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      • KCI등재

        한방병원에 입원한 노인암 환자의 치료 특성 분석

        오혜경,이지영,류한성,윤성우,Oh, Hye-kyung,Lee, Jee-young,Ryu, Han-sung,Yoon, Seong-woo 대한한방내과학회 2016 大韓韓方內科學會誌 Vol.37 No.2

        Objective: Because the number of geriatric cancer patients is on the rise but information on treatments for this population is limited, this study aimed to analyze clinical characteristics and the factors that influence treatment decisions among elderly cancer patients.Method: Data on elderly cancer patients (≥65 years of age) who were admitted to a traditional Korean medicine hospital from March 2014 to February 2016 were collected. We compared the clinical characteristics and overall survival rates of the chemotherapy group and the non-chemotherapy group.Results: Nineteen patients were included in this study. Nine people received chemotherapy, and ten people did not receive chemotherapy due to concerns about quality of life. Age, activities of daily living (ADL) score, and Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group (ECOG) performance status all showed differences between the two groups, although median survival times did not differ significantly between the two. Compared with chemotherapy alone, traditional Korean medicine combined with chemotherapy prolonged median survival times.Conclusion: Old age and low ECOG performance status and ADL scores appear to be influential factors for the decision to undergo chemotherapy. Further studies are needed to confirm that these factors influence decisions about cancer treatment methods among geriatric cancer patients.

      • 한약 및 천연물의 항암 임상연구 방법론에 대한 고찰

        오혜경,이지영,류한성,윤성우,Oh, Hye Kyung,Lee, Jee Young,Ryu, Han Sung,Yoon, Seong Woo 대한암한의학회 2015 大韓癌韓醫學會誌 Vol.20 No.1

        Objectives : The cancer incidence and cancer burden is increasing. In addition, the use of botanical agents in cancer care is increasing. This article aims to review a research strategy for botanical agents. Methods : The clinical studies of anticancer botanical agents and the papers about clinical research methodology of botanical agents were reviewed. Results : In phase I study, safety confirmation, optimal dose determination and drug interaction study are important. Most botanical agents have low toxicity and some have non-monotone dose response. Therefore, dose-response curve must be evaluated separately from the dose-toxicity curve to determine optimal dose. Although anticancer botanical agents can't shrink tumor size rapidly, they do extend survival. So, in phase II study, response should be evaluated by the survival. Conclusions : Clinical research of botanical agents in cancer is different from traditional methods and strategies. Considering the characteristics of botanical agents and experimental mechanism is necessary in conducting botanical based clinical trials.

      • KCI등재
      • KCI등재

        최근 입주된 수도권 아파트 거주자를 대상으로 본 규모별 실 구성 요구 분석

        오혜경,함민정,Oh, Hye-Kyung,Ham, Min-Jung 한국주거학회 2008 한국주거학회 논문집 Vol.19 No.5

        The purpose of this study was to suggest optimum guidelines apartment rooms by conducing survey among residence whose apartment floor size is between $66-198m^2$ and whose apartment is less than 3 years old. The effective numbers of survey questionnaire turned in was 226 and the survey analysis has been made by using of SPSS WIN 12.0. The results and conclusion of the studies are as follows; (1) $66{\sim}98m^2$ : The recommended numbers of bedroom is 2 and 3. The size of maser bedroom needs to be decreased whereas the size of living room be increased. (2) $99-131m^2$: The recommended numbers of bedroom is 3 and 4. The size of maser bedroom and maser bathroom needs to be decreased whereas the size of living room, 2nd bedroom, kitchen and dining room needs to be increased. (3) $132-164m^2$: The recommended numbers of bedroom is 3 and 4. The size of maser bedroom and bathroom needs to be decreased whereas the size of dress room, kitchen and dining room, and 2nd bedroom needs to be increased. (4) $165-197m^2$: The recommended numbers of bedroom is 3 and 4. The size of maser bedroom and maser bathroom needs to be decreased and the size of dressroom and kitchen /dinning room needs to be increased. (5) $198m^2$ and above: the recommended numbers of bedroom is 3,4 and 5. The size of dressroom needs to be increased. It is revealed that the number of bedroom doesn't need to be increased as the size of apartment is increased. Larger space is required for the public space for the family and dressroom. And smaller space is required for the maser bedroom and master bathroom.

