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        태평무의 미의식에 관한 연구

        양성옥 ( Sung Ok Yang ) 대한무용학회 2014 대한무용학회논문집 Vol.72 No.6

        First, This study came to a conclusion that the aesthetic consciousness of Taepyeongmu according to the categorization of primary area is expressed by the circle, curve, circle spinning step, spatiality-temporality of dance, traditional idea and emotion, whereas mind is portrayed by the expression of dance. Second, Factor of aesthetic consciousness according to the categorization of secondaryarea of Taepyeongmu was produced as maturity beauty, harmonious beauty and optimistic beauty. Third, Factor of aesthetic consciousness according to the categorization of tertiary area of Taepyeongmu was derived as factors of formative beauty, expressive beauty, and spiritual beauty.

      • KCI등재후보

        음양오행으로 접근한 무용수의 자아정체성 분석

        양성옥(Yang Sung-Ok) 한국체육과학회 2008 한국체육과학회지 Vol.17 No.4

        This study aimed at analyzing the dancer's self-identity with a focus on the characteristics of Yin-Yang and the Five Elements. For this purpose, a total of 205 Korean dance majors around Seoul and the Metropolitan Area were randomly sampled. As for the measurement tool, Yin-Yan and the Five Elements was composed of open questions based on the study by Kim, Ji-hee(2004), while self-identity consisted of the questions used by Kim, Kyung-ho(1998) and Jung, Kwi-soon(2007) with the contents being revised and complemented. The reliability coefficient of the scale Cronbach's α ranged from .74 to .95. As for the research procedure, a questionnaire survey was conducted by way of direct visit at the appropriate region, in which the data completed by means of a self-administration method was collected and searched for. And the data was analyzed via SPSS 13.0 version program, for example one-way analysis and correspondence analysis. This procedure and method resulted in conclusion as follows. First, the group aged 19 averages high in stability and interpersonal role perception, and the one aged 20 to 22 averages high in self-acceptance. Also, the group with 6 to 7 years' experiences as a dancer averages high in self-existence, and the one with over 10 years' experiences averages higher in self-acceptance. Second, the Korean dancer's interpersonal role perception is derived from the fundamental area(east/blue) which creates and originates all things in the universe in the traditional thoughts of Yin-Yang and the Five Elements and the area which brings out the other colors(black/north), which inclines to the energy of yin. Whereas, the peculiarity of self- existence lies in the area of east(blue) and south(red) of Yin-Yang and the Five Elements, which inclines to the energy of yang. Besides, the target orientation lies in the west(white) area which involves relativity revealed by movements and stillness, that is, ambivalence of the yin and yang, and self-acceptance is placed in the center(orange) of the Yin-Yang and the Five Elements.

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