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        • KCI등재

          유해 대기오염물질의 난류확산 수치모의에서침적항과 부력항 추가에 따른 효과

          원경미,이화운,지효은,김철희,송창근 한국대기환경학회 2006 한국대기환경학회지 Vol.22 No.1

          Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) are characterized by being relatively heavier and denser than that of ambientair due to the various reasons such as higher molecular weight, low temperature and other complicated chemicaltransformations (Witlox, 1994). In an effort to investigate transport and diffusion from instantaneous emission ofheavy gas, Lagrangian Particle Dispersion Model (LPDM) coupled with the RAMS output was employed. Bothdeposition process and buoyancy term were added on the atmospheric diffusion equations of LPDM, and thelocations and concentrations of dense gas particle released from instantaneous single point source(emitting initiallyfor 10 minutes only) were analyzed. The result overall shows that adding deposition process and buoyancy terms on the diffusion equation of LPDMhas very small but detectable effect on the vertical and horizontal distribution of Lagrangian particles thatespecially transported for a fairly long traveling time. Also the slumping of dense gas can be found to be ignoredhorizontally compared to the advection by the horizontal wind suggesting that it was essential to couple theLagrangian particle dispersion model coupled with the RAMS model in order to explain the dispersion of HAPsmore accurately. However, during the initial time of instantaneous emission, buoyancy term play an important roleon the vertical locations of dense particles for near surface atmosphere and around source area, indicating theimportance of densities of HAPs in the beginning stage or short duration for the risk assessment of HAPs ormanagement of heavy vapors during the explosive accidents.

        • KCI등재

          A Discourse Analysis of Students’ Reflections in a Critical Literacy Picturebook Read-Aloud Class

          원경미 한국영미문학교육학회 2017 영미문학교육 Vol.21 No.1

          This study is based on a read-aloud class picture book focusing on achieving critical awareness. It was conducted over the course of one month at an elementary school in Korea and analyzed how sixth-grade students responded to texts which raised questions about multiple perspectives, gender roles, and the status of marginalized minorities. The research was conducted on twenty sixth-graders in an elementary school in Gyeonggi-do. The read-aloud class was organized based on Four Resources Model of Reading and consisted of two sessions. During the first two-week session, students read a text on the basis of code-breaking and meaning-making practices, and during the second session that was conducted in the last two weeks, they read the texts through the prism of text-using and text-analyzing practices. In order to investigate whether critical literacy instruction developed critical awareness in the students, the students’ discourses in their written reflections on the texts were analyzed using Fariclough’s Three-Dimensional Model of Discourse Analysis. The results indicated that the read-aloud critical literacy class enhanced students’ engagement with the texts by enabling them to question the issues that were in play. In addition, six out of the twenty students demonstrated their critical awareness in their reflections. They produced critical literacy-oriented discourses including perspective-challenging discourses that questioned the authors’ points of view, individual-difference discourses, and positive-discrimination discourses, rather than conventional, conservative discourses. Therefore, the results of this study suggest that it would serve elementory school instructors well to employ critical literacy practices in their reading classes. However, further research is required in order to gain more information regarding the applicability of critical literacy instruction in the EFL context. The results of the study and their pedagogical implications will be discussed in detail in this paper.

        • KCI등재

          겨울철 양식 능성어의 바이러스성뇌망막증(VER) 감염사례

          원경미,이정태,조미영,김명석,김나영,정승희,이남실,Won, Kyoung Mi,Lee, Jeong Tae,Cho, Mi Young,Kim, Myoung Sug,Kim, Na Young,Jung, Sung Hee,Lee, Nam Sil 한국어류학회 2017 韓國魚類學會誌 Vol.29 No.3