      • KCI등재

        현대화 된 중국식 레스토랑에 나타난 전통성 표현 특성 연구

        오혜경(Oh, Hye-Kyung) 한국실내디자인학회 2012 한국실내디자인학회논문집 Vol.21 No.4

        The objective of this study was to analyze the characteristics of traditionality expressions at modernized Chinese restaurant in Hong Kong. As a case study, the study examined 12 modernized Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong. The gathered data were categorized and examined according to the ways of traditionality expressions, which included reproduction, transformation, and reinterpretation of traditional components. Each of the components was measured for the amount of traditional or modernity expression on a five-point scale. The five-point scoring system put an emphasis on heritage; 1 point was given to principal modernity(modernity: 90-100% + tradition: 0-10%), 2 points were given to principal modernity + auxiliary tradition(modernity: 70-90% + tradition: 10-30%), 3 points were given to the same ratio between tradition and modernity(modernity: 40-60% + tradition: 40-60%), 4 points were given to principal tradition + auxiliary modernity(modernity: 10-30% + tradition: 70-90%), and 5 points were given to principal tradition(modernity: 0-10% + tradition: 90-100%). The analysis performed according to those criteria and methodologies led to the following findings and conclusions: Traditional components were most reproduced in the ornaments placed all over the restaurant and applied to the chirography of the restaurant logos, walls, and windows/doors in a big number. The methodology of transforming tradition was evenly applied to each of the spatial components. With the most transformations occurring to the lattices, there were many different ways to transform tradition including the partition, chirography, pattern, red lantern, furniture and ornament, and traditional materials that were turned into modern ones. Few examples of reinterpreting tradition were observed in the restaurant titles, inside floors, and ceilings, but plenty of examples were found in the walls, windows/doors, lighting, and furniture in a range of ways. Most of them reinterpreted the traditional forms and added altered patterns to them to remind customers of tradition. In short, all of the three ways of expressing tradition were actively applied to each component in an array of ways.

      • KCI등재

        다문화 청소년의 진로장벽이 우울에 미치는 영향: 부모의 양육태도, 다문화 청소년과 교사와의 관계의 매개효과를 중심으로

        오혜경 ( Hye-kyung Oh ),고미숙 ( Mi-suk Ko ) 한국보건정보통계학회 2021 한국보건정보통계학회지 Vol.46 No.3

        Objectives: The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of multicultural adolescents’ career barriers on depression focused on mediating effect of parent’s rearing attitudes and relationship between multicultural adolescents and teachers. Methods: The empirical analysis data of this study was extracted from the 8th Multicultural Adolescents Panel Survey. The subjects of this study were 1194 multicultural adolescents. The data were analyzed with Pearson’s correlation coefficient and regression analysis. Results: The significant factor related to supervision (B=-0.26, p<0.001) and negligence (B=0.31, p<0.001) of parent’s attitudes and relationship with teachers (B=-0.43, p<0.001) included perceived career barriers. Negligence of parent’s rearing attitude (B=0.21, p<0.001) increased depression while supervision of parent’s rearing attitude (B=-0.14, p<0.001) and relationship with teachers (B=-0.06, p<0.01) decreased depression. Parent’s rearing attitudes and relationship with teachers were mediators between career barriers and depression. Conclusions: Based on the results of this study, it is desirable to reduce the level of depression by lowering the career barriers, parent’s rearing attitude (negligence), and by increasing the parent’s rearing attitude (supervision) and relationship with teachers (adaptation). It is suggested to develop effective educational programs to decrease the depression level of multicultural adolescents.

