the non-degree course on 'Professional Legal Translation' offered by the Graduate School of Translation and Interpretation at Ewha Womens University was conducted. The survey contained 23 closed-ended questions and one open-ended question canvassing 25 trainees' personal backgrounds including their education, workplaces and legal translation experiences, difficulties in legal translation and opinions for improvement. The results indicate that trainees can be divided into two groups, law majors and translation majors, who are apparently different in their needs of legal knowledge and language competence. For more effective training, this study suggests a program with different tracks and levels which learners can choose according to their needs.

        • KCI등재

          원예작물 별poly-plenol 함량과 항산화력

          윤경은,김안나 인간식물환경학회 2007 인간식물환경학회지 Vol.10 No.3

          '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 7시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

        • KCI등재

          실내원예 소재로서의 미니장미( Rose semperflorens Minima ) 번식법 연구

          윤경은,최선희 인간식물환경학회 2002 인간식물환경학회지 Vol.5 No.3

          '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 7시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

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