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        대전·충남지역 대학생들의 보훈 인식도와 관련요인

        신은숙 한국보훈학회 2017 한국보훈논총 Vol.16 No.2

        The study investigated the awareness of veterans and the related main factors with the awareness of the college students of the partial areas within the country. The two hundreds and five college students from the three different colleges that located in Daejeon and Chungnam Province were the subjects of the study and the study was based on the self recording type survey during March 1, 2017 to April 30, 2017. As the result of the study, there were differences of gender, grades, and subjective physical condition from the awareness for the systems of veterans welfare, and the difference of gender from the rate of goodwill for the veterans organization of the subjects. Also, there were differences of gender and subjective physical condition from the awareness of the treatment for the people of merit, and there was the difference of grades from the pride to the nation of the subjects. Especially, as a result of hierarchical analysis, there were the high relations between grades and subjective physical condition with the awareness of veterans. The result indicates the need of the appropriate mediation for grades with the variable of subjective physical condition to improve the awareness of veterans for college students for the future. 본 연구는 국내 일부지역 대학생들의 보훈 인식도를 알아보고, 보훈 인식도에 관련된 요인을 알아보고자 시도하였다. 조사대상은 대전·충남에 소재하고 있는 3개 대학에 재학중인 대학생 205명을 대상으로 하였으며, 조사는 2017년 3월 1일부터 4월 30일까지의 기간 동안에 자기기입식 설문조사에 의하였다. 연구결과, 조사대상자들의 보훈제도 인식도에서는 성별, 학년별, 주관적 건강상태가, 보훈단체 호의도는 성별이, 유공자처우에 대한 인식도은 성별, 주관적 건강상태가, 국가에 대한 자긍심 인식도에서는 학년별에서 유의한 관련성이 있는 것으로 나타났다. 특히 위계적 회귀분석결과 인구사회학적 특성중 학년별과 주관적 건강상태가 보훈 인식도와 관련성이 높은 것으로 나타났으며, 향후 대학생들의 보훈 인식도를 향상시키는데 있어 학년과 주관적 건강상태 변수의 적절한 중재가 필요함을 시사하고 있다.

      • 韓國母性의 교육적 역할

        신은숙 일념 1994 교수아카데미총서 Vol.7 No.1

        가족은 부모와 자녀만으로 구성된 가장 기본적이며 순수한 형태로서의 소위 「核家族」을 의미한다. 물론 가족은 결혼과 혈연에 의한 관계망을 연속적으로 확대시켜, 하나 이상의 가족이 동거하는 擴大家族이 가족을 의미하기도 한다. 그러나 필자는 여기에서 편의상 근래에 산업화 과정에서 한국의 가족형태로 나타난 핵가족을 바탕으로 한 모성의 역할에 관하여 논의해 보고자 한다. Activated coffee chars were prepared from coffee waste by chemical activation with Zinc Chloride, Sodium Hydroxide, Potassium Hydroxide and physical activation in steam. In this study, the process of preparation were three-step; roasting step, carbonization step, chemical activation or physical activation step. The roasting step of coffee waste carried out at 300~400℃ for 10 minutes. The optimum condition of carbonization was at 650 ℃ for I hour under no air. In this study, activation of coffee char was used two method such as physical and chemical activation. Physical activation used activation agents with steam at 700~900 ℃ and chemical activation used chemical agents with ZnCl_(2), NaOH, KOH of 100-300% chemical ratio. By results, the most important parameter in chemical activation of coffee char was found to be chemical ratio of activation agents. Activated coffee chars by various activation method were characterized in terms of nitrogen 5-points BET surface area and 42-points BJH pore volume, pore size distribution at 77.35K. BET surface areas and total pore volume of coffee char produced by chemical activation using ZnCl_(2) NaOH, KOH were about 1024~2295㎡/g and 0.51~1.19㎠/g by N_(2). The other side, BET surface area activated coffee char by physical activation were about 530―980㎡/g by N_(2). Scanning Electron Microscopy(SEM) were used to observe the pore and surface of activated coffee chars. Results of SEM analysis, it was shown that were formed active surface and many pores after activation of coffee char. The preparation of activated coffee char from coffee waste was successfully carried out, which preview possibility for exploitation resources by using waste such as agricultural waste.

      • 대학생 생활의 질에 관한 연구

        신은숙,박정애 順天鄕大學校 學生生活硏究所 1997 學生生活硏究 Vol.5 No.-

        The quality of life among the Soonchonhang University students is related with psychological satisfaction of the university society and university facilities. Students' personal value for their life interacts with the university society environmentally, culturally, and socially. The satisfaction about the quality of life measures the degree of students psychological success in their university society. This study purposed the satisfaction about university students' quality of life. The satisfaction is measured in three ways of university activity involvement satisfaction, the university facility usage satisfaction, and the whole university life satisfaction. The university activity involvement included festival involvement, university newspaper, and department activities. The university facility usage included the library, sightseeing. Hospital, meeting room, dinning room, restroom, and dormitory. The whole university life satisfaction was measured by averaging the summed factors. The quality of life was satisfied differently according to sex, characteristics, and commute distance. While women students, extroverts, and short distance commuters showed more satistisfaction over their university life quality, man students, introverts, and long distance commuters showed less satisfaction.

      • 아동의 성역할 발달에 대한 문화간 비교연구 : 한국·일본·미국을 중심으로

        신은숙 순천향대학교 1992 논문집 Vol.15 No.3

        Sex-role development is one of the major problems to be resolved to understand human development from a broad socio-cultural point of view. To be born female does not guarantee feminity. Likewise, to be born male doer not guarantee masculinity. Masculinity and femininity must be learned within a social context. Many anthropologists demonstrate there ate marked differences among cultures in the specific activities and personality characteristics ascribed to males and females, and in the degrees of differentiation between the two sex roles. A society decides what is considered masculine and what is feminine, and boys and girls are socialized to accept society's definition of sex-role. Jerome Kagan (cited in Duberman,1975) has demonstrated that cultral definitions of masculinity and feminity are internalized by children as young as three years old. The development of sex role identity is influenced by both biological and socio-cultural factors in the interaction between the individual and the environment. The forces for sex-role socialization are derived from parents and culture. Several investigators have suggested that different caretaking patterns for girls and boys may account for some of the observed sex differences in the behavior of the developing child (Cherry,1975). As the important contexts for many young children, home, school, and society contribute to the sex-role socialization of children in every culture. Therefore, in this paper the researcher shall be discussing sex-role development across particular cultures, such as, Korea, Japan, and the U.S. in terms of the society, the parents, and the school. For this study the researcher borrows the definition of "sex-role" by Blook (1973), "the constellation of qualities and individual understands to characterize males and females in his culture".

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