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        • KCI등재

          영어 단어결합체(Word Combinations)와 청킹화(Chunking): 블록(Block)개념의 적용

          유도형 대한언어학회 2018 언어학 Vol.26 No.2

          There is agreement that many word combinations are multiword units stored in long-term memory and retrieved as chunks. There is also increasing evidence that these formulaic language units are integral to first and second language acquisition. This is based on the view of chunking in the cognitive process, which can be utilized to overcome the limitations of working memory and increase its capacity. This study suggests that the chunking process should be the core basis of the learning and teaching of English in classrooms. The present study describes the -chunking process, word combinations, and the block concept of computer languages, based on block-based coding. A block puzzle activity was developed to use chunking with word combinations, an approach applied from the concept of block coding. The purpose of this study is to investigate the possibility and effectiveness of facilitating memorization of word combinations by a block puzzle activity based on the chunking process. The experiment results indicate that students recalled expressions of word combinations better. The findings have implications for EFL teaching and activity design purposes.

        • KCI등재

          The Effect of an Output Activity Using English Subtitles in a Korean TV Drama

          유도형 영상영어교육학회 2017 영상영어교육 (STEM journal) Vol.18 No.4

          This article reports on the effect of an output activity using English subtitles with a Korean TV drama. In Korean English education, there are few opportunities for producing and using English, so it is necessary to find effective output activities for students learning English. In trying to devise these effective output activities for speaking English, a method of using English subtitles while watching Korean TV dramas is suggested as a reasonable approach for learning English as a Foreign Language (EFL). The purpose of this study was to explore the possibility of using English subtitles with Korean TV dramas. For this, the 113 students of a selective English class using films participated in comparing two materials, the Korean TV drama with English subtitles, Dokkaebi(Goblin) and the movie in English with English subtitles, Erin Brockovich. From each, one scene of a similar amount of adjacency pairs was taught by an output activity using the English subtitles. An open-ended questionnaire and a delayed-recording test of two scenes were carried out to check the effect of measurement of memory. The results showed that using English subtitles in the Korean TV drama was more effective for memory than using them with the movie in English.

        • KCI등재

          영어출력능력을 위한 어휘의 생산적 학습: 단어결합체를 중심으로

          유도형 한국영어어문교육학회 2017 영어어문교육 Vol.23 No.2

          When learning English as a foreign language, receptive learning tends to come first, followed by the practical application of productive learning. However, learners of a foreign language should be exposed to both receptive learning and productive learning simultaneously. Productive learning processes should not be used later than receptive learning. This study explores whether productive use of word combinations is more effective than input-based receptive learning. For the experiment, a productive activity using PowerPoint was designed by modifying an existing ‘unscramble’ activity using TED talks material. 82 Korean college students were divided into experimental and control groups, a productive learning group and a receptive learning group. They were taught in 24 class sessions for one semester. These two groups were assessed using three tests (two L1→L2 translation tests in mid-term and final tests, three delayed receptive tests, three output tests), and in open-ended reports from the experimental group students. The results showed that the experimental group outperformed the other group in acquiring word combinations productively. The findings of this study indicate that the students’ productive use of word combinations tends to result in better memorization and the acquisition of productive and receptive vocabulary.

        • KCI등재

          Suggestion for an Innovative Way of Attracting EFL College-Level Students in Korea Using Transmedia Storytelling

          유도형 영상영어교육학회 2018 영상영어교육 (STEM journal) Vol.19 No.2

          The purpose of the paper is to suggest an innovative way of attracting EFL college-level students, especially low-intermediate ones, in Korea. It is shocking that most low-intermediate students tend to give up English language learning in school. To help them restore their confidence, this study examined how to use the concept ‘transmedia storytelling’ (Jenkins, 2006, 2010). For this, three forms of media were used to teach the story Robinson Crusoe: a printed text, a movie and an animation. Each type of media had a different storyline. Fifteen students participated in the experiment, all with a TOEIC score of less than 500. For the first month, the participants read the written text and for the second month, they watched and discussed the movie and the animation. For the final month, they read the main text again. Multi-word units (MWU) are tested, especially fusion, with the main text before and after watching the movie and the animation. The second test (Q & A) was administered with the movie and the animation. Finally, the participants handed in comments about the use of transmedia storytelling. Results from the study indicate that about half became information seekers, not language learners.

