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      • KCI등재

        간호사의 이직의도 구조모형

        김창희,승순,김연자,연정,유미애,송주은 대한간호학회 간호행정학회 2009 간호행정학회지 Vol.15 No.4

        Purpose: The purpose of this study was to construct and test a structural equation model of nurses' turnover intention. Method: The participants were 716 nurses at 4 university hospitals. Data were collected by a self-report questionnaire in 2008 and analyzed using SPSS 12.0 and AMOS 4.0 Win program. Results: The fit indices of modified model were x²=285.928(p<.001),x²/df=1.958GFI=0.964, RMSEA=0.037, AGFI=0.944, NFI=0.947, NNFI=0.961, CFI=0.973, PNFI=0.658 and showed high compatibility with the empirical data. In the final model, job stress and satisfaction were found to have significant direct effects on nurses' turnover intention, while organizational culture and emotional labor were very important factors to have indirect effects on turnover intention via job stress and satisfaction. Nurses' turnover intention was accounted for 41.2% of covariance by these factors. Conclusions: Comprehensive nursing interventions for decreasing nurses' turnover intention should be focused on reducing job stress and increasing job satisfaction. Also, Nursing strategy for enhancing positive organizational culture and decreasing emotional labor would be helpful for decreasing nurses' turnover intention, too. Further studies are needed to prospectively conduct to verify these causal relationships with larger sample.

      • 소비자들이 인식하는 화장품 브랜드 이미지와 향과의 상관성 연구 : 20대 소비자 중심으로

        이서진,이나현,양연정,정연자 한국네일미용학회 2017 한국네일미용학회지 Vol.5 No.2

        This study is to characterize cosmetic brand image through fragrance using the sense of smell connected with the brain and to show how the fragrance is related to the image perceived by the consumer and the degree of matching between the fragrance and cosmetic brand image, I would like to study how this changes. The purpose of this study is to make consumers feel emotions by using other senses such as olfactory, rather than staying in a single sense of sight, and to make brand image and to have expectation and trust of the brand. In order to achieve the purpose of the study, the theoretical background of the brand image through the literature study and the theoretical background of the process of recognizing the image will be investigated. The purpose of this study is to investigate the unique characteristics of each brand and then we will conduct surveys to investigate how consumers' ultimate consumer preferences and preferences affect consumers' perceptions of flavors, along with the brand image they perceive. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of fragrance on purchasing basic cosmetics. We also investigated the relationship between the image price and the image that the real brand pursued. Participants in the study were female and male in their twenties in university students and 100 students in total. The main survey also included 30 female university students and 10 male university students, for a total of 40 students. Consumers were paying attention to the fragrance when purchasing the basic product, and it was found that the product had a big influence on the product re-purchase. In addition, it was possible to express the brand image with fragrance only, and to judge to price range, the fragrance showed a strong presence. It was able to know how closely to influence the impression given to consumers. Proper use of a unique fragrance that fits the brand image or an incentive to stimulate the consumer's desire will not only increase brand awareness, but will also be effective in turing the image of the company into positive and further induce consumption. Many brands are boldly investing in developing their own signature fragrances. We expect that communication with consumers through fragrance will be important part in the future. method and creation subject have changed significantly these days by combining with digital media. Especially, trans-genre of art and change of receiver's paradigm are outstanding. Art escapes from the frame of traditional art and time and space are expanded so art shows opening type that is completed with audience's participation. The purpose of this study is to propose the direction of art and design by selecting 'expandibility' as a key word to represent the change of art and grasping the flows of various changes in entire art field, which are caused by introduction of digital media. The study suggested 4 factors such as perception expandibility, time expandibility, space expandibility and communication expandibility for representative expandibility shown in digital art and verified its validity through case study. Today, digital art should escape from the concept that audience 'appreciates' the work completed by artist. It should have an open structure where uncompleted work is completed through audience's experience.

      • KCI등재

        국내 중국 유학생의 문화적응 스트레스 영향요인

        김희경(Kim Hee-Kyung),연정(Son Youn-Jung),이미라(Lee Mi-Ra),임경춘(Lim Kyung-Choon),장혜경(Chang Hae-Kyung),한수정(Han Su-Jeong),남영(Yang Nam-Young),유명란(Yoo Myoung-Ran),고은자(Ko Eun-Ja) 한국성인간호학회 2010 성인간호학회지 Vol.22 No.2

        Purpose: The purpose of this study was to identify the predictors of acculturative stress among Chinese students in Korea. Methods: Between October and December 2009, two hundred one Chinese students from three universities located in Cungnam province, were included in the current study using a questionnaire survey. Data analysis was done using SPSS/WIN 17.0 program. Results: The average score of acculturative stress was 38.50±6.97. There were significant differences in acculturative stress according to educational level, economic status, type of residence, speaking skill in Korean, listening skill in Korean, grade point average, satisfaction for studying abroad, and perceived health status. The acculturative stress was significantly correlated with depression, resilience and social support. The strongest predictor of acculturative stress among Chinese students was depression. Conclusions: The findings suggest that developing programs to improve psychological health may provide a buffer against acculturative stress experienced by migrating Chinese students. Furthermore, more studies are needed to explore variables that influence on the international students' acculturation in Korea.

