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          두개강내 지주막낭종의 외과적 치료

          엄창수,고영초,심영보,김창현,이호국,박세혁,황도윤 대한신경외과학회 1996 Journal of Korean neurosurgical society Vol.25 No.7

          Eighteen patients with symptomatic intracranial arachnoid cysts underwent 27 surgical procedures between January 1990 and December 1995. These were analysed with respect to their surgical procedures and results. complications and prognosis retrospectively, with an attempt asses the efficacy of each surgical procedure. Thirteen patients underwent excision of the inner and outer membranes with fenestration procedures to the basal cisterns(primary excision group) resulting in excellent or good outcomes in 12 cases. of which three patients were subjected to secondary shunt procedures due to symptom recurrence in two and persistence of the cyst in one during follow-up radiological study. There were no significant complicatrions in this primary excision group. Four patients out of five in the primary shunt group had good or excellent results. But shunt revisions had to be performed in two patients ; of these two patients, one died from subdural empyema and sepsis while the outcome of the other one was satisfactory. The results of this study suggested that excision and fenestration should be considered as the primary procedure in patients with symptomatic intracranial arachnoid cyst. especially in the pediatric age group.


          뇌실-복강 단락술 후 발생한 급성 경막외혈종 : 증례보고 Case Report

          김선기,고영초,엄창수,김창현,이호국,황도윤 대한신경외과학회 1996 Journal of Korean neurosurgical society Vol.25 No.4

          Ventriculo-peritoneal(V-P) shunt operation has been accepted as the most effective and safe procedure for the relief of increased intracranial pressure in hydrocephalic patients of various etiologies. A variety of complications have been reported in association with these relatively easy surgical procedures. Overdrainageinduced effusions occur commonly in the subdural and rarely in the epidural spaces Six cases of epidural hematoma(EDH) have been reported thus far in the literature following shunt operation remote from the oatheter implantation. We report another case of this extremely rare complication of such procedures in a 16-year-old girl.

        • KCI등재

          제조업사업장의 산업안전보건 비용

          오원기,김형수,엄창수,장성훈,이건세,정최경희,김근회,이관형 大韓産業醫學會 2008 대한직업환경의학회지 Vol.20 No.1

          목적: 산재예방과 근로자의 건강증진을 위하여 대부분의 사업장은 산업안전보건 비용을 지출하고 있다 본 연구는 근로자 규모별 및 업종별 제조업 사업장의 산업안전 보건 비용의 규모 및 구성요소의 상대적 크기를 파악하여 제조업 사업장의 산업안전보건 비용의 수준을 제시하고자 하였다. 방법: 2005년도 동향조사에 참여한 제조업 사업장 중 근로복지공단의 2004년도 확정보험료 자료와 연결이 가능하였던 1,228개 제조업 사업장에 대하여 동향조사에서 파악한 8개 항목의 산재예방 투자비용과 산재보험료 자료를 이용하여 산업안전보건 비용을 계산하였다. 결과: 근로자 1인당 산업안전보건 비용은 근로자 5인 이상 50인 미만 사업장의 경우 99만원,근로자 50인 이상 300인 사업장 87만원 및 근로자 300인 이상 사업장 177만원이었다. 5인 이상 50인 미만 사업장과 50인 이상 300인 미만 사업장에서는 산업안전보건 비용중 산재보험료가 각각 62.8%와 52.8%로 가장 많았으며,다음으로 안전시설 및 보호장치 투자비로 각각 20.1%,19.1%이었다. 300인 이상 사업장에서는 산재보험료 37.5%,인력유지비 23.0%,안전시설 및 보호장비 투자비 22.8% 순이었다. 5인 이상 50인 미만 사업장에 비해 근로자 규모가 증가할수록 인력유지비,활동비,건강관리비 및 기타비용은 유의하게 증가하였으며,작업환경측정비와 산재 보험료는 유의하게 감소하였다. 결론: 2004년도 제조업 사업장이 지출한 산업안전보건 비용의 수준은 규모별 및 업종별로 매우 다양하였다. 산재 예방과 건강증진 측면에서 산업안전보건 비용에 대한 체계적이고 지속적인 접근이 요구된다. Objective: This study evaluated the cost for occupational health and safety in manufacturing factories in Korea according to the factory's size and the industrial classification. Methods: The costs to prevent occupational injuries and promote the general health of the workers were calculated by using the data of The Occupational Safety and Health Survey in Korea in the year of 2005 and the data of the Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance (IACI) Premiums at the same factories for the year of 2004. Results: The mean cost per one worker was as follows: 990,000 won for the factory with 5∼49 workers, 869,000 won for the factory with 50∼299 workers and 1,773,000 won for the factory with more than 300 workers, In the factories with 5∼49 workers and 50∼299 workers, the premium for the IACI was the largest portion of the cost (62.8% and 52.8%, respectively) and the cost for gear to protect workers from dangerous machinehes was the next biggest portion of the cost (20.1% and 19.1%, respectively). The largest portion of the cost in the factories with more than 300 workers was the premium for the IACI (37.5%). Conclusions: The investment costs to prevent occupational injuries and to promote the general health of the workers were very diverse according to the size of the factories and the industrial classification. To reduce the occupational injuries and to promote the general health of the workers, systematic and continuous approaches to evaluate the investment costs for the occupational health and safety are required.

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