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        • KCI등재

          유도탄의 유연성을 고려한 발사초기 동역학 해석

          안진수,임범수 한국군사과학기술학회 1999 한국군사과학기술학회지 Vol.2 No.2

          Dynamic behavior of missile which is fired in canister is analyzed by flexible multibody dynamics. The bending elasticity of missile is very important in case that missile is fired in the inclined launcher. In this paper, the force element model for the missile launching stage and the finite element model of missile are developed. The FEA model of missile is condensed into five lumped mass element model and the consistence between FE model and lumped mass model of missile is verified by modal analysis. As a result of analysis, sabot reaction force and pitch rate of missile for the variation of gap size and force element are obtained.

        • KCI등재

          구강 편평상피세포암종 세포주에서 Tumor Necrosis Factor-α와 Interleukin-6의 mRNA 발현에 관한 연구

          안진수,김경욱,이재훈,Ahn, Jin-Su,Kim, Kyung-Wook,Lee, Jae-Hoon 대한구강악안면외과학회 2001 대한구강악안면외과학회지 Vol.27 No.6

          The purpose of this study was to examine the mRNA levels of TNF-${\alpha}$ and IL-6 in the cell lines of normal oral keratocyte and oral squamous cell carcinoma. Total RNA was extracted from these cell lines, observed under UV light, developed by radiographic films of PCR products via reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction(RT-PCR) amplication, and measured with densitometer. Each mRNA level of these cell lines divided by ${\beta}$-actin mRNA level was compared to that of normal control group. The results were as follows: 1. Higher mRNA expression of TNF-${\alpha}$ than IL-6 in the normal oral epithelial cell line. 2. In general, expression of mRNA of IL-6 appeared 3-4 times more in tumor cell lines than in control group. 3. mRNA expression of TNF-${\alpha}$ showed variable expression in tumor cell lines, unlike normal cell line. 4. There are no special connections between differentiation of oral cancer cell lines and mRNA expression of TNF-${\alpha}$ and IL-6. From the above results, expression of mRNA of IL-6 in the cell lines of squamous cell carcinoma used in this study has higher than the normal oral epithelial cell line, but there are no relationship between the differentiation of oral cancer cell lines and the expression of mRNA of TNF-${\alpha}$ and IL-6.

        • KCI등재

          조선소 도장작업 노동자 유기용제 노출과 일간 변이

          안진수,박두용,강태선 한국산업보건학회 2019 한국산업보건학회지 Vol.29 No.4

          Objectives : This study was conducted to identify the characterization of organics solvent exposure among painting workers in the shipbuilding painting process, especially for their daily variations(within worker variance) . Methods : Charcoal passive dosimeters were worn throughout each work shift for 20 days for five painting workers from October 19 to November 26, 2015. A total of 100 samples were collected, analyzed and compared with statutory workplace environmental measurements. Results : The geometric mean(GM) and geometric standard deviation(GSD) of mixed organic solvent(six substances) exposure index(EI) for the 100 samples were 0.42 and 4.42 respectively. The median and range of GSD for within worker EI representing five workers’ daily EI variation is 3.72 and 2.63 ~ 5.20, respectively, which is classified as a very large variation(GSD>3). We were able to divide the painting process into two similar exposure groups(SEGs), Touch-up and Spray. Spray painting workers were much more exposed to organic solvent than Touch-up painting workers(GM=0.71 vs. 0.19), but less variably (GSD=3.64 vs. 4.10). Xylene is the substance to which the workers were most exposed(GM=16.19 ppm, GSD=4.36), and the exposure characteristics of six substances including Xylene is similar to those of EI. Conclusions : The daily variation of organic solvent exposure in the shipbuilding painting process is so high that statutory Assessment of Reliability of Work Environment Monitoring needs to be conducted with statistically sufficient number of samples and evidence.

        • KCI등재후보
        • KCI등재

          저손실 융착접속을 이용한 광자결정 광섬유 간섭계

          안진수,김길환,이관일,이경식,이상배,Ahn, Jin-Soo,Kim, Gil-Hwan,Lee, Kwan-Il,Lee, Kyung-Shik,Lee, Sang-Bae 한국광학회 2010 한국광학회지 Vol.21 No.5