      • KCI등재

        국내 중국 유학생의 문화적응 유형에 따른 극복력과 건강상태

        장혜경(Chang Hae-Kyung),한수정(Han Su-Jeong),남영(Yang Nam-Young),유명란(Yoo Myoung-Ran),고은자(Ko Eun-Ja),김희경(Kim Hee-Kyung),임경춘(Lim Kyung-Choon),이미라(Lee Mi-Ra),연정(Son Youn-Jung) 한국성인간호학회 2010 성인간호학회지 Vol.22 No.6

        Purpose: This study was to identify the health status and reported resilience according to acculturation type among Chinese students in Korea. Methods: The subjects were 386 Chinese students studying in three universities in Chungnam province. The data were collected by standardized questionnaires and SPSS/WIN 15.0 program was used to analyze the data with descriptive statistics, Chi-square, t-test, and ANOVA. Results: Subjects reported the following Acculturation type: integration (26.7%), assimilation (28.5%), separation (32.4%), and marginalization (12.4%). The reported resilience was significantly different according to economic status. The health status was significantly different according to religion and economic status. Acculturation type was significantly different according to age, educational level, length of stay, type of residency and economic status working style. The health status and resilience were significantly different according to acculturation type. Conclusion: The findings suggest that integration of acculturation type is most useful to health status and resilience among Chinese students in Korea. Future studies need to examine acculturation type as coping strategy for foreign students' adaptation.

      • KCI등재

        노인의 영양위험과 사회망이 건강관련 삶의 질에 미치는 영향

        김희경(Kim, Hee Kyung),장혜경(Chang, Hae Kyung),이미라(Lee, Mi-Ra),연정(Son, Youn-Jung),한수정(Han, Su Jeong),남영(Yang, Nam Young),유명란(Yoo, Myoung-Ran),최선영(Choi, seon young),김윤미(Kim, youn mi) 기본간호학회 2013 기본간호학회지 Vol.20 No.2

        Purpose: This study was done to identify the relationship of malnutrition, social network and health-related quality of life and to investigate the main factors influencing health-related quality of life in elders. Methods: The research design was a descriptive survey design using a convenience sampling. Data were collected by self-report questionnaires from 196 elders. Data analysis was done using SPSS 18.0 pc+ program for descriptive statistics, Pearson correlation coefficients and stepwise multiple regression. Results: The average score for health related quality of life was 3.33 (SD=0.86). Differences in health-related quality of life were statistically significant according to age, gender, occupation, presence of spouse, monthly income, source of income, economic status, medicine, and existence of chronic disease. Health-related quality of life was significantly correlated with malnutrition and social network. Major factors affecting health related quality of life for elders were malnutrition, occupation, age, social network, and economic status which explained 52.0% of the variance in health related quality of life. Conclusion: Findings provide a basis for developing nursing interventions to improve health-related quality of life. Future studies are needed a wide variety of variables that might influence health -related quality of life in elders.

      • KCI등재

        국내 중국유학생의 문화적응 스트레스와 적응유연성, 우울과의 관계

        유명란(Yoo, Myoung-Ran),최선영(Choi, Seon Young),김윤미(Kim, Youn Mi),한수정(Han, Su-Jeong),남영(Yang, Nam-Young),김희경(Kim, Hee Kyung),장혜경(Chang, Hae Kyung),이미라(Lee, Mi-Ra),연정(Son, Youn-Jung) 한국간호교육학회 2013 한국간호교육학회지 Vol.19 No.3

        Purpose: The purpose of this study was to identify resiliences mediating effect between acculturative stress and depression among Chinese students in Korea. Methods: Between February and May 2012, 276 Chinese students from 3 universities located in Chungnam province participated in the current study using a questionnaire survey. Data was analysed using SPSS 18.0 program. Results: The mean score of acculturative stress, resilience, and depression was 82.7, 129.0, and 15.6 respectively. The acculturative stress was significantly related to perceived health status (F=10.57, p<.001), TOPIK(t=7.55, p=.006) and the major(F=2.87, p=.024). Resilience was related to the race(F=13.49, p<.001), perceived heath status (F=10.57, p<.001), tuition(F=8.52, p<.001), and level of Koran language(F=5.91, p=.003). Resilience correlated to acculturative stress (r=-0.21, p<.001) and depression(r=-0.48, p<.001) by showing a mediating effect between accuturative stress and depression. Conclusion: In order to improve resilience as a mediating factor with depression of Chinese students in Korea, we suggest the development various programs about external supporting programs.

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