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      • 산처리된 활성탄소섬유의 Propylamine의 흡착특성

        양범호,김병구,이영택,김시몽,조시형 한국연초학회 2003 한국연초학회지 Vol.25 No.2

        In this work, Rayon-based activated carbon fiber(KF-1500) was treated by HN $O_3$ and $H_2$S $O_4$ with different conditions. Specific surface areas(SSA, $S_{BET}$) of the treated activated carbon fibers were decreased by acidic treatment but, total surface acidities and surface functional groups were increased. In spite of the decrease of SSA, propylamin(PPA) adsorption and removal ability by activated carbon fiber(ACF) were increased by nitric acid treatment compared with the raw-ACF(KF-1500) and coconut based activated carbon. However, acidic treated activated carbon fibers were available to removal for various amines and contaminants by adsorption.n.

      • 순엽싸이로 상대습도 및 퇴적 시간 연구

        양범호,정한주,한정호,김용옥,이문수,Yang Burm-Ho,Chung Han-Ju,Han Jung-Ho,Kim Yong-Ok,Rhee Moon-Soo 한국연초학회 2006 한국연초학회지 Vol.28 No.1

        In this study, the effects of the relative humidity and storage time of blended tobaccos at total blending silo on cut tobacco equilibrium moisture contents, leaf moisture contents and migration of casing materials of tobacco types were investigated. To maintain the cutting moisture content(21 $\pm$ 1 %), it is necessary to keep 75 % relative humidity at 28 $^{\circ}C$ at total blending silo. The moisture content of reconstituted tobacco sheet was changed from $13{\sim}14$ % to $19{\sim}21$ % within 2 h after preblending. The contents of glycerin and fructose of tobacco types followed by storage time after preblending were not changed significantly. From these results, it is suggested that 2 h storage time after preblending was sufficient to maintain physical properties of cut tobaccos and tobacco taste and fragrance.

      • 잎담배 및 제품담배의 재떨어짐에 관한 연구

        양범호,안대진,조시형,제병권,김시몽,김병구,Yang Burm-Ho,Ahn Dae-Jin,Jo Si-Hyung,Jeh Byong-Kwon,Kim Si-Mong,Kim Byeoung-Ku 한국연초학회 2004 한국연초학회지 Vol.26 No.2

        In this study, we have investigated the natural and puffing combustibility of cigarette brands and the compulsory ash-drop, and analysed factors related to the materials. Cigarette combustibility was greatly affected by the tobacco weight in cigarettes rod. Combustion rate of 4AOR cigarette made by flue-cured tobacco was 5.02 $^{mm}/_{min}\;and\;10\%$ faster than 1BO cigarette. Combustion pattern has interrelation with sugars, chlorine and ash contents among tobacco components. Combustion rate of 4DL, flue-cured tobacco was 55 seconds faster than 1CL tobacco extremely much in sugars contents, and ash drop was maintained at $21\%$ longer. Combustion time and burning rate were fast in cigarette made by expanded tobacco slice and tobacco stem and the formation of ash was poor. The length of puffed ash drop of expanded tobacco slice and tobacco stem were 18.6 mm and 25.2 mm and these forced ash drop length were 3.8 mm and 4.9 mm respectively. Puffed burning rate of general cigarette was $14.3\%$ faster than static burning rate and super slim type cigarettes was $21.3\%$ faster. Combustion rate and ash drop of domestic and foreign cigarette brands were quite different depending on tar level and cigarette types. The lower tar level, the faster combustion rate and the shorter ash drop.