          본 논문에서는 포토닉 밴드갭 광섬유(Photonic Bandgap Fiber: PBGF) 사이에 중공광섬유(Hollow Optical Fiber: HOF)를 융착 접속시켜 만든 광섬유 간섭계와 넓은 모드 면적을 가지는 광자결정 광섬유(Large Mode Area-Photonic Crystal Fiber: LMA-PCF)사이에 HOF를 융착접속시켜 만든 광섬유 간섭계의 온도 및 스트레인에 대한 광학적 특성을 분석하였다. PBGF 또는 LMA-PCF와 HOF의 융착접속시 광섬유내 공기구멍을 최대한 유지하도록 융착조건을 최적화하여 접속 손실을 줄였다. PBGF와 HOF로 구성된 광섬유 간섭계의 온도 및 스트레인에 대한 민감도는 각각 15.4 pm/$^{\circ}C$와 0.24 pm/${\mu}\varepsilon$으로 측정되었으며, LMA-PCF와 HOF로 구성된 광섬유 간섭계의 온도 및 스트레인에 대한 민감도는 각각 17.4 pm/$^{\circ}C$와 0.2 pm/${\mu}\varepsilon$으로 측정되었다. We report temperature and strain sensing characteristics of two kinds of in-line fiber interferometers. One interferometer consists of a section of Hollow Optical Fiber(HOF) spliced between two Photonic Bandgap Fibers(PBGF) and the other is built by splicing a section of HOF between two Large Mode Area-Photonic Crystal Fibers(LMA-PCF). To minimize the splice losses, we carefully optimized the heating time and arc current of the splicer so as not to collapse the air holes of the fiber. It is found that the first interferometer has a temperature sensitivity of 15.4 pm/$^{\circ}C$ and a strain sensitivity of 0.24 pm/${\mu}\varepsilon$. The other interferometer exhibits a temperature sensitivity of 17.4 pm/$^{\circ}C$ and a strain sensitivity of 0.2 pm/${\mu}\varepsilon$.

        • KCI등재후보
        • D.H. Lawrence의 소설에 미친 Thomas Hardy의 영향 : 주로 주제와 기교면을 중심으로 Chiefly Paying Attention to Theme and Technique

          安鎭洙 단국대학교 1995 論文集 Vol.29 No.-

          This paper sought to illuminate the affinities between Thomas Hardy (1840-1928) and D. H. Lawrence (1885-1930) as novelists through examining their shared themes, sympathies and ideals for the novel as a literary form. Accordingly, in this paper, I would like to develop the fact that, from Hardy to Lawrence, English novel changed radically in Theme and Technique, and that Hardy's characters were the first to be shaped by means of their relationship to landscape and animal life. I intended to clarify the fact that Hardy was the first novelist to develop metaphors of human life with lower orders in the chain of being, and that this element could be ween contiually in English and American novels. But this subject was too wide for me to handle in this short paper. I decided that my focus should be limited to the study of "Hardy's Influence on Lawrence's Novels", especially on his theme and technique. Referring to Lawrence's Study of Thomas Hardy and comparing two novelists' novels, I observed that Lawrence's debt as a novelist to Hardy was large, especially in the novels of Lawrence's early period (1908-13) : The White Peacock (1911), Sons and Lovers (1913) Lawrence was seeking his own voice and style ; and if he eventually moved away from Hardy to create a new kind of novel, his point of origin was the ground which Hardy had prepared. that ground was the landscape of Wessex, and the unhappy humans moving across it. Lawrence took a serious view of this landscape throughout his study of Hardy. In this paper, I summarized Hardy's Influence on Lawrence's novels as follows : Lawrence's landscape description in Peacock is direct imitation of Hardy's Return or Woodlanders. The chief symbols in Peacock are again borrowings from Hardy. Lawrence derives his character configuration in Peacock from Hardy's Jude (Lettie/Sue). Pecock reflects the spirit of Hardy on every level of theme and technique. Two novelists are concerned with the same theme, the relationship between man and woman. Hardy constructs his plot action around a triangular character-plan : Sue and Arabelle at the base, Jude at the apex. Lawrence follows a closely identical plan in Sons. In both novels, the note of sexual vitality and spontaneity is attached to one of the female characters (Arabella/Clara). Conclusively speaking, Hardy influenced Lawrence in the following three area : first, Hardy is frequently considered the major literary influence on Lawrence's first novel, Peacock. Second, Hardy is often credited with having influenced Lawrence in certain technical and stylistic ways. The third area is their shared thematic and sympathetic patterns along with shared ideals for the novel as a literary form.

        • Thomas Hardy의 『테스』에 나타난 Sexism : Angel과 Alec이 테스의 성을 어떻게 농락했는가?

          安鎭洙 단국대학교 인문과학대학 영어영문학과 1996 Lucifer Vol.- No.13

          소설의 끝부분에서 관능적인 데스와 더욱 영묘한 Liza_Lu를 대치함으로써 Hardy는 데스의 운명은 피할 수 없는 것이고, 유사한 비극을 피할수 있는 유일한 길은세상에서 그러한 불행한 성적인 도발을 없애는 것이라고 시인하는 것 같다. 젊음이 넘치면서 무성의 Liza_Lu가 남자들의 욕망을 촉발하지 않고 남자들의 헌신적 애정을 끓이들이는 새로운 여성상으로 서 있다는 점을 우리는 중시해야 한다.

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