      • KCI등재
      • KCI등재

        시설 중증장애아동의 결연가정체험 프로그램을 통한 적응행동과 자기관리기술 효과성 연구

        오혜경(Oh Hye-Kyung),황성혜(Hwang Seong-Hye) 가정과삶의질학회 2009 가정과삶의질연구 Vol.27 No.1

        The purpose of this study is to analyze the effectiveness of a host family experience program on the adaptive behavior and self-management skills of children with severe disabilities and to suggest its applicability into clinical practice. The investigators developed a host family experience program and researched the pre-test and post-test designs with nonequivalent groups. The experiment and comparison groups were comprised of 34 children with severe disabilities that lived at S, a care facility for the severely disabled. They were examined for the program's effects on them before and after the application. After analyzing 17 cases for differences in the subjects' quantitative scores, a qualitative analysis was carried out on one representative case. The quantitative analysis results reveal that the experiment group showed a significant increase in their scores of adaptive behavior and self-management skills compared to the comparison group. Positive changes were also observed among the former group in the qualitative analysis. Thus the host family experience program was effective in improving the adaptive behavior and self-management skills of the children with severe disabilities at the facility. These findings indicate that the host family experience program played a positive role in enhancing the adaptive behavior and self-management skills of the children with severe disabilities at the facility and that such host family experience programs should be applied and reinforced in the field of social welfare practice.

      • KCI등재

        거주자 특성에 따른 아파트 각 실의 요구 및 계획방향에 관한 연구

        오혜경(Oh Hye-Kyung),홍이경(Hong Yi-Kyung) 가정과삶의질학회 2008 가정과삶의질연구 Vol.26 No.6

        According to the change in diverse tendency of residents, construction companies has developed the brands of apartments with the concepts of LOHAS, well-being, ubiquitous, etc. The purpose of this study was to suggest space requirement and planning for residents characteristics. The questionnaire survey was adopted in this study and 252 cases were used for data analysis. The survey analysis has been made by using of SPSS WIN 12.0. The major findings were as follows; (1) Resident opinion about the direction of each space was investigated into the need of South-facing in master bedroom highly. (2) The residents didn't want to decrease the current size of each space, the space which wanted to increase was livingroom. (3) The significant variables of space requirement and planning for residents characteristics were family life cycle, the age of householder, the occupation of householder, the size of apartment.

      • KCI등재

        여대생의 신체상 인식에 관한 현상학적 분석

        오혜경(Hye-Kyung Oh) 한국콘텐츠학회 2014 한국콘텐츠학회논문지 Vol.14 No.3

        본 연구는 여대생의 신체상에 대한 인식을 그들의 시각에서 그 의미를 확인함으로써 긍정적인 신체상을 안정적으로 정립하는데 필요한 교육 프로그램을 개발하는데 기초자료를 모색하고자 시도되었다. 자료는 2012년 10월부터 2013년 9월까지 수집하였고 수집방법은 포커스 그룹을 활용하여 심층면담 및 참여 관찰을 사용하였다.각 포커스 그룹 별 구성원은 3명~4명으로 집단 구성원간의 친숙도를 고려하여 현상에 대한 진술이 포화되는 시점을 고려하여 경험의 진술이 반복되는 시점까지로 총 3개 집단, 10명이 참여하였다. 수집한 자료는 Giorgi(1985) 방법을 이용하여 분석하였으며 참여자가 진술한 내용을 중심으로 확인한 여대생의 신체상 인식에 대한 의미구조는 12개의 주제와 5개의 중심의미로 분류하여 일반적으로 구조화하였다. 여대생의 신체상 인식에 관한 의미구조는「건강한 성격」,「건강한 신체」,「인위적 몸 만들기」,「사회적 편견」,「이상적 신체를 향한 개성 존중」으로 확인되었다. 본 연구 결과를 기초로 여대생이 긍정적인 신체상을 정립하고 신체상 관련 건강 문제를 감소시키기 위해서 신체적 건강과 심리적 스트레스를 관리하고 조화로운 대인관계를 맺는 기술에 대한 교육이 필요하며 사회적 편견으로 인한 왜곡된 신체상에 대해 인식하고 자신만의 개성을 찾고 그 가치를 인식 하는 교육 프로그램이 필요함을 제언한다. This study was conducted to find how the female college students perceive the body image and the way to help them through the education program. The data was collected through in-depth interviews of 10 female college students from October, 2012 to September, 2013. The interview was done with 3 focus group consisted of 3~4 participants per group. The data were analyzed by the Giorgi method. The meaning structure were organized in 12 themes and 5 focal meanings were identified health personality, health physical condition, making artificial body, social judgement, respect for individuality to ideal body. It is needed to develop the professional programs that help the female college students to positively manage their own body image and reduce the health problem induced body image. Therefore, it is recommended that the program for the female college students is consisted of management of physical health and psychological stress, harmonious interpersonal relationship and encouragement of self-esteem.

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