      • 각초 수분이 궐련의 끝빠짐에 미치는 영향

        양범호,정한주,안대진,김용옥,Yang Burm-Ho,Jung Han-Ju,Ahn Dae-Jin,Kim Yong-Ok 한국연초학회 2005 한국연초학회지 Vol.27 No.2

        In this work, we studied the effects of the moisture contents of cut tobacco on loose end of cigarettes. The loose end of the cigarette groups decreased with the increase of moisture contents of the cut tobacco and especially the loose end of A and C groups decreased to $31\%\;and\;52\%$ with the increase of $1\%$ moisture contents. $A-13.5\%\;and\;B-14.0\%\;and\; C-14.0\%$ moisture samples showed the increase of the weight ratio of cut tobacco over 1.4mm cut length but the decrease under 1.4mm cut length. We concluded that the main reasons were regarded to reduction of small fragment tobaccos caused by increase of moisture contents and exception of air-suction transport of tobaccos to cigarette making machine. In spite of the moisture increase of cut tobaccos under fixed EPD(encapsulated pressure drop), the hardness of Band C sample groups were maintained constantly except A group. This result means that under fixed EPD, the weight of cut tobacco in cigarette rods increases to compensate the reduction of pressure drop by moisture increase of cut tobaccos.

      • KCI등재

        오존 처리된 페놀계 활성탄소섬유의 표면 특성

        고경열,양범호,유승곤 한국화학공학회 2003 Korean Chemical Engineering Research(HWAHAK KONGHA Vol.41 No.3

        액상에서의 오존 산화 반응에 의해 활성탄소섬유 표면 산소의 함량은 17.0wt%에서 22.4wt%로 증가하였고, 수소의 함량은 1.9wt%에서 2.7wt%로 증가하였다. 오존 산화 개시제를 달리하여 처리하면 활성탄소섬유에 생성되는 관능기들과 총산도 값을 조절할 수 있었다. 오존 처리되지 않은 활성탄소섬유의 총산도값은 0.631 meq./g인데 비하여, 1M NaOH 수용액을 개시제로 증가하였고, 특히 phenol그룹이 크게 증가하였다. NaOH로 처리하면 phenol그룹만 증가하였고, H_2O_2로 처리하면 phenol 그룹이 많이, carboxyl그룹이 약간 증가하였다. The oxygen and the hydrogen contents of activated carbon fibers increased from 17.0 wt% and 1.9 wt% to 22.4 wt% and 2.7 wt% by oxidation with ozone in liquid phase. The amount of functional groups and total acidity could be controlled with initiators of ozone decomposition reactions. The total acidity of ACF ozone treated ACF was 0.63 l meq./g, and particularly the phenolic group increased. The phenolic group only was developed when ACF was treated in NaOH solution, large amount of phenolic group and some carboxylic group only was developed when ACF was treated in NaOH solution, large amount of phenolic group and some carboxylic group were developed when ACF was treated in H_2O_2 solution.

      • 표면 개질된 활성탄소 섬유의 Propylamine 탈착과 XPS 분석

        김병구,양범호,Kim Byeoung-Ku,Yang Burm-Ho 한국연초학회 2005 한국연초학회지 Vol.27 No.1

        Activated carbon fiber (ACF) was surface modified by nitric acid to improve the adsorption efficiency of the propylamine. The adsorption amount of propylamine of the modified ACF increased $17\%$ more than that of as-received ACF. Desorption of propylamine from the propylamine saturated ACF was occurred in two steps, the first step started arround $50^{\circ}C$ showing the desorption of physically adsorbed propylamine and the second step started at $200^{\circ}C$ showing the decomposition of chemically adsorbed propylamine. Total desorption amount of propylamine from the modified ACF was larger than that of the as-received ACF because of increased functional groups. The oxygen and nitrogen contents on the modified ACF increased by 1.5 and 3 times compared with the as-received ACF. A part of propylamine adsorbed on ACF formed pyridine-like or pyrrolic structures with 2 carbons exposed on the surface of the ACF. It was found that propylamine reacted with strong or weak acidic functional groups such as -COOH or -OH existed on ACF surface.

