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        • 소아 상완골 외과 골절에 대한 임상적 고찰

          이광진,오선태 충남대학교 의과대학 지역사회의학연구소 1990 충남의대잡지 Vol.17 No.2

          The lateral condylar fracture of humerus is relatively common injury on elbow in children. Because the incidence of complications after this injury is high, the great cautions must needed in the managements by orthopaedic surgeons. It has been well known that the lateral humeral condylar fracture is essentially physeal injury and the intra-articular fracture, so accurate reduction is important to good result. The authors tried to evaluate the outcomes after operative treatments of lateral humeral condylar fractures in children by the clinical study on 16 cases of patients who have acute lateral humeral condylar fractures and treated at department of orthopaedic surgery, Chungnam National University Hospital from June 1987 to May 1990. The results were as follows : 1. The age of patients were ranged from 1.5 to 9.8years, and the causes of injury were mostly slipping-down and falling-down. 2. In all cases, the Milch type and the stage of displacement by Jacob were cheked. 3. The most of the fractures were Milch type 11(12 cases) and the stage 11 displacement were predominent. 4. The follow-up intervals were ranged from 7 to 41 months (average 22 months) and no subjective symptom was found on follow-up evaluation. 5. On the follow-up radiographic evaluations, the overgrowths of lateral humeral condyles were observed in most of cases but no valgus or varus angulation, delayed or non-union was noted. 6. In the present study, the good results were obtained after open reduction and internal fixation of lateral humeral condylar fractures in children.

        • 소아 상완골 과상부 골절에 대한 임상적 고찰

          이광진,박건영,오선태 충남대학교 의과대학 지역사회의학연구소 1991 충남의대잡지 Vol.18 No.2

          In the pediatric age group, the supracondylar fracture of humerus is the second most common fracture after that of the forearm. But the supracondylar fracture of humerus in children has a greater rate of rereduction, nerve injury, surgical intervention, and poor results than any other type of extremity fracture. Forty eight cases of 48 children with the supracondylar fracture of humerus who had been treated at the department of orthopaedic surgery, Chungnam National University Hospital from February, 1986 to January, 1991, were analyzed retrospectively for the methods of treatment and its results. 1. The mean age of the patients was 8.3 years, ranging from one to fourteen years. 26 boys and 22 girls with minimum six months follow-up were included in this sudy and the most of the causes of injuries were silp-down(45.8%) and fall-down from height(50.0%). 2. Of all fractures, the extension type was 46 cases(95.8%) and the flexion type was 2 cases(4.2%). 3. Accoding to the classification by Pirone et al., fractures were classificated to type Ⅰ in 2 cases, type Ⅱ-A in 6, type Ⅱ-B in 14 and type Ⅲ in 26 cases. 4. There were 8 cases of concomitant peripheral nerve injuries, radial nerve palsy in 6, ulnar nerve in 1 and median nerve in 1 case. 5. The treatment were consisted of closed reduction and casting in 10, closed reduction and percutaneous pinning in 20, and open reduction and multiple pinning in 18 cases with or without preoperative skeletal traction. 6. The clinical and radiological results were Excellent in 22(45.8%), Good in 13(27.1%), Fair in 8(16.7%) and Poor in 5(10.8%) cases, according to the criteria of Flynn. 7. The closed reduction and percutaneous pinnings of 20 cases were rated Excellent and Good results in 18(90.0%) cases and these results were superior to another methods of treatment. So we concluded that the closed reduction and percutaneous pinnings was simple, safe and effective method of the treatment for the supracondylar fracture of the humerus in children. But it was technically difficult to reduce the displaced fracture satisfactory by closed manipulation and in these cases, the open reduction was still indicated.

        • KCI등재

          급성 십자인대손상에서의 관절경을 이용한 인대봉합술

          이광진,황득수,오선태 대한슬관절학회 1991 대한슬관절학회지 Vol.3 No.1

          The cruciate ligaments of the knee joint are important in providing the stability of the joint and susceptable to the injuries. The treatment for the cruciate ligament injury has been controversial for many years but for the good results, it is very important to make an early diagnosis and to give prompt management. In general, various methods of repairing the cruciate ligament with arthrotomy have been used in acute cruciate ligament injuries. But we tried the arthroscopic repairs of acutely ruptured anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments without arthrotomy in 4 cases. The results were as followings: 1. The patients were all male and aged 21 to 68 years. The causes of irjuries were traffic accidents in all but one case. 2. The injured ligaments were anterior cruciate ligaments in 2 cases (one at femoral and one at tibial attachment site), and posterior cruciate ligaments in 2 cases (one at femoral and one at tibial attachment site). 3. Arthroscopic suture technique provided satisfactory stability, full range of motion of the knee joint and early rehabilitation.

        • Fixation of Small Osteochondral Fragments with PMMA in Comminuted Intraarticular Fractures

          Ahn, Sang-Rho,Lee, Jeong-Koo,Oh, Sun-Tae 충남대학교 의과대학 지역사회의학연구소 1990 충남의대잡지 Vol.17 No.2

          심한 관절면 분쇄를 보이는 척골 주두 골절 2례 및 요골두 골절 1례에서 작은 골연골 골편들을 골시멘트를 이용하여 내고정하였다. 골연골 골편들의 고정은 골연골 골편의 양측에 골절면 면적의 30% 이내의 원형의 홈을 판다음 골시멘트를 점유착으로 채운 후 골절편을 해부학적으로 정복하고 골시멘트가 굳을 때까지 눌러 주었다. 관절외 골절은 기존의 방법들을 이용하여 고정하였다. 이방법으로 내고정한 작은 골연골 골편들은 모두 혈관 재생되었고 잘 유합되었다. 동통, 기능, 관절 운동 범위 및 관절면의 유지등에 의하여 판정한 임상적 결과는 모두 양호하였다. 골시멘트 점유착을 이용한 작은 골연골 골절편의 내고정 방법은 심한 분쇄를 가진 관절내 골정의 여러치료 방법중 하나의 좋은 치료방법이 될 것으로 사료된다.

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