          2015년 겨울, 우리나라 남해안 소재 육상 양식장에서 사육 중이던 능성어의 약 30%가 폐사하였다. 수온 $9{\sim}12^{\circ}C$의 겨울철에 발생한 능성어 폐사는 신경괴사성바이러스 (NNV) 감염에 의한 바이러스성뇌망망증 (VER)으로 밝혀졌다. 시험어는 비정상적인 유영, 배를 위로한 채 수면을 떠 다니는 현상, 체색흑화, 안구백탁 및 부레의 과도한 팽창 소견을 보였다. 원인 바이러스는 일반적으로 고수온기 능성어에 감염되는 RGNNV genotype이 아닌, 냉수성 어류에서 분리되는 BFNNV genotype으로 밝혀졌으며, NNV 가장 근연관계가 높은 Pacific cod betanodavirus (PCNNV)와 99.7~100% 상동성을 보였다. 병리조직학적 관찰 결과, 바이러스성뇌망망증 (VER)의 특징적인 병변인 뇌조직의 공포화 및 괴사를 수반하였다. 이 연구는 수온 $12^{\circ}C$ 이하의 겨울철에 능성어에 감염된 BFNNV genotype에 대한 첫 보고이다. In 2015, a nervous necrosis virus (NNV) was isolated from sevenband grouper, Epinephelus septemfasciatus, maintained in land-based aquaculture system at below $12^{\circ}C$ in winter. Mortality was up to 30% in brood fish, over 4 kg of body weight. Moribund fish showed clinical sings typical of viral encephalopathy and retinopathy (VER), also called viral nervous necrosis (VNN), such as uncoordinated, corkscrew-like swimming behavior, belly-up at rest, darkening of body, cloudy eyeball and hyperinflation of the swim bladder. Aetiology of the disease was confirmed by gross observation of clinical signs, histopathology and molecular diagnosis. Histological studies revealed severe vacuolation and necrosis in the brain. Molecular diagnosis by revere transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) specific to batanodavirus yielded a positive result. The nucleotide sequences of the PCR-amplified fragment were 99.48~100% similar to barfin flounder nervous necrosis virus (BFNNV) genotype and most closely aligned with Pacific cod betanodavirus (PCNNV). This is the first report of natural batanodavirus, NNV infection in sevenband grouper reared in low water temperature during winter (below $12^{\circ}C$) in Korea.

        • KCI등재
        • KCI등재
        • KCI등재

          SST 효과를 고려한 계절별 NO_2 농도 수치모의

          원경미,이화운,김유근 한국환경과학회 2001 한국환경과학회지 Vol.10 No.3

          For the purpose of predicting air pollutants concentration in Pusan coastal urban, we used an Eulerian model of flow and dispersion/chemistry/deposition process considering SST effects which estimate through POM. The results of air quality model including emission from various sources show that the seasonal variation pattern of respective pollutants was affected by the seasonal SST fields and local circulation. Horizontal deviation of diurnal SST was 2.5∼4K, especially large gradients in coastal region. Through numerical simulation of wind fields we predicted that local circulation prevailed during daytime in summer and nighttime in winter. So high concentration distribution showed toward inland in spring and summer seasons, while high concentration distribution showed at inland near coast in autumn and winter.

        • KCI등재

          The First Report of a Megalocytivirus Infection in Farmed Starry Flounder, Platichthys stellatus, in Korea

          원경미,김진우,조미영,박명애,지보영,명정인 한국수산과학회 2013 Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Vol.16 No.2

          In 2009, a systemic megalocytivirus infection associated with high mortality was detected for the first time in cultured starry flounder Platichthys stellatus in Korea. Diseased starry flounder had pale bodies and gill coloring and enlarged spleens. Histopathological examinations revealed basophilic enlarged cells in various organs of diseased starry flounder. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was performed on tissue samples using three published primer sets developed for the red sea bream iridovirus. PCR products were detected for all primer sets, except 1-F/1-R, which are registered by the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE). The part of the gene corresponding to the full open reading frame encoding the viral major capsid protein (MCP) was amplified by PCR. PCR products of approximately 1,581 bp were cloned, and the nucleotide sequences were analyzed phylogenetically. The MCP gene of the starry flounder iridovirus, designated SFIV0909, was identical to that of the turbot reddish body iridovirus (AB166788).

        • KCI등재

          Different politeness strategies in requests affected by experience of studying abroad

          원경미 한국영어교과교육학회 2012 영어교과교육 Vol.11 No.1

          This study investigated the differences between English learners who have been lived in English-speaking country for over a year and English learners who have studied only in Korea in their awareness and production of politeness strategies under diverse situations and influenced by social and psychological variables. Thirty 6th grade elementary students were asked to respond to twelve situations in which they would like to carry out requests in polite ways, “Politeness Awareness” questionnaire. And they also participated to provide politeness production through Discourse Completion Test,“Politeness Production” test. The findings of the "Politeness Awareness"suggest that students of both groups selected more polite strategies in distant situations and less polite ones in close situations. However, the results of the “Politeness Production” reveal that two groups differ from each other in producing polite request strategies. It can be predicted that one of two groups does not know enough to use politeness strategies in diverse situations even though one has a general sense of the use of politeness. Nevertheless,students of both groups used the “Can you...?” strategy as the most polite one for the various requestees in most situations. Accordingly, the study concludes that learners of English need explicit instruction in politeness as well as in activities that involve raising pragmatic awareness.

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