        • KCI등재

          말하기, 쓰기 선출력(output-first) 활동의 영어교육현장 실효성 연구

          유도형 영상영어교육학회 2014 영상영어교육 (STEM journal) Vol.15 No.1

          '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 7시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

          This article examines a method of using output-first activities to develop the speaking and writing abilities of EFL students. Although output skills are considered to be more important than previously thought, the focus of English education is still prone to be biased toward input skills. Particularly in EFL situations, the specific treatments for practice in production need to be given more priority. The purpose of this study was to investigate the possibility and effectiveness of using an output-first process in an EFL situation, while exploring the important role of films in this process. An output-first activity is a method in which output practice is done before the input process, rather than the usual vice-versa approach. Films can be helpful tools for carrying out this practice in production in EFL situations. Two output-first activities, translating from Korean using film scripts and a task called ‘making my own scenario’ were presented during the research. One group was given opportunities to do output-first tasks whereas the other group engaged in input-based tasks (output-last). The quantitative data analysis showed that the results of the output-first process were much more effective compared to the output-last process.

        • KCI등재

          반복적 점화이론 기반의 단어결합체 활용 EFL 교수법

          유도형 21세기영어영문학회 2019 영어영문학21 Vol.32 No.2

          The purpose of this paper is to present a method to effectively access combinations of words based on Hoey’s (2005) Lexical Priming (LP). Repetition priming, which is a subdivision of LP, is a tool that can be used in an EFL context. Five English major students of advanced or high intermediate proficiency participated in this case study. An American romantic movie, Crazy, Stupid, Love (Ficarra & Requa, 2011) was used, with four scenes of the movie selected for this study. Participants had to complete three stages. The first was a prime word confirmation stage in which all participants identified familiar words or expressions. The second was a context confirmation stage in which they confirmed how familiar expressions were used in context. The third was a recall stage in which the participants recalled familiar expressions. This stage was used to check participants’ access to combinations of words. Among the three stages, the context confirmation stage was found to be the key to encourage the participants to encounter new words or expressions. The results showed that these four participants were successful in using repetition priming even though their scores varied.

        • KCI등재

          한글자막을 활용한 단어결합체 자각력 신장 방안 연구

          유도형 21세기영어영문학회 2015 영어영문학21 Vol.28 No.3

          This study suggests a way to stimulate awareness of word combinations through the use of Korean subtitles. For this, 3 participants watched the American TV drama Grimm. Each participant was required to collect 20 language forms from the Korean subtitles that interested them and to write the relevant language forms in English. Their data was analyzed into two categories according to (1) if they were word combinations or non word combinations; and (2) the type of word combination: collocation, routine, or language form subject to a grammar-based analysis. A and B collected 90.1% word combinations among the chosen language forms, and C collected about 79.3% word combinations in the first category. The results showed C had a high awareness of word combinations, B had a low awareness of word combinations in the second category, and A was somewhere in the middle. Though they revealed different levels of awareness of word combinations, Korean subtitles helped them develop a sense of collocated “big words” (Ellis, 1996, p. 111) distinct from that of individual words.

        • KCI등재

          이중 모드 필터를 이용한 Ku-band 위성 통신용 소형 Duplexer 에 관한 연구

          유도형,유경완,김상철,이주열,홍의석 한국통신학회 1996 韓國通信學會論文誌 Vol.21 No.4

          본 논문에서는 이중모드 공동 공진기로 구성된 송.수신 필터와 H-면 T-junction를 이용하여 Ku-band용 소형 듀플렉서를 설계.제작하였다. 듀플렉서는 송신 12.5GHz와 수신 14.5GHz에서 대역폭 100MHz를 갖도록 설계하였다. 설계.제작된 듀플렉서는 송신(TX) 및 수신(RX)필터를 이중모드 필터로 구성하여 공동 공진기 필터 구조를 갖는 기존의 듀플렉서에 비해서 크기를 약 40%이상 감소시키는 결과를 얻을 수 있었다. 듀플렉서의 동작특성은 H-면 T-junction부와 필터간의 정합시 각 필터의 특성이 왜곡되지 않도록 컴퓨터 시뮬레이션하였다. 이러한 결과 필터 자체의 특성과 듀플렉서 연결 후 특성은 거의 일치하는 결과를 얻을 수 있었다. In this paper, a small duplexer is designed and implemented using a H-plane T-junction and Transmitting/Geceiving filte with a dual mode cavity resonator for Ku-band. Transmitting(TX) filter is designed at center frequeny 12.5 GHz and Receiving(RX) filter, at center frequency 14.5 GHz. Both filters have a 100 MHz bandwidth. This duplexer is reduced to about 40% by the conventional duplexer of cavity bandpass filter structure in size. Operating characteristics of duplexer is optimized in order not to distors matching characteristics of each filter when interfaced to a H-plane T-junction. Consequently, the responses of filter with H-plane T-junction nearly coincide with that of filter itself.

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