      • SCOPUSKCI등재
      • 포갑 내에서 L-menthol의 이동과 연중 이행 효과에 관한 연구

        김병구,김시몽,양범호,제병권,이규서 한국연초학회 2002 한국연초학회지 Vol.24 No.1

        This study was carried out to investigate the transfer rate of I-menthol constituent into cigarette case and delivery rate to cigarette smoke. Test sample was used a light-type standard brand cigarette made in Korea. I-Menthol contents was measured according to A.O.A.C(1990) method by G.C and smoking conditions was a puff volume of 35$m\ell$ and 2.0s duration, taken once per minute to filter tipping paper plus 3mmwith 20 cigarettes. Migration rate of menthol into cigarette case had an interrelation with triacetin contents into filter and 6% triacetin level was most suitable. I-Menthol transferred to filter part from tobacco sheet by 20.2% in one month after cigarette manufacture, and the transfer was continued subsequently. Maximum menthol transfer in five months was 4.1% to foils and other packing materials and the loss outside of cigarette pack was also 3.9% below. The migration balance of menthol into cigarette pack and the delivery to cigarette smoke were the optimum condition when menthol was added at the ration of 30% in filter to 70% in the other parts into cigarette.

      • 기능성 실리카겔과 첨착 활성탄에 의한 주류연 중 시안화수소와 알데히드의 선택적 흡착

        임희진,신창호,양범호,홍진영,고동균,이영택,Lim Heejin,Shin Chang-Ho,Yang Burm-Ho,Hong Jin-Young,Ko Dongkyun,Lee Young-Tack 한국연초학회 2005 한국연초학회지 Vol.27 No.2

        Coconut based activated carbon and silica-gels were impregnated with 3-aminopropyltri ethoxysilan(APS) and N-(2-aminoethyl)-3-aminopropyl triethoxysilane (AEAPS) in order to investigate the effect of the amine group and the pore size of the supports on the removal of hydrogen cyanide(HCN) and aldehydes in mainstream smoke(MS). The physicochemical properties of the supports were analyzed by using thermal gravity analyzer(TGA), $N_2$ adsorption and desorption isotherms$(BET,\;N_2)$, and SEM-EDS. According to our experimental data, there was no significant difference in the delivery amount of HCN and aldehydes of non-functionalized silica-gels having meso-pores bigger than $20\AA$. In the case of silica-gels functionalized with APS(APS silica-gel), the delivery amounts of hydrogen cyanide(HCN) and aldehydes decreased with the increase of APS concentration. Silica-gel functionalized with AEAPS(AEAPS silica-gel) showed higher removal efficiency than that of APS silica-gels. The delivery amounts of HCN and aldehydes of activated carbon impregnated with APS and AEAPS increased with the increase of the APS and AEAPS concentrations. In accordance with the specific surface area analysis results, APS and AEAPS molecules decreased the specific surface area by blocking the micro-pores of the activated carbon. The volatile organic components removal efficiency by the micro-pores was higher than that of the amine group impregnated into the activated carbon.

      • 근적외선 투과 분광분석법을 이용한 가향액 중 가향제 분석

        한정호,정한주,양범호,이문수,김용옥,Han, Jung-Ho,Jung, Han-Joo,Yang, Burm-Ho,Rhee, Moon-Soo,Kim, Yong-Ok 한국연초학회 2006 한국연초학회지 Vol.28 No.2

        It is very important to add uniformly casing materials on tobacco for taste and flavor. However, analysis of casing materials was spent much time, effort and money. The object of this study was the development of a rapid method for the determination of glycerine, propylene glycol(PG), sucrose, glucose, fructose and water in the casing materials using the NIR transmittance method. Hundreds of calibration samples, with extended ranges (50%, 75%, 100%, 125%, and 150% of standard addition) in each constituent, were prepared in the casing materials at the various temperatures $(25^{\circ}C\;and\;30^{\circ}C)$. Calibration equation was developed by modified partial least square (MPLS) method using second derivative. The standard error of calibration and $R^2$ between added value and NIR estimated value results were $0.007{\sim}0.034\;and\;0.996{\sim}1.000$ for the casing sample set, respectively. The standard error of prediction and R2 between added value and NIR estimated value results were $0.010{\sim}0.034\;and\;0.997{\sim}1.000$ for the casing sample set, respectively. The analysis result was not different significantly between the NIR and added value. These results show that the NIR measurement system is an effective tool to ensure quality on the casing materials.

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